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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



3030 members Demic and Sin - both hailing from Newark, NJ - show some versatility by providing both the lyrics and production for this album on their own. This however is where the versatility ends, as their songs are limited to hustling tales and boasting.
What 3030 brings in swagger and energy, they lack in lyrics and creativity. There is no doubt they are making music for the streets but they don’t offer much for true hip hop heads.

SUGGESTION: Delve into new subject matter and expand your lyrical boundaries. While catchy tunes and hooks can help an artist gain a buzz, consistent strong lyrics and songwriting ability is needed for longevity. Web: www.purevolume.com/3030 - Imusicology.com


Get it Poppin


Feeling a bit camera shy


A rap group based in Central New Jersey Newark b.k.a Brick City and Plainfield, land of the free home of the brave. The group consists of 2 members a la Mobb Deep with one of the members handling the production and the other having raw talent on the mic. The 2 members are Demic and Sin who were both born in the early 80’s, Demic who is from the West End of Plainfield, Nj handles the production for the group and Sin from the South Ward of Newark, Nj spits all that he has learned and experience while growing up in one of most dangerous neighborhoods in America. There mission is to bring a new somewhat sensible sound to the gangsta rap of today and inform the world it’s not just your hood but the whole world is in fact CRAZY!!!!! Bergen Street stand up, Front Street lets go!!!!! Mater of fact the whole Northeast let’s “get it poppin”.