During one alcohol-laced rehearsal, an NYC garage band is breaking-up as the lead singer and his bandmate boyfriend are breaking-up. The pull of adulthood is hard to ignore when rock stardom doesn’t come. The actor’s play their own instruments and the musicians act in this high-octane rock drama.


33 To Nothing carry on the tradition of bands like Fleetwood Mac by featuring two couples in the band: songwriter/lead singer/pianist Gray and lead guitarist Bri have been on again/off again as a couple ever since the band began. The band's songs serve as as an intimate look inside the couple's bond and their more than occasional lack of one.
Married couple Tyler (guitar) and Alex (bassist and female) met during the early days of the band, and their (mostly) happy relationship provides a much needed yin to Gray and Brian's yang. Filling out the band is drummer Barry, who says he has a longtime girlfriend, but whom the band has met only once.


The first single off of the new album is "Low To The Ground"
The new album is called "33 To Nothing"
Our debut album, "Kevlar" featured the single "Half Empty". Both are sadly out of print.

Set List

Our current set list is usually all 8 songs from the new
album. Encores are generally a cover by artists such as David Bowie, Mark Eitzel, Joseph Arthur, or REM.