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"I'm Floored"

“I’m absolutely floored…this is terrific upbeat pop, with great melodies and harmonies, expertly played, perfect for repeat spins. I love it!

From “The Victim” to “Something Now,” there are delights to be had at every turn. (the vocal is) commanding all the way, the harmony vocals are great throughout. “Sometimes” is a beautiful ballad that speaks to the heart through an infectious melody and affecting lead and harmony vocals. “Something Now” is my other pick to click; a classic pop/rock song all the way. The musicianship and equal sprinkling of power and pop ingredients is an unbeatable combination!”

-Alan Haber,
Pure Pop radio show
Buhdge pop culture website

- Alan Haber Pure Pop Radio VA and Buhdge.com

"Quote from Jerry Martini"

“If Coldplay, U2, and Green Day got together and genetically engineered the next big Indy Pop/Rock band, it would definitely be 2nd Day Crush... Take notice now!” - Jerry Martini (Sly & the Family Stone, Prince)

"Best Pop/Rock Band in Los Angeles"

2005 Winner - LA Music Awards

"Online Rock CD Review"

“L.A. based 2nd Day Crush plays instantly catchy power pop that’s well crafted and energetic.” - Roland Goity

"WINNER-$5000 Grand Prize"

Approx. 40,000 votes in only 2 1/2 weeks. August 2005

Interview from Americas Biggest Front Page...

1. Tell us a little about the history of the band and why you decided to call the band "2nd Day Crush"?

{Rick} Funny story...Chris and I actually met at a party in the Hollywood Hills that was supposed to be for the Bloc Party CD release. Turns out, it was just a block party and we were two of the "unluckies" that the police were detaining for questioning. With so much handcuffed free-time together atop the hollywood skyline, we quickly became allies and the musical chemistry was instantly apparent. We later found Ryan and Mike through that wonderfully polluted web conduit called craigslist.
{Chris} As far as the name 2nd Day Crush, we\ve always felt that life almost moves TOO fast now days. Certain women, bands or even court ordered subpoenas don't get the attention they justly deserve. If you stop to properly try something on a 2nd time, what you're probably looking for might just be staring you right in the face...you just didnt slow down to catch it the first time.

2. Talk a little about the musical artists that have inspired 2DC.

{Chris} We all come from such different places musically and that is SUCH a blessing. I know I wouldn't be anywhere without the Counting Crows, the Beatles, Radio Head, and the Pumpkins. Rick actually comes from a RnB background but his record collection is pretty sick and runs from Gospel to Rock to Hip Hop to Blues. Infatuations and obsessions for both of us regularly include, Sly and the Family Stone, Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, and Prince though.
{Rick} Mike loves the Chili's (as do we all), the Stones, and Mooney Suzuki. Ryan's favorite band is Rush, and that one severely troubles the rest of us. Come on, who really likes Rush unless you are a drummer or someone who runs the tilt-a-wheel at your local school carnival? Ryan is truly an amazing drummer, but I think I would rather listen to Mike try and whistle the national anthem from his rectum than hear Geddy Lee sing anything.
{Chris} I might opt for Rush with that one, but I would have to see how Mike's backside would sound with some more practice. He's rusty right now, so currently its a toss up for me (not tossed up). I guess WE think we sound like the love child that falls between ColdPlay, the Killers and Green Day.
{Rick} At the end of the day though, lets be real...everyone on the planet REALLY needs to bow down to Prince. It's his world and we are just tryin to get a nut.

3. Tell us about some of your upcoming plans and how fans can get more information about 2DC?

{Rick} Our website is 2nddaycrush.com and that has EVERYTHING current with us. We've just released our EP and it is also available for purchase on our website as well as cdbaby.com/cd/2nddaycrush. 

{Chris} We're gearing up to hit the road in early October, hitting most of the Northern States in the Country. We got some big surprises in the works that we are hoping to be able to announce soon, so JOIN THE E-FAMILY on our site and leave all the work to us. By doing so, we will alert you on all thats good with us. You can also check out and link up with us through myspace, which, of course is myspace.com/2nddaycrush.

4. Your fans really came out strong and supported you for America's Biggest. How does it feel to win the August contest - and more importantly - what do you plan on doing with the America's Biggest prize money?

