2 Headed Chang

2 Headed Chang


Great lyrics, catchy riffs, a heavy groove… in a day and age where heavy bands are a dime a dozen, and every band’s biography promises originality and unique abilities, 2 Headed Chang simply delivers the total package: stripped down, quality music with a kick ass show.


A bio should really point a reader in the direction they need to go. Not blast him and sugarcoat something to make it stand out from what it really is. Bios now days are just a joke, but a necessary evil. The typical bios that describe “Thundering bass lines, crunchy riffs, bone-crushing drums” etc, just need to stop. There are too many bands out today that have the same damn bio. What the “Changstas” want a reader to understand is that they have put their time in the trenches, love what they do and have a great time doing it. That’s basically it. No bone-crushing or ear-shattering, make you poop your pants anything. Just good ole’ heavy rock and roll. It’s a rock show for Christ’s sake! It’s really all about just doing what you love and hoping others catch on. 2 Headed Chang consists of a group of guys who have a passion for heavy music and having a fun time doing it. Fun is concept that is sorely lacking in today’s musical landscape, not just with heavy music, but music in general. The music is definitely serious, but you don’t have to have a stick up your ass to convince people that your music is serious. Have a passion for your music, but don’t take yourself so seriously. Chang just wants people to join them in kicking ass, letting loose, and in general just having a blast. Check it out, turn it up and keep the true spirit of metal alive!
Now, that THAT’S done with, 2 Headed Chang was started in 1998 by a group of guys that wanted to make their own sound, not necessarily a NEW sound, but something that was their creation. When you hear 2 Headed Chang, you know it. There is an infectious aura of fun and recklessness that surrounds these tight knit musicians. Everywhere they play they are making friends instead of just fans. Their attitude towards what they do is completely inclusive compared to the exclusive trend that has followed around much of the heavy music, and musicians of today. Their live show is a ball of energy that people can’t take their eyes off of.
They’ve been fans of metal and heavy music from KISS and Motley Crue, to Suicidal Tendencies and Hatebreed, to Cannibal Corpse and Slayer, since the beginning and they noticed that no one really touched the whole spectrum. 2 Headed Chang takes the fun party attitude of 80’s metal and the music of hardcore and extreme metal and they blend it together in a way that goes beyond the music and generates a feeling that all the “causes” and cares of the world can be put on the back burner for a few minutes so you can just rock the fuck out. Like we said before, We’re not gonna tell you what’s there or not there, just check it out, turn it up, and rock.

2 Headed Chang is:
Kurt Caron – Vocals
Coleman Thornburg – Guitar
Brian Valentino – Guitar
Adam DeBock – Bass
Joel Hiatt – Drums


The Inner Workings Of A Perpetual Victim

Written By: Kurt Caron

Driven by forces you will never know, and never understand
I take what’s given up by you,
And leave you empty handed
How do you like it?

Unreal expectations,
Are keeping you unfulfilled
You close your eyes and pray for change
All the while refusing to help yourself

You’re a victim
You make a victim of yourself
You’re a victim
You let me make a victim out of you

A lack of strength weakens your self image
Stand up and fight for yourself
No action without repercussion
If you don’t stand up no one else will

Buried images
Rise to the surface of your mind
Your self respect, broken
The perfect time to start another wasted chapter in your life


Written By: Kurt Caron

Emptiness and hatred
Help me remain focused
The good times just don’t feel genuine anymore
I try to think, but nothing comes to mind
Why can’t I be who I was before

Every day, a different cross to bear

I’m giving in to my disgust
Every day, a different cross to bear
All i want is inches out of reach
And there’s no way out of here

I can’t keep sitting here
Waiting for my time to rise
I won’t give up the blood of my youth
Just to watch it all get pissed away

Dead And Gone

Written By: 2 Headed Chang

Dead and Gone

In a puddle of my own blood
Thinking how did it ever come to this
Robbed of my youth, my life, my future
The devil reaching out to me

Dead and Gone
The devil’s hands are reaching out to me
Dead and Gone
And nothing will remain

Reaching out, my last desire
To know the things I’ve known before
Just a shard of a broken existence
For me to take into the dark

Pushing in to a last warm embrace
Biting down to hold the fantasy
I hear the screams, but I’m not listening
Spectrums of pleasure and pain


2003 - Dead City Rodeo
2007 - Deliver Us

Set List

Typical setlists are about 10 songs (around an hour or so in length). The order of songs varies from night to night depending on the demeanor of the crowd and how we feel we can rile em up the best.