2 Thumbs Up

2 Thumbs Up

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Young, energetic and truly unique, this rapper will be sure to leave a mark in your mind. He may look like a pretty boy but his ryhmes are what will seperate him from the rest, one punch line at a time.


2ThumbsUp was born Carlos Frazier on October 11, 1985 in St. Louis, Missouri. Raised on the city’s North side, the only son of his single mother, the future star had to grow up fast. Instead of shooting hoops with friends after school, Carlos worked several jobs to help his mother make ends meet. His love for music began to grow when, in what little free time he had, Carlos would enter talent shows and music competitions. After winning dozens of local contests and every freestyle battle his fans coined his nickname “2 Thumbs Up.” Writing and performing professionally since he was a teenager, 2ThumbsUp lyrical style is redefining urban poetry.

While he’s about to step into the spotlight 2ThumbsUp is hardly new to the professional hip hop scene. He has recorded with several established groups including The Allstars, and has been featured on a number of mixtapes released in major urban markets including Los Angeles and Atlanta. 2TU has also opened for headline artists including Bone Thugs N Harmony.

2ThumbsUp is a lyric driven rapper. His true talent is in his rhymes and his ability to paint a picture with his words. His fans remain loyal because his crowd-pleasing melodies and charismatic style are destined for stardom while remaining true to the street. His debut album Need I Say More contains head-nodding songs with A-list lyrics including “Like This” and “Get the Party Started.” 2ThumbsUp has the rare trifecta of talent, drive and experience beyond his years, a combination that makes superstars.

Set List

2 hours of Hip Hop Entertainment
Open with a Hip Hop DJ Set- 1 hour
into 2 Thumbs friends- 30 minutes
into 2 Thumbs- 30 minutes