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"Dead City Rodeo review"

Review by South of Mainstream


Dead City Rodeo

reviewed by sosojef

Twelve-odd years ago I remember Phil Anselmo telling some rock mag about how Pantera was ushering in the new era of power metal “straight from the source.” Whatever “the source” is, it must have transmission lines running up to Washington state because 2 Headed Chang’s debut album Dead City Rodeo is 12 tracks of power with some to spare. Anybody who misses the Cowboys/Vulgar days of Pantera will dig the crap out of this disc.

Being a metalhead in this day and age is like coming inside on a hot summer day and opening the fridge – you don’t want some “fine wine” that people swill and sniff at or some fru-fru drink served at yuppie bars. No, you want a cold ass beer, the cheaper and skankier the better. Sure, people will look at you in contempt as you put down that Keystone 40 in broad daylight, but damn...it hits the spot. Tracks like “All Things In Excess” and “Skin’er For Dinner” offer immediate refreshment and make you want to break some shit right from the start (I tried to get a circle going with my cat as he was the only other one in the den but he just stared at me…maybe next time).

Frontman Kurt Caron’s voice really does sound like Anselmo (at least in his earlier, less smoked-out days), but he likes to dip into the death-range once in a while. The three dudes working the strings do a good job of keeping a groove going but Rodney Turner’s skins really stand out – I don’t know much technically about drum work, but Turner’s fast and hits a lot of double time on the bass drum. The lyrics are straight out of Metal 101, covering the time honored topics of drinking, belligerence and just generally being hard. I find it funny that the Changsters describe their music as partially “radio friendly” rock on their site’s bio. If this kind of music is played on public radio in Seattle, I’m in the wrong damn city.

I’ve liked several of the discs I’ve reviewed so far, but Dead City Rodeo is by far the best I’ve gotten yet and is in danger of getting worn out - many a morning I’ve shamelessly rolled into the parking lot at work at 7:00 a.m., blazing it to disapproving looks. Only reason I didn’t give DCR a straight five is, like all CDs, if you listen to it long enough it ends (picture a guy sadly tipping a beer bottle upside down and not a drop comes out). 12 tracks ain’t enough, I want more!

Genre: Metal/Hard Rock
Released: 2003
- South of Mainstream

"Live review from DarksoulVII.com"

Live review from www.DarksoulVII.com

Next up was 2 Headed Chang, and they made the 1 hour drive/ferry ride/and
walk for metal worth coming for.
2 Headed Chang got my attention immediately, they opened their set with a
brief cover of, (ready for this?), Eye of the Tiger from the Rocky flicks. It was
funny but also damn heavy.
Once they had fully commanded the attention of everyone in the venue the
band unleashed into a brutal onslaught that had people banging their heads
and singing along with anthem like choruses such as "Drink, Fight, Fuck".

What is almost immediately noticeable about 2 Headed Chang is their wide
variety of influences, pro stage presence, and cohesion as a band.
This band is tight from the first note to the last, and easily appeal to a wide
range of music listeners. Their sense of humour is strong as well.
If you stuck all the right elements of Cannibal Corpse, Suicidal Tendancies,
Pantera, Shadows Fall, and hints of older In Flames in a blender then
molded it you would have something that resembled the intensity and
energy of 2 Headed Chang. This band is hard to describe and the music on
their site does not reflect how heavy this band really is when you see them
live, more of the hardcore influence comes across on disc than the metal
infulence you see and hear on stage.

Stomping breakdowns, buzzsaw grinds, powerful vocals, and machine gun
drumming one minute, then an almost agrressive rock and hardcore
hammering feel for a moment, then back into the metal.
All fluid, all tight, all the time.
Though I've seen them once, I believe this band should head straight to the
road and start building up a fanbase immediately, they would make an
excellent support act on a major tour, and are definitely headed down the
right path musically to getting noticed.

Brutal enough for the elite, accessible enough for those outside the metal
world, and certainly an act I will make sure to see again soon.
Their mp3's don't do them justice, but check them out at
- www.DarksoulVII.com

"Review of 2 Headed Chang's "Deliver Us...""

