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2nd avenue

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Universal mind blowing,have to buy there album for my whole family there so hot.


Argeliz Pepin (Geliz) and Gary Calderon (Jazel) together created the group known as 2nd Avenue. The music they create is composed of different genres, including Pop, R&B , and Hip-Hop with an undeniable influence of Latin music. 2nd Avenues musical fusion and captivating lyric makes them a duo to be reckoned with, whenever and wherever an audience desires great music. There is no surprise when speaking of local music artists, 2nd Avenues name rolls out of most people tongues. Their tantalizing music is admired by those who have had the chance to hear it, both in Boston and in selected parts of the country. Miami’s own local DJ and radio personality DJ Shotgun stated.

“When an upcoming group like 2nd Avenue receives the same love and attention as a major recording artist, in their own home town, I can only think that there has to be something special going on.”
(DJ Shotgun 99.1 WEDR-Fm)

“Cant let go” The duos latest single, tells the story of two lovers going through struggles in their relationship. Audience can obstruct the lyrics in many ways, which is the beauty in the art 2nd Avenue has created. At the present time they have completed the music video for this single which is full of energy, life and pleasurable dancing. Video Scheduled for release, in November 13th 2009. “The video is sure to be a hit.” 2nd Avenue has won an award for best new break out artist if the year at the “Premio Estrella Music Awards 2008” for their last hit single “Come Ride With Me”. They are now nominees for their new hit single in the award show in 2010. 2nd Avenue advertising is presently limited to their own website www.2ndavenueworld.com, MySpace.com, Facebook.com, Twitter.com, and local radio stations in Boston, Chicago, and Miami FL. Local newspapers also have recognized the potential in Geliz and Jazel.

“2nd Avenue is a group with great potential with the music that reaches out to people of all kinds. They are bond to become one of the biggest things to happen in the music industry in both the American and the Spanish market.”
(The Latin Post. Memphis,TN)

Geliz and Jazel met as members of a musical quartet titled Alofoque. Alofoque stewed from the member’s high school friendships and their love for music. The group parted ways in 2007, for the better of their musical freedom. These gentlemen now known as 2nd avenue are musically gifted and have a great sense of the behind the music scenery down to producing, musical composition, and engineering. The moving lyrics are respectfully derived from Geliz and Jazel. They are always inspired by current events, personal growth and currents trends.

“Fate has brought us to this point in our lives, through our positive music, confidence, passion and hunger to make our dreams reality”.
(2nd Avenue)

Set List

ONe 15 minute set that ends with the single were promoting.