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Review on 2AKs Give it all to you, Sour patch kidz, and midnight city remix - Hannah moon

"2AK Opens for Hopsin"

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"Midnight City Remix"

You know when there is a song that you think just couldnt get any better, till someone remixes it and makes it absolutely killer? THIS IS ONE OF THEM.

Listen to it…tweet it, facebook it, SPREAD THE NEWS. These are local Dallas guys that are making some big stuff. This is the first to be dropped. But there is more. So much more!

If you like it let everyone know!! An interview and more music to follow….maybe a shoot? - Hannah Moon


Im Good (Mixtape)-2011

Top Floor (Mixtape)- 2012

Sour Patch Kidz (Mixtape)- 2012 http://soundcloud.com/2wiceaskool/sets/spk/

Midnight City Remix- 2012

Ship High In Transit- 2013



The hottest new Band to come out of Dallas Texas is "2wice As Kool" and with thousands of plays and still growing on their soundcloud, 2AK has the ability to capture the ears and emotions of young people everywhere. 2AK is a perfect blend of substance and style, pairing the lyrical prowess of Big Head, with McGuffey's smooth delivery over Nick Bosco's exciting and emotional production. Together "2wice As Kool" gives fans a look into the future with its progressive swag, with the perfect blend of hip/hop and todays new age electronic wave 2AK has developed a signature sound that is unrivaled in Dallas, Texas. You can feel the energy in the music, its only a matter of time before 2AK wins the hearts of hipsters and kool kids world wide.