2 The Universe

2 The Universe


2TU radiates hope, a longing for positive progression and the desire for self-fulfillment. We create pop music that speaks the language of love, and deliver a massive entertainment - always give 1000 %! Our energy on stage sucks you into our world like a tornado. Give it a try, have fun and dance!!


Ray Scott Pardue and Sebo Kuehn teamed together, in 2009, to follow their dream and form 2 THE UNIVERSE.
The group is not just a quick shooting star through the night sky. It is the Mothership of Pop Culture, fueled by years of experience and dedication, shooting the duo towards their ultimate goal to make universal pop music.

Their debut single „Together in one Universe“ is the Pop Duos ultimate drive to bring a new light in the horizon for all mankind. This uplifting, awe inspiring pop hymn speaks out exactly what 2 THE UNIVERSE own personal Big Bang Theory is all about... “Be yourself, never give up – Together we are strong!” A futuristic theme with roots in the past.

The artists connection is clearly expressed in the passion they share for their music which they call “Meltin' Pop“. It‘s a progressive sound that is a mixture of Radio-Pop, Synthesizers and R&B Melodies created together with their producers Phil Schardt and Tom Olbrich from the Valicon Studios in Berlin. Their lyrics touch upon themes of today’s generation and are transported through catchy guitar riffs backed by dance and hiphop beats. It’s pop at the highest altitude.

"Send a wish to the universe and it will be answered," is a simple motto the band members follow and believe in. 2 THE UNIVERSE radiates hope, a longing for positive progression and the desire for self-fulfillment. A motto that united Raymond and Sebo despite backgrounds that one would never believe would bring them together. Raymond is from Louisville, Kentucky USA and Sebo from Hilden, Germany.

The duo first met at a music festival in 2006 but it took three years for them to unite as 2 THE UNIVERSE. They made up for lost time though, writing 20 songs in short order as soon as they came together and not long after met producers Phil Schardt and Tom Olbrich at the German Echo Awards 2010.



„DKMS moves the World“ - DKMS is the world´s largest bone marrow donor centre ( over 7.000.000 donors worldwide). This year is the 20th anniversary of the DKMS and we are celebrating with a new song written just for the occasion.

The DKMS announced 2 THE UNIVERSE as being their official spokespersons for this Campaign.

After releasing the song „Together in one Universe“ in April, 2011, 2 THE UNIVERSE has performed over 60 times throughout Germany to promote their song and the DKMS. Proceeds from the song download go directly to the DKMS.


In 2012 Raymond and Sebo toured together with their Band as the supporting act for world star and british legend Kim Wilde.
Meeting the „Wilde-Family“ during this tour opened up more doors for 2 THE UNIVERSE in their career.
Ricky Wilde, producer and Kim Wilde's brother, offered 2 THE UNIVERSE to record further songs for their upcoming debut album.

Since this time Raymond and Sebo are travelling non-stop to London to create great new music.


Debut single "Together in one universe"

Set List

Chasing Cars (Snow Petrol) - cover
Just a phase
Plastic love
Candycovered Razorblade
Caught in a rush
Drive by (Train) - cover
Silver or gold
Only girl (Rihanna) - cover
Together in one universe