Freeport, New York, USA

We're a fun, yet serious Alternative Rock band from Long Island, New York. However we play anything from Rock to Funk, to Pop Punk! We Love music, we have a loyal local following and we're reliable when it comes to drawing a crowd. We're just in it to share music with anyone we can, it's our lives!


32 Pints of Apple Juice was started by Jonathan Gargano, Chris Prestamo, Jeremiah Titone, and Peter Gargano in early 2008, and worked their way to a four piece rock band with a fun and unique sound! We have always loved music and used it as a way to express ourselves and share our experiences with people!
Guitarist/Vocalist Chris Prestamo and Pianist Peter Gargano are the primary writers (lyrics being written by Chris Prestamo), however all four members add to the writing process to create our sound!
Versatile best describes 32 Pints. You can have a driving riff rock verse hinged on bass and drums that slides almost unnoticeable into a heavy Pop-punk Chorus, or a light verse moving into a charging chorus!


"Not From Concentrate" Released March 12th 2010
"Negative Connotations" EP Released September 26th 2010
"From Here On Out" EP Released June 12th 2011. Released on Itunes June 2011