{Chris} First of all, we knew we had amazing friends and fans, but this REALLY surprised us. People we didn't even know were voting for us, some over 200 times. Old friends, ex-girlfriends, and extended family were voting, and we had no idea. We're truly greatful.
{Rick} We plan on using the money to get us on the road and put together some really hot 2DC gear to offer our fans. We really want to offer the best stuff possible and give them options on things that are different than you every day type merch booth offerings. We're also planning on using a portion of it to finance a killer video that we are going to release soon. So, be on the look out for 2DC and please sign up at the website if you haven't already. Thanks to EVERYONE that took the time to help us with this...we truly are blessed. - Americas Biggest.com

"International Song of the Day"

"The Victim" - International Song of the Day , August 22, 2005 - Garageband.com

"EP and Live Show Review"

“2nd Day Crush is full throttle killer hook power pop complimented by stand-out vocals. High energy awaits you !

-Cleo Antonelli

- Acoustic Playhouse


For the most current song titles, please also check:

"From the Nights You Lost Your Voice"
released December 11th, 2007

"I want to be there again, the Victim, and Watch the World," have recieved radio play on XM and FM radio. "Watch the World" video has been played on FUSE TV. New video for "Victim" to be released shortly.



As one of the most buzzworthy indie pop rock bands of 2008, Los Angeles-based 2nd Day Crush brings an original twist to the all-too-typical rock sound of today. At a time when pop rock bands are a dime a dozen in the indie music scene, few manage to deliver solid music with as much verve, style and aptitude as these guys combine. The band delivers an aural bang for the buck, and by doing so, they have garnered a substantial following, both locally and via Myspace, leading to the recent release of a highly-anticipated full-length debut album.

It all started when singer/songwriter Chris Drizen and bassist Rick Barrio Dill met at an exclusive CD release party in the Hollywood Hills. The two discussed their passion for music and hit it off immediately. Although they both had completely different musical interests, they realized it was an advantage and decided to start a band together that very night.

They had a singer and a bassist-- the next logical step was to hold auditions for a guitarist. Listening to musician after musician— no one seemed to have the total package: looks, talent and originality. They were about to give up hope just as Rami Jrade walked through the door. Even before he played a single note on his guitar, Chris and Rick instantly knew Rami was the right fit. During their initial conversation, Rami mentioned that his roommate, George Lind, was a brilliant drummer, and just a few hours later, George joined the band as well. 2nd Day Crush was officially formed that afternoon.

Their hard work paid off, but the process was a difficult journey. Over time, they worked with various producers, generated interest from independent labels, and eventually inked a label deal. The band and label did not see eye to eye creatively, however, so the gentlemen decided to take destiny into their own hands. Since Rick was a skilled producer, he stepped up to the plate and produced the band’s full-length record. Just prior to recording, Chris received a serendipitous phone call. The Mirrors, a popular local band, had recently broken up and their lead guitarist, Jeremy Weinberg, was looking for a new band to join. Chris was ecstatic-- they snatched Jeremy up immediately and completed their dynamic fivesome.

With members finally in place, 2nd Day Crush began production on “From the Nights You Lost Your Voice.” The collaboration with prominent mixer, Mike Creswell (No Doubt, Third Eye Blind, Blackalicious), delivers a polished work that is brilliant in its conception yet brought to fruition with a unique flavor. Debut albums often suffer from rushed, weak material, but that was not an issue with this band. As they recorded, the genre-jumping album unfolded as a perfect blend of indie pop and rock. In fact, one of the highlights is the collaboration with Seth Trotter from renowned band, The Higher, on the song “I Always.” Chris says, “I was thrilled to work with Seth on the track… he’s a gifted singer and I knew his vibe would make the song really pop. We were all honored to have him be a part of our record.”

“From the Nights You Lost Your Voice” is a project that goes above and beyond most pop rock endeavors. With two tracks that are politically-fueled, the band has taken the opportunity to voice their opinions in a clever, engaging manner. Bassist and producer, Rick Barrio Dill, says, “We are at a critical point in the history of our country and planet and we wrote ‘Watch the World’ and ‘Better Than This’ for that very reason. Making this record was one of the toughest, yet satisfying experiences I think this band has ever gone through. You learn what you are made of when you choose to do it all yourself. There is definitely a sense of pride that comes with that. Now when I hear what’s coming out the speakers, I realize how everything was worth it.”

These five gentlemen have created a sound that everyone is starving for-- music that rocks with powerful pop vocals reminiscent of legendary David Bowie, catchy guitar licks, rolling rhythms and emotionally evocative lyrics. 2nd Day Crush is undeniably more than meets the eye. From their compassionate qualities via their charitable efforts to their hilarious personalities on and off the stage, this band is steadily climbing the ladder to success.