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goin nutzzz freestyle

Written By: 2wocold

bow bow bounce wit a lil bitta flava fo dem haterz in da house im in da back witta half n ounce creatin a smoke screen rippin off her blouse im ill fo a reason got da flu scared shitless but it stays in season but away from me ta stay off my hitlist off my shitlist sends me cards fo christmas to make me happy so i dont end its existence my ryhmes r plentyful my mind is fluid u challenge me ta do better i get buck n step right up to it in yo face like tyson chewin on ears witta loggin beard drinkin a beer iron sights on a deer blow its fuckin head off while bein da utmost sincere we all bleed red so cut da stereotypical bullshit color aint a differance its its a reason ta hate reason ta be fake reason ta destroy someones life jus cuz u trife n like ta cause hype overnight ta make ya feel betta bout ya own pathetic ass nothin of a mothafuckin life im hot like da summa cold like da winta i b ballin everyday everyday imma winna imma stone cold sinna a stone cold stunna if i was in a race id be da front runna chillin in da cut witta bottle of jack flamin dr pepper n a newport pack u want it i got its dro coke ice or crack try ta fuck me ova like madea bitch u gonna get smacked arcoss ya chops straight rocked eight inch cock make da cherry pop put ya on cloud nine make dat cloud drop back down spin ya head right round n afta i go down ya screams r da only sound da ya here on da east side of town make da dogs bark loud at da mothafuckin pound im da king now wheres my crown i neva cease ta amaze neva cease ta astound hundred on da gun verlander on da mound neva on da run i stay underground o i bet dey like me o i bet dey love it dey cant get on my level cant rise above it ya can hate all ya like but ya can rise above it all ya can do is look stupid n not say nothin i be roughin in dem camo pants wit da ants crawlin all ova my fire pit dear soup pan gettin cramps like a bitch at da end of da month i cringe like a man takin a knife to his tongue like a monk i get at ya jackie chan in dis bitch left or right i do da shuffle kick switch witta switch blade two katanas n AK butterfly knife muscles get big from veggies like im fuckin pop eye da sailor man gettin a tan on da beach sippin on sleet yea margarita on da rocks almost as hard n almost taste is good as my cock break up a cendea block witta hamma blow patty cake patty cake i be makin dat doe some say im so so but i know know dat if da po po tried ta roll roll on me me id have ta dip dip skip skip out da window n ova da fence fence wit my freedom at my expense spence so since ive took da time ta rap dis out i think yall mite jus wanna shut yalls mouth listen up cuz if ya dont imma get buck n if ya dont well den shits gonna get rough.

im ill freestyle

Written By: 2wocold

drop drop drop drop now stop pop it real slow take down down down put it on da flo im in da back in my slacks wit newport packs wit a spare pair of cacks starin at some racks next to some cd racks jus call me bugs wats up doc i got dat medacine weed pain pills n a big ol cock dat ill rock like van halen put it on sarah palin from here ta winston salem i love em n i hate em coast ta coast state two bitches i mate two haterz i hate em bad genes i trade em like dwight to da lakers im makin cake like da bakers rakin leaves like some rakes playin checkers wit da wreckers blone n brunnette i got dem bitches set gettin becky next ta da tv set while takin a bet from a guy named chett wait fo da chorus i aint done yet

i like ta travel ta do rap battles jus ta flaunt my cash i got a bitch wit booty shorts showin er ass while my cash is stashed up in er mothfuckin rashed ass from gettin fucked n gettin blast n gettin passed like a blunt up front at a smokers party in school i was never tardy always retarded n narded partial but like it half full dont deal wit bull like my bitches ta suck good n i make em scream im oh so cruel sittin on a steppin stool droppin a stool think bout you haterz dat hate cuz imma player poppin bayer cuz my head hurts cuz all yo bitches conttinue ta flirt wit me whenever dey see dat im out n da town n free n away from my baby frontin like dey got a G in dey pocket tryna pop lock n drop it like dey aint no stoppin but dey is gonna be stopped cuz im da brick wall dats gonna slap em wit my football jock cock

so as i close on ya hoes close ya legs drink a keg stop da spread smoke a white boy go ta sleep i dont wanna hear a mothafucka peep not even when you fuckin pee dont look me in da eyes dis i dont wanna see n to you haterz fuck you all wit a spiked dildo make you sound like elmo high pithced takin a big dick from big n rich get yo asshole stiched end up anal bleedin n a ditch bitch so one mo time as i close dis ryhme