Lynnwood, Washington, USA
BandHip HopEDM

My music is very powerful and hard hitting. My style is catchy and lyrical. The best thing about the songs I make are that a lot of different groups of people like them. Being diverse is my best quality in music.


Grew up listening to all different kinds of artists. That's why i'm diverse in my music. Some of the big named artists that inspire me are Aesop Rock, Big Pun, Atmosphere, Elton John, Eminem, Michael Jackson to name a few.

The strength I have compared to other artists are that I can successfully make tracks that go all over the spectrum and do it quickly.


I have came out with a couple albums called "Deny the Helping Hand" and " The Intention" with a lot of singles in between. I am currently working on an album with Battalion Entertainment and G Lawrentz productions. Album name is still to be decided. Some of my tracks are on myspace and streaming off RealRadio101.com
My artist profile is on www.glawrentz.com

I am soon to have a music video released. It's in the editing stages as of right now.