30 Million Dollars

30 Million Dollars


Great studio radio hits band that explodes into a rocking jam band on stage! Listen to our live clips at www.myspace.com/30mil


Our style has the best of both worlds in that we are incredibly organic while at the same time we all grew up with radio rock, and are very mindfull to write songs that can play as singles in a studio format.


Come On Through

Written By: Kern

I said Hey! I wanna be your king! You're falling down? Well I got just the thing! Might cost you a penny, might not cost a dime. Not today? No skin off my chin, some other time.
There ain't no way to control others but your life's to be revered. Grin honest smiles and cry honest tears. Let mercy be your right hand in the face of mortal fear. Don't forget to taste with your eyes and smell with your ears. No human soul can halt you from being what you would. If you don't feel that you know nothing, don't you feel you should?

Come on through, Come on through! Come on through. Maybe all you needed was someone to show you how.

Happiness is the love that you give, death doesn't matter we were chosen to live.

Six Tears

Written By: Kern

She got a body so tight!
Ain't no tattoo down her back!
And her tan is just right!
Golden Brown down her six pack!

She got soul soul soul beyond her years!
When she ride me she cry six tears!

She got a smile so bright!
You know she just turned 19!
And she stay out all night!
You know she dig my money scene!

She got soul soul soul beyond her years!
When she ride me she cry six tears!

Houses By Day

Written By: Daniel Kern

I'm a painter. Houses by Day.
I gave up cards and whiskey, my nights are long. I come home and put away my boots and coveralls.
I turn on the radio, and paint along.

Houses by Day, Houses by Day.

I got sunburned. My skin is bright red. So I paint a cool green pasture mile. Along a pre-dawn road that we used to leave home, and now we're generations away.

Houses by Day, Houses by Day.

On the freeway, the traffic is thick. I commute thirty-five miles each way. On a river of souls, side by side but alone. And soon we'll be stacked high and low.

Houses by Day, Houses by Day.


I did the CD - In Medias Res - on my own before I met the other members of the band. The single "Awake but Dreaming" has gotten air play on KUCI, and Chapman University Radio. The Paul Simon Cover of "I am a Rock" has been featured on Indie 103.1's local show.

Set List

Six Tears
Come on Through
Little Tragedy
Hook - Blues Traveler
Hard to Handle - Otis Redding/Black Crows
Bad Apples
You're Just as Bad as You Used to Be
Houses by Day
Awake but Dreaming
One in the Night
When the Circus Comes to Town

Average time per set: 1-2 hours (We are flexable)