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The Rebels are what the games missing! We're a collectived group comprised of many styles and flavors. The members of this group come from all over the us. We'll the voice of our peers and we're here to speak out loud!


2 Gran a.k.a. (The Gran) is an up and coming production company, based in Atlanta, GA, whose artist are known as the 2 Gran Rebels. We specialize in hip-hop and R&B, yet we have also done production for gospel, neo-soul, and other styles of music. The Gran is conquering the Atlanta underground scene. We do production and engineering for all of the 2 Gran Rebels and many well known underground artists in the Atlanta area. 2 Gran has been given due recognition on such radio shows as “Casual Conversations” on WRFG 89.3, and two of our Rebels were nominated in the 2005 Atlanta Underground Awards.

2 Gran Productions has released 2 full length albums: Papi Hey’s “The True Representative”, and Don Baller’s “Small Soldiers”. Production is also underway for releases of a 2gran compilation, “The Gran Symphony” and a mixtape titled, “Love, Club, and Gangsta“. All production is done by the Gran’s in-house team of programmers, producers, and engineers; Papi Hey, Kid Fresh, Ready-Made, Nachurale, and Thadius. We are currently in works of hosting and heading an open mic show on Wednesdays nights, and a once-a-month showcase on Saturday that will headline our Rebels; Papi Hey, Black, iLL, Nachurale, Triniti, and Don Baller.

The Gran has never been stronger and more capable than it is today. The love and support we have seen in Atlanta, North Carolina, and Tennessee is only a minute indicator of our hard work and appreciation for the art of music. We understand that community support and involvement is an integral part to our success, therefore, the Gran is active in our communities. We have done free performances for local children shelters, with future plans to do many more. 2 Gran is also preparing the family oriented “BBQ and Picnic in the Park” day. We are on a steady path to becoming a label and the Rebels are rising to stardom, each in their own individual rite. Soooo… “Put up your two hands for 2 Gran”.


The Final Battle

Written By: Papi Hey

(first verse)
I'm one of the last of a dying breed, we out number, in this game why the trying me,there's no slumber, when it rains I'm the fire see, it's like thunder Gats cock back the hammer is the sign that i'm riding B, pussy emcee dying on they rag couldn't ride with me, pushy emcee crying cause mad couldn't hide from, i'm a true tyrant like Fidel or Osama B, when i'm on the mic i make it hard for you to follow me, you wanna take me out come armed with a bottle B, better yet bring a nine, clips filled with hollows see, thinking you slick trying to hide behind that poetry, when i break you down my rhyme smooth like that poetry, i'm not talking shit it's a certain kind of certainty, keep that title titian say it twice you ain't hurting me, bring your plastic to the shop if you ever thought of jerking me, get it tatted on your titi papi hey yeah you heard of me


Singles: Born, Raised(airplay 89.3), Hott Cheetoz(airplay 89.3)
LPs: True Representitive(2005), Truthfully Speaking(2006)

Set List

3-7 songs, set can last from anywhere between 15-45min.