333 is voodoo sex music. Cirsscrossing nicholle's brooding vocals with a thick miasma of thrashing guitars and sundry tumult, 333 creates a moody stir that works in sharpest relief. Dark, sexy, catchy rock music in all its origional splendor is the 333.


Have you ever wondered what it would sound like to
fuck a stranger on the floor of a gas station
bathroom? Perhaps you have wondered to yourself what
that smell is that lingers wherever you go. The
answers to these mysteries aren’t beyond reach nor are
they eternal questions that should plague humanity
into war after war. Here’s a hint. 333. No, not the
trinity. It’s a wang dang rock band. The once dumbly
called Triple Three has come to pull down your shorts
with a loving nightmare they call music.
Offering up lullabies for a strong bellied, work-a-day
community 333 prove that corporate slaves don’t always
need Viagra. This strangely erotic four some will
chick moan and man howl their way into your hearts and
homes with little effort. This pop/rock-rooted
onslaught dented with left over drugs like swill has
accessibility that most odd rock groups tend to fall
short. Without the normal curse of an over abundance
of social awareness this 333 creature uses its tongue
and cheek antics in a lead by example form.
Yes, rock has been done before. Yes, guitars and chick
singers are too normal to be cool. Isn’t that the
idea? Isn’t that what we all do? Like the Japanese
adding record and fast forward to our VCR’s, 333 have
carved out their own slot of improvements in the
modern music gangbang. Putting the honesty and flow
back where it belongs, in the music itself. No member
stands above the other. It’s the oddest thing. The
chick is a member not a leader and for you rock freaks
the men growl you into satisfaction. A true community
of perverse distinction is the 333.
I welcome you to this quadruple threat known as 333.
Pull out your crotch and rock that stroke. This is
rock, baby, like fingering yourself at a funeral.


Ephemeral Fate(LP)2003

TiredArm(S)2004-appears on 'Workbook Studio 25 Hour Grand Prix

Cry Baby Cry(S)2006-appears on Aquabear Legion 'White Album' Comp.

Set List

All Origionals
We have over 20 completely origional songs writter and performed.
Sets normaly consist of 7-9 of these songs:
Rusty Pillow
We dont eat when you're not here
Comes around
Feed me gravy
Thumbing the nipple
Give me some head butt...
Small Intestimes Stretched Over A Thousand Miles

Set time average roughly 30-60min (we have and can play up to 1.5hrs)