3-2 & Big Will

3-2 & Big Will

 Durham, North Carolina, USA
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The distribution company that introduced the world to Paul Wall, Lil' Flip, and Chamillionare would now like to take this time to introduce you to who they consider to be the newest jewel in their crown of hip-hop successes!!


What do you do when you lose everything that most people value? This was the question that 3-2 had to ask himself a few years ago when a concert that he promoted went terribly wrong. Left with no money, no car, no friends, and nowhere to live he was forced to ask himself the question, "What do I do now"? His answer was to pick up his pen dig deep and go back to his roots as an emcee. Left with virtually nothing after the failed concert attempt he moved in with the one homie that was still willing to hold him down and help him regroup. So ofcourse, this was the beginning of 3-2 & Big Will. They immediately began the creative process and hooked up with a former business associate and recorded their first project in one day. This was an EP titled Millenium Money. They were able to secure a consignment deal with all of the Musicland stores (Sam Goody, etc..) and managed to garner very respectful sales figures. This led to a relationship with BCD Music Group out of Texas who at this time were working projects by Paul Wall, Chamillionaire, and others.

Now, the guys are promoting 310 Rush Avenue, their newest release on Loudboy/BCD. This album is named after the address they were residing at during the regrouping phase of 3-2's career which incidentally was the start of Big Will's career. See, until then Big Will had never truly been a part of the rap game, he simply stepped his game up so he could help his boy out(Okay maybe he wanted to increase his cashflow to). At any rate they are here now and they are a force to be reckoned with.

According to 3-2 that concert at one time represented the worst day of his life. He lost people that he thought were true homies , but he says that he's past that now because he understands that you can't lose what you never truly had. Now 3-2 & Big Will both understand that concert brought about the birth of one of the worlds most hidden hip hop treasures and as far as they're concerned anybody that doesn't like their success can go to........... You get the picture.


Millenium Money, Loudboy Records

310 Rush Avenue, Loudboy/BCD

Album available now at FYE, www.target.com, and everywhere music is sold!!

Set List

310 Rush Avenue
No Sleep
The Ahh Song
Me Oh My
Emcees Ain't Ready
Softly In the Dark
The First Time
Remind Me

Our typical stage show is 45 minutes. This can be broken down into sets to suit club/venue needs. Edited versions can be performed upon request.