2k Boyz

2k Boyz

 Danbury, Connecticut, USA
DuoHip Hop

A cheese burger is good but a double cheese burger is better. Twin Power music is what we're offering to the world. If your stuck on the old school scene, chances are you might hate our music. Now if MGK blindly french kissed Big Sean we would be what he spit out. Check for yourself !


Born November 30th, 1992. Only 60 seconds seperates this Dynamic Duo, but as youll soon learn the 2k Boyz have a bond that's non separable.  As you listen to their music you start to understand, relate, and cheer for what seems to be more than just your usual rap group. Potential is one of the most valuable things any person can possess. Literally with every song you can hear, feel the growth theyve made as artist. One can only happily imagine the great things they have in store, as they work to reach their full potential. The authenticity of their chemistry cannot be recreated with science, belief, or even luck for that matter.  Identical twin brothers Kai & Kay share a unique relationship thats quite inevitable moments into their work. From the compatible tone of their voices to the timely switch of verses, they are anything but typical. 

Simply put, the 2k Boyz have what it takes to succeed not only in life, but the music industry as well. A strong confidence with a steady humbleness. Great ambition. A solid brand to market. As well as a to say the least, A commercial" Image.  

Where most people have Dreams The 2k Boyz believe its a Vision that brought them on their path to music. "There will always be people who wont believe or see things the way you do, but that only serves as motivation. Despite their personal hardships, theyve maintained a starving artist work ethic that can only lead to success.  Never settle for less and youre that closer to your own success


"3 Times" is available on Itunes, Amazon, Spotify ect.

"Frontin" Played on Jango online radio

"Break" Played on Jango online radio

Debut mixtape "Status Unknown" Available NOW (Free)