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This band has not uploaded any videos




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High Definition is my single it has had some major radio play in my city Little Rock, Ar station name Power 92 and it is in rotation on a couple internet radio stations



A unsigned artist from Pine Bluff, AR now living in Little Rock, AR. Rodney “2kool” Compton is A hard working artist that will not stop until he reaches the goals of being the best that he can be in this industry. Being a musician is just part of the game. 2kool make music for everyone to love he wants his music to touch young and older people together. There is a saying he likes to go by on the daily. “Don't count me out check me out". He has been doing music since the age of 12 but had a love for the game of basketball as well and took that route as a teenager instead but music never let him leave its grasps. As he got older and began to see the power that music held in this world he thought why not tell my story and give people something to enjoy. So hear he stands now before you as a new found artist giving the world some uplifting music that can help guide people to make better decisions and see there is more to life then negatives. Growing up in a not so good environment was more of motivation then disappointment that is why the music that he makes come from the heart and soul my Album “One Man Stands Alone” should speak for its self and is going to be my mark on the game so be on the lookout for “2kooltheboss”.
Being from the state of Arkansas there was not a shortage or limit on music he had an opportunity to be influenced by all regions East coast, West coast, Midwest, and of course the Dirty South. This Is What makes him the diverse artist that he is today with artist like Scarface, Ugk, Outkast, Jay Z, 8ball & Mjg, Twista, Tupac, and Nas being among some of the most influential Artist makes “2kool” one of the most liked up an coming artist. He brings everything to the table for everyone to relate form The Streets, Hustle, Struggle, Pain and a nice dose of Spirituality because without God none of this will possible and that is what my Truth.