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If anyone remembers the band Animosity or Anume, they will be happy to hear the rock band is back together.2 Mile will be performing Sunday at The Otherside in Tulsa.
And it’s serious.

“We really just want some exposure,” Kerns said. “We have all come to a great place in our lives and we are ready for the next step.”

Gragg, who is married to Tammy and has four daughters, Leah, 13, Casey, 10, Audrey, 4, and Ireland, 3 months, said he is happy to be doing what he loves.

“It’s fun,” he said. “I am the guitarist and I do backup vocals.”

Some of the band’s greatest influences are Metallica, Slayer, Pantera, Johnny Cash, Sevendust, just to name a few.

“When we first started in 1993 we were pretty heavy,” Kerns said. “But now we are kind of moving to a style that will appeal to a broader audience.”

Kerns said old fans and new ones should like what they hear.
Jeremy Kerns, lead vocals and guitarist; Casey Gragg, guitarist and backup vocalist; Jamie Nail, drummer; and Brian Blake, bass, have recently formed their newest group, 2 Mile.

Kerns said the band name reflects where they were brought up — in Fort Gibson
“We haven’t completely lost our roots,” he said. “Some of it is hard, but the stuff we write is more diverse now.”

Gragg said he’s kind of nervous to be back on stage.

“It’s just different now,” he said. “But it’ll be good.”

Kerns is married to Angela and they have two daughters, Lilli, 10 and Annika, 5. - Muskogee Phoenix

Jeremy Kerns of Muskogee, “Waiting”

Kerns grew up in Fort Gibson. He found his love of music through piano at 12, when he took lessons. He found his passion three years later with a guitar. Kerns wrote “Waiting” in 2008 with the inspiration of his wife of eight years, Angie. Kerns said he felt “Waiting” is relevant in today’s tough economic times. He said he feels like music always has been the outlet for things that are sometimes impossible to put into words. - Muskogee Phoenix

Though it’s hard to classify 2mile’s music, it’s clear that the band is packed with talent.

The local band, fronted by guitarist/singer Jeremy Kerns and his wife, Angela Kerns, is scheduled to release its self-titled debut CD at Hastings in Muskogee, on Zune, tunecore and Amazon.com today. The release party will be at Civitan Park on Friday at 7 p.m.

“You have to feel good about the songs and music you share,” Kerns said. “If not, you’re not being true to yourself, and others will see that.”

2Mile will perform at the release party for an hour using acoustic instruments. There is a $3 cover, but children 12 and under are free.

The music on the CD shows its heavy roots – Kerns got started in bands that played harder tunes – but showcases Kerns’ growing affection for more nuanced songwriting.

You can contact Kerns through his agent, Curtis Smith, at maelstrompr@gmail.com. - www.Muskogeenow.com

Jeremy Kerns (guitars/vocals) got his chops in Tahlequah’s rich music scene that’s nourished by talented people there and the beautiful mountains of northeast Oklahoma. Since 1993 he’s played in hard rock outfits Animosity, Burnt and Anume.

“Playing, writing and performing with those bands were crucial in my development,” Kerns said from his home in Muskogee. “No matter the musical style I am currently playing, these heavy roots will always be part of my mindset and appreciation.”

His latest project is named for old stomping grounds outside Ft. Gibson at 2 Mile and County Line Road. Playing with him is spouse Angela (vocals), Jamie Nail (percussion) and Casey Gragg (acoustic guitar).

Cover art for their debut disc is a photo of a rural red dirt road intersection bathed in the light of a golden sunset. In the liner notes Kerns thanks his mom for making him go to piano lessons and on MySpace he notes how well daughter Lilli is doing at her piano lessons.

This is a set of songs about coming of age. The music is remarkable for lyrical wisdom and instrumental virtuosity. “Perfect World” features Angela Kerns’ gentle pipes taking us through a near-crisis in her family that ends well. Heart-felt gratitude is for everything turning out fine. “Through Different Eyes” is a glance back at Kerns heavy metal past with its rumbling guitar solo. This collection of songs comes from a man who recognizes how many miles he has come artistically and the many miles ahead.

2 Mile will perform June 12 at Bora Bora Le Club, 2415 N. Walker, Oklahoma City with Kiss and Tell. - Norman Transcript


Through different Eyes
I suffer
A Perfect World
CD available on itunes, tunecore and amazon.com mp3, 2mileok.com, and myspacemusic




2Mile is the brainchild of Oklahoma born and raised Jeremy Kerns, former member of the hard rock group Anume. Not having much influence from the “Red Dirt” musical genre, Jeremy has always been inspired by overall good quality songwriting.

Jeremy’s career as a songwriter started in 1993 with a hard rock band known as Animosity, then later when he first formed the hard rock band Burnt. After his graduation from Northeastern State University he later formed the better-known group Anume at the turn of the century. His local friends liked to jam with him and together they collaborated as hard rock musicians and later performed in his local town of Muskogee, and regionally in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.

After some time as the members of Anume parted ways in 2004, Jeremy started writing again but in a more subtle way. “I will always have a deep seeded love for the heavier music but over time I’ve broadened my influences and think one’s music must broaden as well.” Jeremy states. With this being in the forefront of his creativity, he formed the band 2Mile, which was named after the crossroads of 2mile and Countyline Road outside of Fort Gibson where his grandmother lived, and his friends hung out.

Later as 2Mile developed musically and its popularity grew, the level of dedication between his vision and that of his band mates were starting to drift apart. Since 2Mile had always been Jeremy’s vision and his intention was to go solo after the disbanding of his former group, he felt it was time to forge ahead without band members. As he moved forward with his songwriting for the self-titled debut E.P., he invited his former band mates and other talented local artists join him as guests on the record.

The music is subtler than the hard rock days of his former bands, but the songwriting is at a more mature level. Songs on the EP include “I Suffer” a song about the transition from a single “party type” lifestyle to that of a responsible parent and still be relevant, “Waiting” which is about acting with indifference, to getting a reaction, to realizing all this person has gone through and pledging that even during the worst days there is always a better tomorrow. And the song “Perfect World” that is about waiting for test results for his wife Angie for cancer. Though the tests were negative, the wait was an agonizing experience.

Songwriting has always been Jeremy’s motivation, and he describes it best when he states, “my main motivation has always been to let the music or my songwriting take me to where it wanted to go. Yes, you lead it at times but you have to listen to your heart.”