Daniel Harrison & the $2 Highway

Daniel Harrison & the $2 Highway

 Dearborn, Michigan, USA

Daniel Harrison & the $2 Highway is Detroit Country! The music grabs you and tugs at your heart and soul! Take Johnny Cash, add a little Jason Aldean, with a side of Santana and a dash of Prince you have started to get an idea of what the $2 Highway brings to the table!


Daniel Harrison and the $2 Highway is a not-so-traditional five piece band from Detroit, Michigan. Their groove laden mixture of alternative country and roots is layered with complex conga beats, entrancing guitar solos, and grooving bass lines, all driven by the deep thumping of the djembe. Rounding out this unconventional group are the soulful and sometimes haunting lyrics generated by Daniel Harrison's powerful, yet sexy-raw voice.

Daniel Harrison and the $2 Highway formed with the current members in 2009. Shortly thereafter they went on to win the Kid Rock Battle of the Bands to play at Comerica Park, won the Colgate Country Showdown, and were finalists in the Hard Rock Rising competition. Recently they rocked the Detroit Downtown Hoedown, Uncle Sam Jam, and the Stars & Stripes Festival. The feeling that they are on the cusp of becoming the next big name to come out of Detroit must be contagious as they also have opened for Reed and Dickinson, Jody Raffoul, Hello Dave, Ty Stone, and Sponge. DH2’s rapid ascent will hit a major milestone this spring with the release of their first and long awaited album, “Humidity”. Even with this accomplishment, the members continue to push themselves and are already planning for a second album.


Daniel Harrison & the The $2 Highway
"Humidity" release date may 2012