BandHip Hop

My music can make u think as well as feel. It can hit you with something to chill to or even something to argue about, controvercy is what gets things done in the world and its what gets ya heard too. Getting heard in the world is what Im are all about.


PEOPLE HATE ROUTINE LIVES, this includes their music. I think rap among other genres has become too routine, my music offers large amounts of opportunity for hit singles and ideas that are the norm in music today ie. songs that are good for parties and special events. I am Arab and i have lived in the middle east until i was 18. I came to the USA to bring my music and my style of tellin it on tape. I bring issues that usually are frowned on by the pop scene. What they dont know is that music was made to make people think and feel the message. I try to make a good blend of songs that will allow the listener to enjoy life and songs that will mesmerize them with the lyrics. I want people to stop and say, "what did he just say?" I like to say what people only think in my music. While most people think it will casue too much controvercy, i believe it will cause alot of attention and thus create hype that will take me to the next level



Written By: Tarek Abousaleh / 2rok

Livin in a world
Where they say
that u not safe
fear of death and disgrace
in the wrong way
feelin hate cause your trapped in your own race
pray to god that ull live to the next day
(Livin in fear!)

wake up every day
hopin that u gona make it through
knowin that if u fuk up
the police comin after you
so many problems to fix
and so much money due
to people that ya hate
people that would take ,
your life for a check
no more respect
and no more love
they forget about god
or anyone whos above
lookin at us with shame
coz everyone is so vein
and no one knows wat to think
tell ya to drink
you drink
tell ya to blink
u blink your eyes
long enough for them to tell u a lie
some people die
and the whole countries scared of a fly
mean while you fight a war
to kill off every terrorist
but wats apperant is
that its never gona end
but they telling ya to join
they need more troops to send
to death
driven with fear
u take your very last breath

Channel 8 is sayin that theres a flew and its goin round
And everybody in town beta stop
Beta hit the ground
And cover they eyes
Coz crime is on the rise
And That’s what they telling ya
but nuthin is what it seams
and everybody dreams
of the things
that they see on tv
teen raped and killed
on a law and order repeats
according to the news
Americans seem weak
Mad cow, westnile, and anthrax too
If an arab sent those letters
Then Whyd did he stop dude
Coz is probly was the government
And they using ur fears
One terrorist attack
opened his world for years
he can invade any place
make corny and fake speech
bringin a tear to your face
and u embrace your troops
wherever they go
they dyin for him
not for you

Now watya gona do if a war breaks out
gona run away from home
Or get your duct tape out
Tape up yo house
And Don’t leave a damn thing open
Now get on the floor
And get to prayin and hopin
That the evil is gone
Theres an arab in your house
And hes strapped to bomb,
There goes the house
And the whole damn hood
But youle live coz you spent
Your savings on canned goods
And they chillin in the basement
a few dozen cases
of americas best
and the rest of town
is wearing bullet proof vests
and gas masks too
makin billions of dollars
off you god damn fools
I cant believe they got u all scared of the world
you run around
like a bunch of whipped little girls

Race in my lane

Written By: Tarek Abousaleh / 2rok

Heard your ass wants to race in the lane
Race into fame
Keep a pace with me man
You in a car, man im racing a plane
My shits off the charts
Now im goin insane

Heard your ass wants to race in the lane
Race into fame
Keep a pace with me man
You in a car, man im racing a plane
My shits off the charts
And urs is stayin the same

Clutch release tires burn in the lane
Your rpms up but your speed is the same
You gotta pimp ride but your driving is lame
Boom here we go
G force on your brain
U passing the rest like u in a damn plane
in a slight rain
So you aint got grip
You cant stop shit
Now your starting to slip
So dip the side
Swurve to the right
Adjust your muthafukin self
And ride all night
You gotta pimp ride
By Q and mad mike
Now ur sportin 22s
Tint so dark that u cant see through
And its all on a civic that was painted sky blue
Tribal vinyl on the sides lookin like a tattoo
Wood on the dash
Glass on the floor
Damn ur rides even got suicide doors
Ya but of course
Coz that’s how its done
Don’t forget you aint shit
Till the race is won
Till ur face is spun
From the rush of adrenaline
Ur rides slow like a bike
u better start pedaling
Or u might just lose
See me on the streets
Man don’t even think it
If we do race we gonna play for a pink slip
If u really wana go then come on lets roll
Ima burn up the track
And take your civic back home

