2 Dub Breaks

2 Dub Breaks

 Kansas City, Kansas, USA

We are a DJ, Tag-Team duo from Kansas City, MO. We spin Breaks (the main genre), Dubstep, DnB, and anything really. We also scratch and play a LIVE trumpet over the top of the music, all that to produce an original, awesome musical experience!! DEMO MIXES AVAIL. UPON REQUEST (Digital d/l or CD)


Two of the finest Breakbeat DJs to ever grace the decks, Dj Reeves and Dj Rufus met in 2009, after a simple myspace message.

After a few jam sessions they decided they had something that could and should be taken to the next level. They later dubbed themselves "2 DuB Breaks"

a 2 DuB Breaks performance isn't just 2 turntables and a mixer. no, the normal set up for these 2 sensations consists of 2 Vinyl turntables, 2 CD Turntables, a trumpet, and occasionally a synth keyboard.

"We want to give people a true musical experience, not just your average DJ performance on 2 decks and a mixer." Reeves says.

"We use the music itself as an instrument, meaning that we take our listeners on a journey, through the peaks and valleys of a mix, from start to end. Our shows are a story, one of us, and of everyone listening." says Rufus.

2 DuB aims to take Kansas City and any other city that books them by storm in 2010, at the very least becoming well known to the midwest EDM community. Separately, they are amazing DJs in their own way, together, they are a force not to be missed.

What could you expect to hear in a 2 Dub Breaks performance? ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! aside from their native genre, Breakbeats, they also play Dubstep, Electro House, Techno, Trance, Drum n Bass, 80's, Top 40 Remixes, Glitch House, Old skool and new skool. 1980's through this weeks hottest dance hits, you will hear it. As if that wasn't enough, Rufus adds various scratch styles and a LIVE trumpet!! yes, I said trumpet.

Thier resume as a tag team duo includes Stellar Spark 7, where they went into Milwaukee, WI and took them by storm. That particular event featured Benny Benassi and DJ Q-Bert, and had an attendance of over 5,500 people. They have also played several smaller, local events.

These two have chemistry coming out of their headphones, and really try and drive the point of originality home.


2 Dub Breaks Sampler Info

Written By: DJ Reeves & DJ Rufus

This is our first of the "ill Sessions" series, it was recorded in September of 2009. We are currently (As of April 2010) working on another promo mix, and that will be available as soon as it's complete. I hope this gives you an idea if what were about, thanks for the concideration, and PLUR!!!


We have a syndicated online radio show, "Crazy ill Funk" that airs every sat. night from 7 to 9 PM Central US time, on breakpoll's #1 station, www.nsbradio.co.uk!

****Again, promo mixes are available upon request, either in digital download format, or we can mail you a CD, whichever works best for you!****

Set List

We can play anywhere from an hour to as long as you would like really. We're flexible, the way it should be.