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Meri Duniya
Khawabon Ka jahaan
Zameen Aasmaan (unreleased)
Dhoka (unreleased)
Kehti hai sadaa (unreleased)



On the eve of the release of meri duniya , there is a sense of optimism amongst the members
of U.N.I.(old 2 Step Ahead)

The band has worked hard for the past decade, spending months and years away from family while on the
road in search of the stability a successful career brings. All together, fate
has caught up with the band in a positive way.

In 2009, the trio of vocalist Osman Azeem , guitarist Ramish Omer, and a Songwriter/Composer/bassist Hassan Sarwar
were the core of U.N.I . Hassan left the band in 2010 due to some reasons . The duet of Osman and Ramish
then continue the band with the new name 2 Step Ahead . When asked about what each brings to the table
when it comes to influences, singer Osman reveals,
“both member of this band has a personality that is unique. We both grew up in different areas
and love different types of music. I grew up listening to nothing but pop when I was young. I then fell in
love with feel and soul essence . Ramish grew up listening to blues and hard rock and was highly
influenced by his father, who is an amazing guitar player as well. Together we bring a ton of different ideas
to the table that end up as 2 Step Ahead.”

Osman and Ramish emerged from Meri Duniya via the self-titled debut 2 Step Ahead (2010), and had gained
a pretty much good responce . It did not take long for the public to take notice of the young band,
Debut album is recorded , single Faryaad launched in late (2011) , Meri Duniya in also late (2011) .
Both the tracks significant following that stretches across the Pakistan and The many other regions
of the world today. from Ramish; ''track ''Khawaboon ka jahaan'' which is the 5th one is one of the track
which i think is best so far from our side , when it will release , it surely gives a hit break to 2 step Ahead's
career . but at the same time i think with the only one track it's not enough to make it up all achievements .
creativity level changes from beginner to advance with the passage of time . at the present time
we both consider ourselves beginners''. theres a big room of improvement ,

meri duniay defines many of the qualities that transparently represent who these individuals are mentally,
emotionally and spiritually. From Osman“We all have inner struggles as humans and temptations in life.
While we don’t always choose the right path the first time, we learn from our experiences and become
stronger. We all make mistakes and fall short sometimes, but it is the art of learning from these
experiences that makes all the difference.” Ramish added “The album title comes from knowing that we all
eventually fall short of our expectations regardless of financial, emotional, physical well being. But in the
same breath, we all strive to find a way to better ourselves. That’s human nature''.

Lyrically, the songs capture the essence of life’s challenges. ''DHOKA''It is a song of hope for those that
are going through the trials we all face and the hardships that are a part of life. Osman reflects, “DHOKA’ is a song of
comfort that you are not alone and nothing is worth the ultimate capitulation of taking your own life.
In the end hope is still alive”
According to Ramish, “’Beeti Baatain’ which is a 3rd studio original is a missive to stand up for whatever
it is that you fight for and believe in.
No matter how many times you may get knocked down you have to keep fighting and allow nothing to stop
you from attaining your desires.” From Osman , he shares, “I find the strongest emotional attachment to
‘Madadgar Pakistan’. It is a song about giving in and giving up on something that has been a part

of your life in a big way. But right before we succumb to the pain, we realize that the person that has been
hurting you has been hurting just as bad the whole time.
From the beginning of the band’s career, 2 Step Ahead has straddled the worlds of spiritual and secular
All the while, they have retained their integrity to be true to