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Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"2-U-Neek Sings National Anthem in The Staples Center"

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"2-U-Neek Sings National Anthem in The Staples Center"

http://www.eurweb.com/2009/11/2-u-neek-perform-at-staples-center-and-in-tax-ser - Freelance/Eurweb

"2-U-Neek Opens For Disney's Raven"

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"2-U-Neek Perform for Military and ACT Today"

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"ASCAP Awards Singer Songwriter Scholarships to Grammy Camp"

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"2-U-Neek /Joe Mantegna"

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"2-U-Neek Twins Combat teen Bullying"

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"2-U-Neek Twins Anti Bullying PSA"

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"2-U-Neek Sings for Act Today"

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"2-U-Neek Performs at Denim And Diamonds With Brian McKnight"

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"No Record Label No Problem"

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No Record Label, No Problem
by RokenSeptember 6, 2012
No Record Label, No Problem 2-U-Neek Twins Soar "Out Of Control" With Music Video On A Dime
Read More: amazon, itunes, music video, cdbaby, neek, venue, film crew, vocal production, bookings, great music
(Los Angeles,Ca September 3, 2012) Music videos normally cost quite a bit of money to make. By the time you get a crew, cast, wardrobe, and craft services etc…. You usually have to have a sizable budget. If you are an artist and you don’t have a hefty wallet but you still want a great video then you would want to keep reading this.
If you haven’t seen them performing around your city, on TV, online or at charity events then the odds are you have heard of them. They are 2-U-Neek you know those twins Ashley and Ashton. They have been called to open for various major recording acts like Disney’s Raven, Jonas Brothers, Beyonce, Robin Thicke seen on BET, Jimmey Kimmel, performing in the Staple Center. This summer 2-U-NeeK has been performing around Southern California making appearances , recording PSA’s for charities and more. Another thing the twins have done is too go back in the studio to record new songs that they have written. Their latest single is entitled “Out of Control”. It is a pop dance that has just been released on ITunes, CDbaby and Amazon. The track credit goes to DC aka Zouhir Quorchi of Germany. We also had Marcus “Bell Ringer” Bell assist with vocal production and engineering and Tim Gerron mastering. You will also be able to hear a club mix as well from DC soon.
2-U-Neek and their manger decided that they could use a great music video to help push their single which is already getting some good buzz in the streets. They really did not have a budget at the time ,however they proceeded to make the video a reality. They put the word out to different ones about their desires and after a while spoke to an out of state relative named Mello who also helps with some creative areas of the group. He knew a film crew in Cali called Tha Deviants. The twins had somewhat of a treatment for the video and once they met with Tha Deviants( Joey and Luis) things just came more and more together. Now with a film crew booked there was a need for other crew and cast. Ashton had suggested the use of mannequins in a scene.Instead of buying expensive mannequins the twins made the mannequins themselves with the instructions of a DIY video on YouTube. The hunt was on for a photographer to capture history, make-up and hair stylist, wardrobe and craft services as well as a location. This all has to be done on a dime. Some online posts on social sites and craigslist helped to make some key connections to get the video done. This was not an easy task. Since the crew was ask to do this on a volunteer basis. After a period of time a venue and crew was put together and the Dream Makers came together, Karen Rosenbaum (Photography), Jaeleah Guida(wardrobe), Lora Shepherd(make-up and hair), Lula,Tha Deviants and of course 2-U-Neek. On Sunday Aug. 19th, 2012 at TVP Studios in Burbank history was made and a great music video “Out of Control”.
Shout out to Ashley for styling two outfits in the video and dance choreography. 2-U-Neek thanks all of their Frans (friends/fans) for their support. 2-U-Neek offers a bit of advice “If you have a dream or a goal go for it don’t think the wall is too big that you can’t get over it). 2-U-Neek and their team needed to make a good video on a dime and took steps to make it happen. For more info/bookings contact 2uneek@gmail.com.
News Source: http://www.free-press-release.com/news-no-record-label-no-problem-1346969486.html - http://www.entertainmentnewsexpress.com/1346969486,zire-ent-no-record-label-no-problem.html

"2-U-Neek Twins is Out Of Control"

http://www.eurweb.com/2012/08/2-u-neek-is-out-of-control-at-least-their-hot-new-dance-single-is-listen/ - EURwEB

"2-U-Neek Cast In The Storm"

http://www.eurweb.com/2012/02/ashley-miracle-2-u-neek-cast-in-the-storm/ - eURwEB


The Birth,2-U-Neek's debut cd has recieved college and commercial airplay..
Lifted an EP
Out Of Control on ITunes and CD Baby
and more



“On the road from city to city, sometimes I-10 ain’t pretty ,but we will travel near and far just to be where you are” 2-U-Neek.They sing, dance , rap, act , write,produce and more..Some say they remind them of the Famous Black Eye Peas..BUT.
Sibling music acts are somewhat rare and a twin brother and sister act is something you seldomly see. When you see this twin duo Ashley and Ashton of 2-U-Neek you will definitely remember them. Their entertaining energetic performance is being enjoyed on many stages. They are from San Antonio, Texas but now reside in Los Angeles, CA. The beginning years the twins entered numerous of talent shows and racked up many awards locally and regionally. In this grass roots process they got a lot of attention and started being requested to perform for various events. 2-U-Neek started getting requested to open for major acts as well. They have booked opening/pre show acts for Beyonce, Robin Thicke, Disney Raven, Jonas Bros and more. 2-U-Neek are singers/songwriters whom also dance, act and they are humanitarians. While in high school 2-U-Neek wrote, recorded and released their first cd called “The Birth”. The cd got distribution into several stories like HEB Plus, Best Buy and more. Also “The Birth” also earned 2-U-Neek a Grammy Entry.
2-U-Neek continues to work on the stage and studio. They their work has been requested for jingles as well as licensed for TV. 2-U-Neek has been recognized by The State of Texas with The Recording Academy for their musical contributions. They happened to win a jingle contest for TxDot which won their high school $10,000 in Gibson/Epiphone musical instruments. The twins also received honors as Texas All State Choir members. Through it all they have been consistently working, traveling and writing building their FRAN base and their brand. FRAN = Fan + Friend
2-U-Neek has received ACASP Plus Awards several times and an ASCAP scholarship to Grammy Camp at USC Thornton School of Music. 2-U-Neek has been seen on various TV shows including BET 106&Park Wild Out Wednesday competitors. They have been seen on The Jimmy Kimmel, Disney and more. The twins are working on new music being requested for various performances and getting inon auditions as well. Ashley and Ashton can be seen acting in the feature film Model Minority. The twins are also humanitarians and have assisted with many organizations since they were very young. 2-U-Neek is the new wave in entertainment. Booking contact J at 2uneek@gmail.com for more info follow on Twitter at 2uneektexastwins. “Like” us on Face book and you can visit 2uneektwins.wix.com/2uneek.