It’s a Michigan winter
Like two feet of snow
Cant see shit
And theres ice on the roads
They tryna stay warm
So they all go home
In my 4 wheel drive
Now im all alone
So here I go to the parking lot
About to go nuts
Hope I don’t get caught
Hope I don’t get fucked by the lights or the curb
Fuck it push the gas turn the wheel and swerve
Theres a crowd starting to form around the lot
And some cars starting to swarm around 2rok
So everybody come on start up your engines
This is what I call gasoline binging
No matter your race color gender religion
Everybody come on
Join in my vision
Roll a million deep
Down in the street
Do I gotta tell ya where the fuck im gonna be
Im gona be riding shotgun in a green legacy
Supped with an engine off an airbus 3
Now u cant catch up
Coz u cant maintain
Break the sound wall
Like a fuckin jet plane
U lost the battle
Got no one to blame
I told u motherfuckers not to race in my lane

God damn
Ur ride wont go
It don’t really matter coz u roll too slow
U take sharp turns like u driving a boat
So float ur busted ass donw to my lane
Fuck a covette fuck an escalade
We roll lumina ss and an audi s8
They don’t even make em for the usa
But they race the streets up and down Saudi
Aint a cop on the highway so we speed limit free
Second third fourth gear five
We goin too fast for a damn red light
We doin doughnuts in the parking lots
No u turn u can kiss my dick
But ur ass a hundred dollars
That’s my car wont slip
Pull the hand brake go from right lane to left
Stay kool in the back
Don’t lose ur breathe
We gonna see what the fuck else my ride can do
We gona take it off road to a big sand dune
Drive up the hill
About to flip my car
Damn I think I pushed it just a bit too far


Written By: Tarek Abousaleh / 2rok

Come on every body let me see u get down
Getting drunk off Bacardi
Come on everybody why u sitting around
Now its time to party

Its time to party
grab yo Bacardi
Head to the floor
And get nauty wit yo showty
Pour out yo forty
For the ones who aint make it
She drunk she trippin
Its time to get her naked
Its time to fake it
So you act drunk too
Tell the chick you gota cadi
and its on twenty twos
Got the heated leather seats
and the girls go
“ooh girl he looks rich can I get a ride?”
I get my homie to drive
We climbing in the back seat
We aint left the place yet
Kick her shoes off her feet
Tell my boy up front to pop us in a cd
Bass comin from the trunk
Got her bouncing to the beat
No more pressures of life
Its time to retreat
Welle be back in a while
Coz now its time to party

Well if the girls wana dance
Then let them do it right
Get them a little more drunk
And we can party all night
Always gona be some fool
Who is trying to start a fight
The owners got a gun
And the bitch brought a knife
Say he saw you with his wife
Bumpin on the dance floor
Fool this is a club
What the hell u here for
Fuck it
Back to the drinks and the girls
Right now im in the greatest place in the world
Now you are chillin in your seat
Freaky bitch come invite you to the vip
Big titties and them thongs
Is all I see
Im debating with myself
Should I sleep should I be
Ashamed of myself and what I see
Its just a little fun at the end of the week
If u please let me be
Ima go to the bar get
myself another drink
Its time to party

Now slide to the left one more time for me
One more time to the right till we finally
Get on the dance floor at the end of the show
With everybody getting drunk
screaming gimme some more
we just getting started
relax and sit back
get a girl get down
and just move for this track
we need a little bit of more heat in this club
so get out the shit and light the weed up
im high as hell I might as well lye down
lets have a few drinks in the vip lounge
I call up some hoes with those titties falling out
I got my car keys
So lets get the fuck out
We bout to go home
My niggazbe telling me
theres a party next door
walkin in see a bunch of drunk hoes on the floor
aint here for the bitches im here for the rum
im here for the jack and the 151

Die 4 Me

Written By: Tarek Abousaleh / 2rok

Ride for you homies and they ride for you
But you aint ever gona do what the fuk we do
Now ya die for you homies and they die for you
But you aint ever gona be a muthafukin tight crew

Now I got me a tight crew
Man they gona fight u
Till they very last breath
I told u muthafukas that
We don’t fear death
And we don’t fear the rest
steppin over you hoes
We thank god everyday
Since we lost big moe
We lost one homie
And we cant lose another
Each one is like a brother
Who would die for me
If they caught by the police
They would lie for me
Like rasheed did for them
Lied to the pigs
And got sent to the pen
But you know how it is
When ya got connections
They gonna get ya out
But ya gota respect them
He was out in a week
And it probly upset them
But fuck them
coz he took one for the team
it takes more than a record
to fuk with a dream

now I know u wana say that your crew is tight
but is right to stand there in the middle of a fight
and ya don’t do a thing
this aint a tag team
get your ass in the ring
and throw up yo fists
yo man cocked his arm back
and he swung but he missed
now his knuckles is bleeding
and he broke his wrist
all because you hesitated
shit man Id be pissed
if my homies let me fall
but they got my back
when its up against a wall
arabs don’t really fight
we battle and we brawl
till the opposition
is too fuked up to crawl
back to safety
behind enemy lines
they get beat the fuk down
for telling me lies
I really despise
Fake fucks
Who talk shit
They really not your friends
U stupid punk bitch

