300 pounds

300 pounds


With influences spanning the heaviest of metal, to the most effervescent pop, our music swims in a sea with an ever-changing temperament. In any given show, you'll find the fire of punk, the soul of 70's funk, and lyrical musings on joy, sorrow, loss, and hope.


Nate Lieby (lead vocals, guitar)
Pecos (bass, backing vocals)
Jon Moriconi (drums)

The band's discography provides an excellent history of the band. In 2003 Nate released 300 Pounds first album. The album was an introspective, meandering journey through the mind of 300 Pound's songwriter. Their second full-length album, Metamorphosis, was released in 2005, and marked the dissolution of 300 Pounds as a solo project. While they were happy with the release, it was definitely a transitional piece for them, learning just what it meant to be an actual band, and trying to figure out where they were going with their sound. After almost two years of playing and constantly tweaking their live sound, 300 Pounds went in to record again in late 2006. They recorded a raw, live, EP that showcased the fire of their energetic stage performances. The outcome was the Emmeryville Project. 300 Pounds had finally found a defining sound and style to call their own. The Emmeryville Project caught the attention of DC-Jam Records and the band was signed in December of 2008. By February 2009, they'd finished their latest album: "Trail of Numbered Days", to be released world-wide in July.


In order from latest the latest release:
-Trail of Numbered Days
-The Emmeryville Project EP
-The Potter Valley EP
-Self Titled first LP

Set List

Set list consists of 100% original material, can range from 30 min to 1.5 hours.