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Mystefy's Spark Within - Taking a break from their usual slate of electronic releases, Compost Records have released the latest record from jazz vocalist Mystefy and it's a touch of class to their already impressive catalog.
With a rich voice and a piano trio behind her, Mystefy manages to create a soulful jazz record on Spark Within that sounds as if Ella Fitzgerald sat in on the sessions and helped her record a few songs. It's nice laid back easy jazz that's the perfect soundtrack to a rainy day and that's never really a bad thing. With a guest appearance by legendary blue eyed soul singer, Jimmy Sommerville and a cover of David Bowie's, "Lady Grinning Soul," the album has the occasional glimmer of pop, but never crosses the line. Instead, Mystefy manages to work these elements into her laid back style and vocal approach.
Spark Within is a nice record; it's a perfectly relaxed, orchestrated, and sung. Like the best Sergio Mendes record meeting Ella, this is a pleasant record that mixes lush arrangements with sensual vocals. Mystefy's deep voice is stirring and is a made up of equal parts of charm and musicianship and that's what makes Spark Within entertaining.
While I'm not the biggest fan of vocal jazz, Mystefy's arrangements and songs are quite good and the fact that this is released on a predominantly electronic label is impressive simply because they were able to spot such an emerging talent.
- Paul POP!, First Coast News

"Kulturnews Review 'Spark Within - Germany"

Mystefy - Spark within

Aus Wehmut koennen wunderschoene Dinge entstehen: Humor, Melancholie und Kunst. Wehmuetig singt die junge Dame, die sich Mystefy nennt, von verlorener Liebe: "All I know that he's the one I'm dreaming of though he's gone." Das ist wunderschoene Songwriterkunst, das sind exquisite Songs und kluge Texte, vorgetragen mit beachtenswerter Stimme, begleitet von einem patenten Jazztrio, mit Dieter Ilg am Bass, Roberto DiGioia am Klavier und Matteo Scrimali am Schlagzeug. Die zwoelf Songs, zehn davon selbst verfasst, fuehren fast das gesamte Spektrum des Spektakels vor, das Liebe genannt wird - und doch vielmehr ein Spiel ist, bei dem man nahezu zwangslaeufig wehmuetig wird. Aber wir haben keine Wahl. "Honey, if you search the key to happiness, you won't find it in your emptiness", heisst es einmal. Also lieben und wehmuetigen wir. Und erfreuen uns an diesem beeindruckenden Debuet. (jan)
- KULTURNEWS Magazin (Aug-08)

"WOM Review 'Spark Within' - Germany"

WOM Magazin Rezension MYSTEFY
(Autor: Stefan Woldach)

Charmant, zauberhaft, elegant - alles Attribute, die man der weltreisenden Jazz-Saengerin aus Koeln zuschreiben muss. Komponiert mit Unterstuetzung von Robert DiGioia, der mit der Erfahrung von Doldingers Passport bis Marsmobil klug zu inszenieren weiss und begleitet von einer Band, die alle Akkordwechsel, Klangfarben und Stimmungen beherrscht, entstand ein Album zwischen laszivem Bar-Flair, Lounge-Sounds und veritablen Coverversionen. Und waehrend Jimmy Somerville beim Dean-Martin-Klassiker 'I Will' gastiert, tischt die passionierte Malerin alles auf, was sie zu bieten hat: Stimmumfang, Sinnlichkeit, Sex-Appeal. Selten so authentischen Vocal Jazz aus Germany gehoert.
- WOM Magazin (2008)


Debut album 'Spark Within' released wordwide on Compost Records 2008 (summer/autumn)



A voice - mellow, unvarnished and full of warmth.

While pop music spins with ever greater glare and ueber-sound effects, Mystefy exudes sensuality, soul and pure sensibility.
Accompanied simply by piano, double bass and drums, the sparse arrangements allow for a wonderful, relaxed yet tantalizing album: Spark Within!
Nine of the twelve songs were self-penned by Mystefy and pianist Roberto DiGioia (e.g. Klaus Doldingers Passport, Joe Lovano). The trio was completed by world class bassist Dieter Ilg (e.g. Rebekka Bakken, Charlie Mariano) and drummer Matteo Scrimali (e.g. Freundeskreis). Christian Prommer (highly acclaimed for his Drumlessons project) functioned as a producer.

Jimmy Somerville, the unmistakable, mega star singer of Bronski Beat and The Communards fame, appears as a special guest on Spark Within. Somerville duets with Mystefy on 'I Will' - a classic love song from Dean Martin's repertoire - now revamped in a highly romantic fashion.
'Lady Grinning Soul', a David Bowie song, was carefully selected as the only other cover on the album. "I grew up listening to Bowie, so this is my tip of the hat to my former idol.

Also, I'm really a rock chick with the voice of a jazz diva, Says Mystefy.

The musical aim was to create new jazz standards, as Mystefy wasn't content with merely interpreting the same old compositions. She expected creativity and innovation not just from herself but also from the musicians who performed on this album: 'Roberto DiGioia felt precisely what I wanted to express and carefully put my lyrics and melodies into a charming context of harmonies.

The band and I had a wonderful chemistry going in the studio - and jazz thrives on spontaneity!'

Born near Cologne/ Germany, the passionate painter now resides in Ottawa, Canada. Her background is that of a live singer, roaming clubs and bars from London to Nashville to Bremen, performing ad-hoc at jazz sessions and getting a wealth of positive response to her vocal skills also from professional musicians such as Ray Davies, Jeff Healey and Roger Odell (Shakatak) - they all love Mystefy's voice.

Or, as legendary producer Bob Rose (George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Julian Lennon) puts it: With Spark Within a new voice finds its much deserved place in the world of soulful and sexy music. Mystefy is not just another singer but another legend in the making. Her voice? Sometimes sweet, sometimes not, but always pure sexy breathy brilliance. If talent is any basis for success then she will take her place alongside the best!