An original guitar/piano/drums sound drawing on 80's melody mixed with 90's grunge. Well thought out lyrics.


Singer/songwriter Rob Wolfe has been in and out of bands since his early high school days. Rob realised that he had a passion for music after being moved at a John Mellencamp concert. After acquiring a guitar at the age of 15 he began songwriting even before he really learned to play or sing. Heavily influenced by 90’s grunge and 80’s melodies his songwriting really began to develop an original flavor.

It was two years ago when Rob was looking for a replacement bass player, that his good friend, Eric Blair, offered to fill in on bass. Eric, a brilliant piano player originally from Oklahoma, now makes his home in Sydney. When Rob realised that Eric had a piano style similar to that of Ben Folds, he thought it’d be crazy not to incorporate it with his songs. When Eric’s piano met Rob’s guitar-oriented rock songs it seemed to cause the melodies to soar even higher. What a unique experience! It was then that the sound of 2ND was forged!

A drummer and possibly a bass player were still needed to complete the picture. Eric’s good friend Simon Gregory was originally a trumpet player in the Salvation Army, with a dream to some day join a rock band. Simon proved to be a very solid drummer and most certainly the right choice in completing the picture. It was decided that a bass player was not needed. The bass being done on the piano is part of the unique sound that is 2ND.

2ND has since played at several places including Cockatoo Island, The Gaelic, The Bridge Hotel and even Villawood Detention Centre. They’re recently recorded rock ballad, ‘Don’t Be Gone For Long (Run Away)’ is available on itunes, Amazon mp3 and other leading online music stores


Don't Be Gone For Long (Run Away)

Written By: Rob Wolfe

I will find her there among the ruins
You will see why she’s so special and brave
There with a pick in her hand
She’s digging her way to her dreams
Her blisters and scars she wears out loud
‘Cause she’s not afraid to be seen

Run away now
Don’t be gone for long
Run away now
Then I’ll come take you home

She breaks a nail then she wipes the dirt
Away from her pretty face
She sits on the ground as the suns going down
And packs up her thoughts for the day
She has no time for regret
She’s traveled too far to look back
Her life is a cross that she wears round her neck
And the pills that she keeps in her bag

Run away now
Don’t be gone for long
Run away now
Then I’ll come take you home

It won’t be long till the sun comes up and she’ll be back here again
She comes along side and she wears my pride
Like a knight on his way to the joust
Well I couldn’t be a happier man
Don’t expect you to understand
She picks up her shovel and breaks through the rubble
As she grabs a hold of my hand

Run away now
Don’t be gone for long
Run away now
Then I’ll come take you home

I’ll take you home
I’ll come take you home


Don't Be Gone For Long (Run Away) - single available on iTunes

Set List

1. Broken
2.With My Love
3. One (U2)
4. Far From Here
5. Online Girlfriend
6. Your Little Group
7. Knockin on Heavens Door(Dylan)
8. Surrender
9. Don't Be Gone For Long