Independent Release

2 HEADED CHANG have definitely brought back what heavy metal is supposed to sound like. The band's latest release, 'Deliver Us..' is the CD you play as you prepare to unleash the unholy hell onto mankind. The band is fueled and powered by Kurt Caron on vocals, Coleman Thornburg on guitar, Brian Valentino on guitar, Adam DeBock on bass and Joel Hiatt on drums. Armed with a bevy of furious riffs and perhaps even more furious vocals, the group tears through tracks such as "Dead And Gone" and "Skin Her For Dinner" with a ferocity not heard among the sea of bands that are out there at the moment. The cool thing is each song has its own flavor. There are but a handful of young heavy bands worthy of carrying the proud torch of metal in this decade, and 2 HEADED CHANG along with The Esoteric and Totimoshi,is one of them. Without rambling for too long, 2 HEADED CHANG is a great band period. After listening to the CD I can say that this is no-frills in-your-face metal and it fucking rocks! Perfect for when you get tired of emo charged nu-meal ticket rock and the bad musicianship that goes with it. And the lyrics probably make the little emo kids piss in their pants. We need more bands like this to squash out all of the radio metal music being played everywhere! A talented young band that's clearly just beginning to scratch the surface of its full potential. CONSIDER YOURSELVES WARNED. -The Atomic Chaser, THE DRP/All Access Magazine

Thanks for turning me on to your music. I am sure I will, as will millions, be hearing more of 2 Headed Chang in years to come.


Tony Sison, aka The Atomic Chaser
President, Dedicated Rocker Productions
Home Of The DRP Music Source E-zine
THE DRP MUSIC SOURCE E-zine on myspace

- Atomic Chaser

"Review of 2 Headed Chang's "Deliver Us...""


I received a package from a band called 2 Headed Chang, and having not heard of them yet, I was curious to see what it all contained... First impression: cool artwork that reminds me of Play Station 2 games like God Of War, also a CD in a box with tray in stead of a plastic or cardboard wrapper, and an info sheet to introduce me to the band and their activities.

Next step is plugging the silver disc in a CD player and push the 'start' button. What followed next is hard to describe... From the very first seconds, the tone is set. This band is going hard and will bring on the glorious times of PANTERA in your mind! The first track 'Dead And Gone' is a stomping, ultra heavy and maniacal masterpiece and a perfect opener to introduce the band. 2 Headed Chang is extremely HEAVY, the sound is nearly perfect, the guitars are mixed straight into your face, and the vocal layers of Kurt 'Sparkles' Caron are venomous and deadly. Jesus, I love this sound, I love their attitude and I'm really into the musical direction that 2 Headed Chang follows.

I already mentioned Pantera, but don't think that they are cloning or copying that band. Not at all, they just add something to the original Pantera sound, and give their songs an own identity with one common factor : heaviness.. If you are into albums like ''Cowboys From Hell'' and ''Vulgar Display Of Power'' from Pantera, this band is a must have for you collection and I'm sure that they are able and passionate enough to take the world by storm! Take a listen to the fourth track 'Candy Ass' and explore the guitar layers of Coleman Thornburg and Brian Valentino, and you will understand why I mentioned Pantera before. Some songs have an addition of Slipknot as well, but 2 Headed Chang succeeds in adding a personal touch in every track, so the 35 minutes fly by at high speed, which result in another uninterrupted listening session!

Their first output 'Dead City Rodeo' (independent release in 2003) is already a sold out article, and I'm sure that the successor ''Deliver Us'' will go the same direction. The producing, mixing and mastering is done by axeman Brian who did a really great job. A lot of nowadays releases can only dream to have and obtain such a heavy skull crushing sound.

This band is hailing from Washington state, and perhaps, there might be some consternation in their local area, if you look at the line up their nicknames. For example bassist Adam 'Cock Rock' Debock might result in some backlash and resistance from the local authorities or government agencies. If you can't use the 'fuck' word on TV or Radio, I guess that you will have to omit the 'cock' word as well. ... Perhaps, it's a good advice for future plans to drop the A.K.A. nicknames... I don't have any personal negative feelings about it, but the US isn't Europe, and in the past a lot of bands were refused because of offensive lyrical content.

