HAPPY NEW YEAR. "FREAKY MON" The Album that got 2nd a Major Deal in 2009. "Acapello" #1 Requested Song for 2 weeks on QYK Top40 and hits both the AC/Hot AC Main & Top 40 Main Chart in the same week. Get your copy of this classic Album today!!!


2nd is a multi-talented new up and coming recording artist in a class of his own!. 2nd wrote, produced and arranged the tunes, "Acapello", “Freaky Mon”, "Home", "Now", “Roots & Culture”, “Long Long Road”,, “Stay Strapped”, "Lick It", “Real”, "Girl It's You" and more... All of which you will hear on his very 1st impressive debut album entitled: “FREAKY MON”, which features over "19 Hot Single Releases!". The album is received numerous sales on CD BABY and I-TUNES, not to mention huge applause and accolades from new fans and listeners alike for its originality, versatility and honesty as a whole. "2nd: Wrote, arranged and produced his entire album, and even played the guitar and bass on his singles as well. 2nd is a self contained artist in the music genres of Reggae, Hip-Hop and r&b Soul. Some have called him a rare and true artist, a diamond in the ruff who is multi-talented in his own right, while others have called him a true "Genius!". Born in the boogie down Bronx in nyc home of Rap legends Krs-One, D-Nice, DJ Scott La Rock and others, "2ND" forged ahead in 2008 with supreme faith in himself and God, and with a little help from his family and private partners, ICP Records was born. 2nd's music is heaven-sent as is he; a prolific songwriter producer, composer and all around artist -- just listen to the variety on "Freaky Mon!" His latest debut album -- and decide for yourself!. But music listeners have already begun to take notice. Since his first independent release in September of 2008, 2nd began climbing the indie music charts at a rapid pace. His Hot new single "FREAKY MON" is still holding steady on the College Charts, climbing over his many admirer's ROGUE TRADERS - Better In The Dark (Columbia/Sony), SKILLET - Comatose Comes Alive (Atlantic/WEA), and THE KILLERS - Day & Age (Island/UMG). 2nd's other Hot single "ACAPELLO" was the 1 Most Requested Single for Two Weeks straight on the Qyk-Top 40 radio station. It was absolutely phenomenal! "ACAPELLO" was labeled as a (Future Hit) by sts sound scan and it blazed up the indie charts hitting 2 Main Charts" in the same week! The AC/Hot AC Main Chart And the Top 40 Main Charts among many others. 2nd also contributes that success to the talented staff at Loggins Promotions. Call it luck or sheer" Genius", but one thing is for certain, the music world is embracing "2nd" with open arms. Just as 2008 was coming to a final end, 2nd's short strides of success would grab the attention of a new Indie label with Major Distribution! In this year of 2009, 2nd plans to bring his raw talent to its full scope and potential and reach a much larger audience. 2nd has recently written and produced a beautiful and soulful ballad, a classic gospel influeneced duet unlike no other, that he would like to record on his album in 2009." 2nd said he would like to records this song with either Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Alisha Keys, Maria Cary, Rihanna or Jennifer Hudson. This ballad among many of 2nd's new "Hot" singles, is destined to be a huge hit when released by the majors, and it will climb to the top of the Billboard Charts! 2nd indeed has the sheer natural talent and unique ability to venture into different genres of entertainment, like his many mentors: Will Smith, Mark Wahlberg, Tyrese Gibson, Jamie Fox, P. Diddy, Ice Cube, Queen Latifah and others… Not only is 2nd an exceptional artist, songwriter, producer, and arranger, but he is also a very talented actor, filmmaker, screenwriter and impressionist as well, with an hilarious comedy show and romantic comedy feature film screenplay in development, where he impersonates various characters, celebrities, in addition to a host of original comedic characters that he himself created!. Some of 2nd's favorite artists and role models for impersonations are: Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Eddie Murphy and Jim Carey. You can hear some of 2nd's comedic side in the hilarious interlude on his album entitled: "Mr. and Misses Chows Argument". 2nd will star in an upcoming "Celebrity Challenge Reality TV Series! in 2009" and will also be the featured performer on a special "After the Storms Relief Concert, to help aid Hurricane Storm victims. 2nd without a doubt, is indeed a huge force to be reckoned with in 2009!" He's a Mega Solo-Entertainment Powerhouse Package!" destined to reach great heights in the entertainment industry, and his name is simply, "2nd". 2nd's new debut album "FREAKY MON" is now available on CD BABY and I-TUNES! Get your copy today! Of his very first independent Album before his Major Album is released in 2009. "FREAKY MON" is without a doubt a true classic collectors item!. If you would like to become a new fan of "2nd", then simply send him a friend request at his myspace page and you will be notified of his up and coming live performances, exciting events and exclusive Record Release Party! To be held at a private "Hot Spot" in his hometown of New York City and LA! A Red Carpet Affair that you don't want to miss!


1. 2ND
2. Freaky Mon - Ragga Remix
3. East To The West Coast
4. Acapello
5. Freaky Mon
6. Think About It
7. Love Comes Once In A Lifetime
8. If You Knew This Love
9. Girl Its You
10. Ah
11. Roots And Culture
12. I Got You
13. Lick It
14. Stay Strapped
15. Mr. And Misses Chows Argument (Interlude)
16. Freaky Mon - Freak Freak Remix
17. Now
18. Real
19. Long Long Road
20. Home

Set List

My sets can range from 1 hour or less, I like to keep it short but soulfully sweet. Although I love doing covers, I do not perform any on my set, I only perform all original material with my live band. I love to open with a nice soulful Acapello rendition to let audiences feel the full power of my vocal range.