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2 or More


2 or More utilizes fun styles, tight harmonies, and a fresh sound to draw people closer to Christ! They are known as a group with a friendly, open spirit and an incredible passion for God. Endorsed by Christian Music Presenters and showcased at Carnegie Hall in NYC, they are ready to serve you!


Though their name is taken from the King James version of Matthew 18:20, 2 OR MORE is anything but outdated, in fact, quite the contrary. This female threesome from Knoxville, Tennessee has one of the freshest, most versatile sounds in contemporary Christian music. And while all three are not blood-related, their voices have a natural blend rarely found outside family circles.

There are two actual sisters in the group, Rebekah Wade and Sarah Mentzer, who grew up daughters of their minister of music father in a mid-sized church in Maryville. Brandee Vandergriff grew up friends with Sarah, attending the same church, and the two began singing harmonies as mere 2nd graders. Later, the two performed with various church groups and choirs when they were just teenagers. Rebekah began singing with them and realizing their unique blend early on, the three girls starting working as a trio performing mostly a cappella arrangements of some of their favorite songs. The group soon developed a local following, and recorded a mostly a cappella project.

But it wasn’t until their paths crossed with veteran producer Travis Wyrick (P.O.D., Pillar, Disciple) that the three ladies got a glimmer of what their potential might be.

“He told us to let him produce just one song and we would see a difference. And man, was he right,” says Sarah.

That one song turned into a full CD produced by Wyrick entitled Can You See Him? which showcased not only the trio’s incredible vocal versatility, but also their songwriting and arranging abilities. Penning eight of the cd’s ten songs, as well as changing the lyrics to a more spiritual version of the “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy Of Company B,” Rebekah, Sarah and Brandee got fresh wind in their sails and began to believe God had a plan to use their music in a more powerful way.

Influenced by everything from “Sandi Patty to Mariah Carey to Beethoven,” 2 or More can sing just about any genre of music, tackling big band, jazz, rock, pop and everything in between. The group has already begun gaining notoriety beyond their hometown and was recently invited to sing at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York, sharing the stage with multiple independent artists. Their performance was so stirring that the hall manager asked the promoter to bring the show back to Carnegie Hall, and specifically requested 2 or More be there.

Wyrick and 2 or More will be teaming up this fall to produce another CD scheduled to release in the spring 2007. And the girls are excited about what the future holds.

“It’s been a walk of faith for us,” says Sarah. “We don’t know what God has in store for us, but we want to be obedient to His path, wherever that may lead. But we each feel we have been given a mandate to use our talents for His glory. And we know, as long as we keep our focus on Him and our songs true to His Word, He can use us to touch people’s lives and make their hearts open to His love. That’s our prayer.”

Jesus said, "For where [2 or More] are gathered together in my name, I am there in the midst of them" (Matthew 18:20 NKJV). This verse is 2 or More's inspiration as they travel and perform. Their mission is to serve God through their music. Through spirited praise, inspired lyrics and passionate vocals, they seek to spend time in God’s presence, touch people in a personal way, facilitate the fellowship of believers, and point the lost to Christ.


His Own

Written By: 2 or More

Now is the time, this is the hour
You're never, never too far
You can be forgiven, and filled with His power
Come just as you are

His love for you is vast and true
It will never fail
He wants to make you clean and new
All it takes is just a prayer

Please don't let this chance pass you by
Please don't let the Spirit grow cold
Listen with your heart, let Him guide
This is the moment you've been waiting for

Come to the Lord, let His arms surround you
Enter His love, His grace will astound you
The Father is waiting for His Child to come home
Come to Jesus, and become His Own

If you are lonely, if you are scared
Nothing, no nothing is too hard for Him
If you just need someone to care
He will be your Father and friend
If you are burdened with a heavy load
His yoke is easy and light
If you don't know which way to go
He is the way, the truth and the life

Giver of My Life

Written By: 2 or More

Father, you know my heart longs to serve you
But Father, my flesh is so weak
I want to be faithful, I want to be true
But it seems that I fail constantly

Father my sin is so overwhelming
The shame is so hard to bear
Father my enemies are surrounding me
Abba, have mercy on me

Giver of my life, you're always there for me and
Each time that I cry, you will always be my
Comforting Father, Redeemer, and Friend,
You hold me forgive me and bless me again!
Giver of my life, you're always there for me and
Each time that I cry, you will always see the
Heart of my soul that is longing to be
A mirror of Jesus whose death set me free

Each time, I fail God you gently remind me
That everyone sins against you
We have all fallen short of your glory
Your mercy alone sees us through

Father, your grace is so overwhelming
My trials you help me to bear
Father, your comforting arms surround me
Abba, I know that you're there!

Through joy or in pain, through laughter or shame
The love of the Father sustains me again
The light of forgiveness comes shining through
And the life that He gives is eternal and new

I Can See Him

Written By: 2 or More

I can see Him in the rocks
I can see Him in the trees
I can see Him when a little child is praying on his kness
I can see Him in the fire
I can see Him in the rain
I can see Him in the winds of a mighty hurricaine

In a smile, in a frown
In the lost, in the found
In the meek, in the bold
In the young, in the old

I can see Him in the clouds
I can see Him in the sky
I can see Him in the ragin' storm before it passes by
I can see Him in the water
I can see Him in the sand
I can see Him when the crashing ocean waves meet the land

In the day, in the night
In the dark, in the light
In the moon, in the stars
In the beating of my heart

I can see Him in a laugh
I can see Him in a tear
I can see Him when there is nobody else around to hear
I can see Him on the mountain
I can see Him in the stream
I can see Him in the beauty of a long awaited dream

In the dusk, in the dawn
In the strength to carry on
In the valley, on a hill
I can see Him standing still

Can you see Him?


2 or More's album, "Can You See Him?", released November 2004, is almost 90% original music. It captures their energy and passion for Christ and contains a wide variety of styles. You can hear samples of 3 songs from the CD here under the Audio tab. If you would like to hear more, there are samples of each song on their website.

2 or More also has an A Cappella CD, which contains mostly hymn arrangements, and a Christmas CD, which features music sung by the group at Carnegie Hall, NYC.

Set List

Our set list is as varied as the venues at which we perform and we are happy to try and incorporate music that fits your event. This can include anything from urban to a cappella, praise&worship to southern gospel, and pop/contemporary to thoughtful ballads. We also have a few big band numbers that are always crowd-pleasers!