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K Felonious

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He produces some of the most funkiest, hardest raw beats and then either rips the tracks up himself, or finds the perfect artist to perform it. So much heart goes into what he does sometimes the beat doesnt even need words.


Jonathan Burrows aka Jon B. aka K Felonious aka Kazalekis


My ultimate goal and focus is to take the rap game to an unseen level by working with the industries top producers as well as artists to bring people together. I think music is the soundtrack of our lives. Since the age of 12, now 21, I have been mastering top of the line music equipment creating and perfecting beats and sounds for artists locally all the way to the West coast. Growing up Ive moved around a lot and have had the opportunity to experience different genres of music, as well as people, finally crafting my own style of music.

Equipment that I am currently working with is as follows:
Apple G5 with 2.5 GHz and 4.5GB Ram with Duo Processor
Digital Performer 5.02 with Waves Diamond Bundle
MPC3000 (professionally customized) +2000 unique sounds
Event8 Precision Monitors and Tascam Mixer
Motif 8 keyboard with Triton Rack
Roland MC-505 Groove Box
Mini Moog Voyager
RODE NTK Microphone

Ive got a sound proof booth and everything I do is run right out of my own studio where I work, eat and sleep.
I have collaborated with many Local Detroit artists one to mention is Malik of the Cheddar Boys. Other artists include FamLife and Cuthoat Fam
where I am an active member in Songwriting aside from my Production.

Major Influences:
Dr. DreDJ QuikTimbalandNeptunesJay-Z (just to name a few)
I create music designed not just for the East... West or Midwest
I create a type of music that is a mixture of all in one, designed for everyone.

Projects currently working on:
Building a more reputable resume
Proper copyright of my works with SR forms
Already have 1 composition registered 2 more on the way
Proper Service Mark of my Pseudonymous name as well as Business name
Building a professional website aside from my myspace
Collaborating with the finest, serious artists and producers
Building relationships and networking with program directors, A&R and other Producers
Gaining the attention of the most reputable ears in the industry
Crafting, mixing and mastering my own beats as well as my songwriting.

I did however win a contest through Verizon Wireless and actually had the opportunity to sit down with Lamont Hayes for review of my music. Due to financial circumstances I was unable to invest all of the money required to proceed. I figure that the best way for me to build a name for myself is through street promotion and via the web. Networking, building personal relationships and very hard work keep me motivated. This is a very competitive industry and I am constantly looking for new exciting events, challenges and opportunities to come my way.

I need that foot in the door as they say, that one right person to hear me or feel me.

I will not sit here and say that I am the best because I know that everyone out there is the best in their own way and I leave that up to my fans to decide.
I will say that I have close to 9 years self indulged experience, the willingness, want and TALENT to be picked up and thrown in the game. Im overdue, underpaid and need to get the hell on.
I am unsigned and not bound into any contracts at this time.


We have done mostly Detroit street promotions. Not just his beats but the artists that are and have been loyal to his music as well. They were perfectly placed puzzle pieces connected.
Cuthroat Fam Presents- CTF Vol.1 Mixtapes

Set List

Basically it is about working with other artists to help get themselves out there, just off of "Felonious'" beats. But when he does shows with his artists, he always takes time to make sure the set fits the setting and the crowd can do nothing more then get hype, its about the energy that you give off.