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"2Greendollars @ Obama Club"

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"2GREENDOLLARS @ MGM for 2011 NYE Show"

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1. Chk Chk Boom - May 2011
2. Light My Fire - June 2011
3. Watch U Step - February 2012
4. Wish You Were Here - June 2012



AUS: Citizen
US: Distinguished/Person of Notable Distinction Visa to 2014.

Some of the most impressive statistics of any DJ in the world:

* Inaugural Guinness World Record winner, January 2012 for Video Dj’ing (still holds record)
* Official Michael Jackson “This Is It” Launch DJ and preferred DJ for Global Michael Jackson Events
* Inventor of Live to DVD technology, partnering with Bill Gates and Microsoft at the launch of Windows XP (2001)
* 110,500+ Twitter followers and constantly increasing (today its at 111,000)
* More plays of his commercial mixes monthly than any other DJ in the world (including tiesto and david guetta) – * just surpassed 300,000 plays monthly
* #1 Pop Podcast on itunes WORLDWIDE (june 2012)
* IMDB.COM rank – this month averages in the “Top 5000 Hollywood celebrities” consistently there all of 2012.
* Youtube plays per month average 100,000+

2GreenDollars is a Video DJ that’s celebrating 25 years in the Entertainment Industry. He has managed to reinvent his image multiple times and stay fresh for a new generation of music listeners. Not only that, 2GreenDollars is one of our pioneers of Digital Audio and Video, Webcasting, Remixing, and the Recordable DVD. Through inventing and Pioneering technology he helped shape our digital age today and progresses the Live Entertainment form itself every time he performs!

2GreenDollars has enjoyed international chart hit remix success for major artists under several nom-de-plume DJ Names. Artists such as Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, B.B. King, Chubby Checker, Madonna, Peter Andre, Kylie Minogue, The Village People, East 17, Girlfriend, Shanice, Bingo Boys, T.B.T.B.T., Pretty Poison, and Jamie Foxx have all had the remix treatment that either launched or re-launched their musical careers or bought about chart success once again for them in the dance circles.

In June 1986 he started out with a Mobile Disco Outfit, “Funktions” with Bruno Bortignon and Luciano Traficante. Their first big gig was at the Veneto Club in Bulleen, Victoria Australia. He played at all the major underage events and played funky tracks for birthdays, weddings, bah-mitvahs and funeral wakes. In 1988, the moment he turned 18, he was whisked away by a global DJ Talent Agency and played at Clubs such as Videopolis at Disneyland. Zouk at Singapore (the club still operates today), Club Alex in Japan, and the Reading Room in Shanghai. The mobile DJ turned into an International DJ. He returned to Australia and played all over the country: Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Airlie Beach, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, and Darwin. In Melbourne, he played at notable clubs such as Chasers, The Metro, Warehouse, Tunnel, Grainstore Tavern, Inflation, Underground, and Cadillac Bar.

The country that made 2GreenDollars a celebrity as a DJ and remixer in high demand in the 90’s was The United States. He gained his fame landing a resident DJ gig at the famous Palladium in New York at a time when MTV was experimenting with a weekly music TV show format out of the famous club. New York became his Apple, and as DJ “Anthony Cruze”, New York clubs such as Limelight and The Tunnel embraced his fresh new R&B/Pop Funk music style. In 1994 at the Tunnel nightclub in New York he got his dream gig – “jamming” live with the late David Cole of C+C Music Factory. He performed live re-mixes of Mariah Carey, C+C Music Factory, and new mixes of Taylor Dayne, Natalie Cole and Martha Wash, to which she later became the controversial pop sensation behind “Black Box”. The crowd at Tunnel was packed to the rafters and the audience went wild as the two wizards of the biz, the DJ, and the Keyboard Player, teamed live onstage in synchrony with no rehearsal!

Philadelphia, Denver, Chicago, and Los Angeles kept the DJ’s career going from strength to strength. “Studio 54” in Las Vegas, Prince’s “Glam Slam”, the famous “Roxbury” formerly on Sunset Boulevard in LA, and “The Red Onion” were the DJ’s gigs. In between gigs he worked on tracks using digital remixing and restoration technology, relaunching Pretty Poison, Chubby Checker, and The Village People. He was introduced into the world of The Jacksons. Meeting Michael Jackson at his “Neverland” ranch was a highlight of his career, where he showed Jackson at his Neverland Ranch how he could “remix” one of his music tracks without having to leave the digital domain. 2GreenDollars pioneered Digital Audio Editing using the Atari and with the help of a friend that was savvy at repackaging the computer into a rack mount unit called it the “ADAP”. He got his first client for the product thanks to Jackson (Sony Studios in Studio City, LA) and the device was later found in every large recording studio in Hollywood, the United States, and then the world.

In 2006 he was a victim in a major car accident and suffered amnesia. He has been involved in therapy for many years. He returned to Video DJ'ing in 2009 and today he