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Raw Sugar and Mag are the 2 most talented emcees in the province. With their determination nothing will stop them, they can do clubby, hardcore, comedy, etc. everything! These artists are making a HUGE change with music right now an will surely change the industry, book while you can!


Well the story of these 2 artists together are too big to fit in this simple epk press kit. Raw Sugar was rapping for almost 8 years, and has done many shows all over, he has compilated 4 full length albums and is working on his fifth along with mixtapes and features.
Mc Mag was rapping for 5 years and is now stepping his foot through the door partnering with Raw Sugar to bring you 2 much to handle. Mag and Sugar met in searchig for a determined artist to work with. they met up Mag was invited to become a member of right and wrong productions and now all is good. The End.....or is it? Da Da DAAAAA *music*


Raw sugar - 557 levels of hip hop LP
Raw Sugar - What I have become LP
Raw Sugar - The Dawn Of A New Era LP
Raw sugar - U Cant Stop Me LP

More to come from other right and wrong artists...

Set List

Typical setlist is anywhere from and hour up. All depends on what you want.