2 Fast Jack

2 Fast Jack


Eric Clapton, Gregg Allman, Johnny Marr and Bob Marley. If you talked those guys into playing some music with you after a card game, it would probably sound something like 2FastJack.


2FastJack plays a seamless (and surprisingly smooth) gumbo of music with flavors and spices drawn from the band members’ diverse influences: blues, funk, reggae, southern rock and pop rock.

Front man Mark "Lip" Lipinski’s expressive growl sits in the sweet spot between a croon and Muddy Waters. His driving bass and solid songwriting lay the foundation for the band’s solid sound. Eric Lester’s trip-funk lead guitar adds a contemporary edginess that tastefully weave through the songs. Guitarist Mario Jobbe and drummer Mark Treitman round out the band with catchy rhythms and rock solid beats.

After a few months’ work to find the sound, 2FastJack recorded a 6-song demo, GROOVE ON, that’s causing heads to turn and feet to tap. The demo has drawn positive reviews from garageband.com and landed a plum spot at this summer’s (2004 & 2005)Taste of Chicago Festival.

All four members of 2FastJack are veterans of the Chicago music scene, having played in various aggregations at some of the city’s best known venues – Metro, Double Door, House of Blues, and Riviera Theater, to name a few.



Written By: Mark Lipinski

Well I’m sitting here looking at the fan above me
Spinning all around just like my destiny
Have I had enough of this place
Am I in another dead space

Well I get up every morning just to earn some bread
Pay the rent to keep a roof over my head
No more fruit picked by the hand
Maybe I should return to the land where I’m from

We got to change our Philosophy
We got to change our Philosophy
We got to change our Philosophy
We got to get the money off our backs.

We’re tearing out plants
Knocking down trees
Breaking my mother nature at her knees
Maybe one of these days, it may come too soon
She’ll be as baron as our moon

Is it me I see, I don’t want any part of it, no
Is it me I see, living so tragically is it so?
Go on disfigure me, like I disfigure our Earth if it so.

Copyright: 2FastJack.


6-song demo, GROOVE ON
Mp3's Free @ www.2fastjack.com

Set List

1. In My Hands
2. My Love
3. Out Of Site
4. Can’t Get Enough
5. Problems
6. Give Thanks
7. Another Substance
8. Get High Tonite
9. Stones Throw Away
10. Sunshine
11. Lousiana
12. Philosophy
13. Don’t Fade Away
14. Not too Late
15. High Class Girl
16. Groove On
17. Better Off Dead
18. The Reaper
19. Big Train
20. Ride With Me
21. Bills
22. Can It Be True
23. Like A Glove
In clubs we usually play 1 hour. At a bar type venue if we play all nite, we'll do 3 50min sets w/ some covers by: Hendrix, Lennon, Dylan, Doors, Van Morisson, Otis Redding, Ted Nugent, & more.