My final lines are easy: 2 Headed Chang is the next big thing that is hailing from the US. They don't follow trends, they don't copy, they don't choose the easiest way. Not at all! 2 Headed Chang is creating an own style and direction, and is eagerly ready for the next level in their career. This is what metal is all about !!! My rating: 93/100

Patrick de Sloover on behalf of Metal To Infinity Webzine

"Another Deliver Us... review"

I believe "Deliver Us…" is the sophomore full-length from Washington state metal act 2 Headed Chang, who I wasn't familiar with before they contacted me. And I'll be honest with you: That band name? Not feelin' it, and I really didn't think I was going to be into their material as a result. But despite a few lyrical and such "immaturities" (for lack of a better word) - insinuated by track titles like "Fuck Your Core", "Candy Ass", and "Skin Her for Dinner" - I've gotta say: These cats could do some serious fuckin' damage, because this shit sounds fuckin' great. They've got sort of a Pantera meets Throwdown thing happening in terms of combining chugging, contemporary neo-thrash riffs and an Anselmo-esque vocal approach with fucking punishing breakdowns - occasionally littered with ever-so-subtle death metal undercurrents or what have you. It won't be for everyone, and there's minor room for improvement here and there, but for the most part the songwriting's pretty damn solid, and this is extremely well-handled for a self-released effort. The layout's competent and all, but the recording's total gold across the board. I mean, shit, the guitar tone alone is fucking amazing and totally crushes even those of a few bands that are working with major label budgets these days, so… these dudes definitely seem to have a handle on exactly what to do in the studio in terms of getting a crisp, punchy sound.

In terms of what I'd say they need to work on… it's kind of touchy in a way. For example, on rare occasion there are a few little elements that sort of bring Slipknot to mind - which isn't the worst thing in the world, but still… I just feel like the heart of what these guys are doing is separate from that kind of thing, you know? I don't necessarily want to say that I think they need to develop a slightly more "mature" presentation or whatever, but there's a fine line between having a good time and delving into unnecessarily cheesy trappings like giving all of the band members "nicknames" like Kurt "Sparkles" Caron and Brian "Black Velvet" Valentino (or jokingly saying, "Yeeeaaah, bitch!", at the beginning of a song, for that matter). And I don't want that to sound like I'm downing these guys at all, because that's not the case, I just truly believe that this is a more credible album than a lot of people would give 'em credit for based on the aforementioned scenarios and some of the overly-blunt lyrical content. I'm very pleasantly surprised by the bulk of this material, and I could very much see this band making a dent down the road. There's a hell of a lot of promise here…
- Aversionline.com


2003 - Dead City Rodeo
2007 - Deliver Us



A bio should really point a reader in the direction they need to go. Not blast him and sugarcoat something to make it stand out from what it really is. Bios now days are just a joke, but a necessary evil. The typical bios that describe “Thundering bass lines, crunchy riffs, bone-crushing drums” etc, just need to stop. There are too many bands out today that have the same damn bio. What the “Changstas” want a reader to understand is that they have put their time in the trenches, love what they do and have a great time doing it. That’s basically it. No bone-crushing or ear-shattering, make you poop your pants anything. Just good ole’ heavy rock and roll. It’s a rock show for Christ’s sake! It’s really all about just doing what you love and hoping others catch on. 2 Headed Chang consists of a group of guys who have a passion for heavy music and having a fun time doing it. Fun is concept that is sorely lacking in today’s musical landscape, not just with heavy music, but music in general. The music is definitely serious, but you don’t have to have a stick up your ass to convince people that your music is serious. Have a passion for your music, but don’t take yourself so seriously. Chang just wants people to join them in kicking ass, letting loose, and in general just having a blast. Check it out, turn it up and keep the true spirit of metal alive!
Now, that THAT’S done with, 2 Headed Chang was started in 1998 by a group of guys that wanted to make their own sound, not necessarily a NEW sound, but something that was their creation. When you hear 2 Headed Chang, you know it. There is an infectious aura of fun and recklessness that surrounds these tight knit musicians. Everywhere they play they are making friends instead of just fans. Their attitude towards what they do is completely inclusive compared to the exclusive trend that has followed around much of the heavy music, and musicians of today. Their live show is a ball of energy that people can’t take their eyes off of.
They’ve been fans of metal and heavy music from KISS and Motley Crue, to Suicidal Tendencies and Hatebreed, to Cannibal Corpse and Slayer, since the beginning and they noticed that no one really touched the whole spectrum. 2 Headed Chang takes the fun party attitude of 80’s metal and the music of hardcore and extreme metal and they blend it together in a way that goes beyond the music and generates a feeling that all the “causes” and cares of the world can be put on the back burner for a few minutes so you can just rock the fuck out. Like we said before, We’re not gonna tell you what’s there or not there, just check it out, turn it up, and rock.

2 Headed Chang is:
Kurt Caron – Vocals
Coleman Thornburg – Guitar
Brian Valentino – Guitar
Adam DeBock – Bass
Joel Hiatt – Drums