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This band has not uploaded any videos



"300 Pounds Review"

Link: http://musicfanbiz.com/Documents/Articles.300%20Pounds.html

300 Pounds
300 pounds are a three piece, garage rock punk band from Santa Cruz
California. With influences from Elvis Costello, Citizen Cope, and
Cake, they have
developed their own unique infectious sound. 300 pounds has released
two albums "Metamorphosis" and "300 Pounds" with their latest "The
Emeryville Project". They are currently signed to DC Jam Records who
will be bringing us a new release very soon!

Band Members:
Nate Lieby (Guitar, Vocals)
Jon Moriconi (Drums)
Pecos (Bass, Sultry Backing Vocals)

I had the honour of checking out a couple of their brilliant tracks,
"Sick Sick Feeling" and "Butcher" from "The Emmeryville Project".
"Sick Sick Feeling" possesses an edgy intro with a driving drumbeat
and infectious guitar riffs. Raw vocals grinding out the lyrics with a
harmonious chorus.
"Cause I don't want anything, you can sell me."
"Butcher" has distorted contagious guitar riffs, a poppin' drumbeat
and a screaming lead guitar break. The vocals are melodically fired
out at the pace of
today's rat race! This tune contains a contagious chorus that will
have you singing along.
"Another day another butcher, trying to bleed us dry.
300 pounds are a modern sounding version of 60's garage music with
class and edge. They are injecting a fresh rawness into recorded rock
music of today. This band has funk and punk shakin' with rock crusin'
out garage style. Check'em out: - Lisa Booth @ Musicfanbiz.com

"Santa Cruz Good Times Review"

“There’s some sort of curse going on with the band,” frontman Nate Lieby says of 300 Pounds’ long history of mishaps. “We’re always recovering from some sort of grievous injury.” The latest in the string of injuries happened when bassist John “Pecos” Davis broke his neck mountain biking. No light concern. After six years of rockin’ without too much reward and the band at a major standstill, Lieby says the trio of nerd rockers was on the verge of calling it quits for good as the new year approached. And then, in true indie fairy tale form, the curse lifted. In the middle of their six-week layoff, with Pecos out of commission, Lieby got a call “out of the blue” from DC-Jam Records. Weeks later, they’ve just inked a deal and are set to record their first full-length US release on the small label based in Missouri.

Link to full article: http://www.gtweekly.com/20090113326012/music/lylb/300-pounds - Linda Koffman


In order from latest the latest release:
-Trail of Numbered Days
-The Emmeryville Project EP
-The Potter Valley EP
-Self Titled first LP



Nate Lieby (lead vocals, guitar)
Pecos (bass, backing vocals)
Jon Moriconi (drums)

The band's discography provides an excellent history of the band. In 2003 Nate released 300 Pounds first album. The album was an introspective, meandering journey through the mind of 300 Pound's songwriter. Their second full-length album, Metamorphosis, was released in 2005, and marked the dissolution of 300 Pounds as a solo project. While they were happy with the release, it was definitely a transitional piece for them, learning just what it meant to be an actual band, and trying to figure out where they were going with their sound. After almost two years of playing and constantly tweaking their live sound, 300 Pounds went in to record again in late 2006. They recorded a raw, live, EP that showcased the fire of their energetic stage performances. The outcome was the Emmeryville Project. 300 Pounds had finally found a defining sound and style to call their own. The Emmeryville Project caught the attention of DC-Jam Records and the band was signed in December of 2008. By February 2009, they'd finished their latest album: "Trail of Numbered Days", to be released world-wide in July.