I got a homie in Toronto
and one who passed away
A couple of boys down in Egypt
And and one in Saudi
We all do our thang
So we can make through the day
Hope to bring em all down to chill wit me in LA
As we pray to god to get me signed to a label
Drop rymes and beats
And leave the rest to the angels
Chained to the ground
By our mutha fukin ankles
Sick and tird
of being stuck Where we are
But shits gona change when we all superstars
And u know who we are
Coz we don’t give a fuck
U in a bently
We in a black tintd truck
And we cruising down the road
And we goin to fast
You tryna catch up
But yo ass gona crash
Coz u high on the hash
And you aint got a clue
What it means to be a friend
and to be a tight crew

Rep Ur Hood

Written By: Tarek Abousaleh / 2rok

U gotta Rep yo hood
with wat u say
its all good
until that day
when u tell en em lies
and just act fake
if u wana talk shit
say it to my face

come on muthafuka
say it strait to my face
whether its my weight
my raps or my race
I ama take trash talk
Any time any place
Thinking im a wigga
But that’s Not the case
I represent the south Lebanese
And the Saudi
Ill represent any where that they allow me
To speak how I speak
To ryme how I ryme
And not to be judged
By what I say in each line
See ima get mine
Just like u got yours
Ima get my money
And stay away from the whores
the ones that wana get payed
for things I do
And every other day
Another one of em sues
Well its my life
And its my dough
And I don’t give a mutha fuck wat u think so
Turn uss around and be on ur way
And rep your own hood like I did that day

This aint a rap
This a mutha fukin street ryme
Not detroit or la
This is Palestine
From nablus to najjaf
Ya they all mine
U people aint representin these days
U come into our hoods
And ya blaze and blaze
And ur propaganda crap
It plays and plays
And its spreadin all ur lies
Through these radio waves
And they stuck in ur heads
goin for days and days
mother drops to her knees
and she prays and prays
that her people dooooon’t end up
in those unmarked graves
they way they gotem livin
like some unlocked slaves
all my people back home
better save and save
all the rage that u got
and know that one day
u goin to rep ur own block
till then u got a chill
and just don’t not a fuck
now listen to the words
of ur man 2rok

Right Here

Written By: Tarek Abousaleh / 2rok

My niggaz aint goin nowhere
My homies got no fear
My people aint gona be scared
My niggaz rite hear

My niggaz aint gangstas
My homies aint thugs
Thry muslim muthafukas
From the dirtiest hoods
Sturdy as wood
As they chop at our feet
They don’t fear death
So they don’t see defeat
They wont see repeats
From the treacherous three
And whom do I seek
The people tryna bring bak slavery
Pull the triga
Snad nigga
Standin up on the dune
The tell the little sheep
That we bringin em doom
Lock up your rooms
And board up yo home
When you speak of islam
Use a ignorant tone
Coz you just a dumb shit
The Koran never told us
To kill white kids
To slit white wrists
But militia muthafukas
Got it up in a twist
Then Both sides enlist
Into an army
Im cought in the middle
With them tryna harm me
So it needs to stop
My people and your people
need to rise to the top

The Politicians ban music
That don’t fit the plan
Coz it don’t suit the man
In the dark blue sedan
And they can but they don’t
Babies cry but they wont
Give a penny to the poor
If ya don’t pay yo tax
They come knockin down your door
Take your kids and your life
And they wonda why you on the streets
runnin wit a knife
they waite until the night
and they run through our land
they rapin all the women and they killin every man
but it don’t make the news
the orphan kills the soldier
and Its on channel two
channel six
channel nine
this is stone fuckin Philips
on muthafukin dateline
you can have all the oil
coz all we have is the truth
fuk police and the troops
if they killin me and mine
takin money from your ghettos
to build a pipeline

the words of a madman
telling you to fight
kill yourself and your men
just to feed his apetite
coz he hungry for war
and hes thirsty for oil
lower gas prices
worth putin bodies in the soil?
Bringin blood to a boil
When he speaks of bein free
Coz you stuck payin bills
For this cable tv
Every 10 min brings
Another ad to the screen
If you don’t buy our shit
You wont ever by happy
And ull live like hell
Like its lunch time and the
Shepard ringin his bell
The sheep come runnin
To see whats up
If ya Ask too many questions
Then your time is up
Your family’s fucked
Into livin in fear
Conditioned into worrying
For 200 hundred years
Scared of arabs and blacks
Fear of insect attacks
So u buy all this shit
To make you feel safe
And ya buy into his words
From the minute you wake
To the time you sleep
We aint goin no where
So its best to keep
Lookin for another way
we aint the devil or the plague
and we here to stay


Self made album (17 tracks).