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imma hustla my music side will self explainatory, i dont have much comments, i say to u now, im just tryin to listen to and make acceptable music.like i said i dont have much urges to speak on the past, and with my music i wanna mix ol skool and urban and rap with hiphop all in one. not too much of a certain swag just wanna be sucessful in all the music fields.i wanna drop a few albums then drop da mic for da youth dat com after me instead of every body not passin da tradition of the human talent! make way let everybody checkout da spotlight keep the economy moving, all stunts aside.


no just on websites riffstar.com, reverbnation, i got one exclusive song on myspace, one of me album releases.mostly just lost songs from different mixtapes.i wanna drop a few albums then drop the mic for the youth after me.