Founded in Johannesburg, the 4 musicians are originally from neighboring Mozambique. As with Tumi&The Volume (where the guitarist and the drummer are also playing), everything seems familiar yet exotic. Is this what we call « African Pop » in the other hemisphere?


6 nominations aux South African Music Awards 2009
2 prix : meilleur album & meilleur producteur!

340 milliliters is equivalent to 1.5 oz, the volume of a bottle of beer or soda in South Africa, or seven milliliters more than our standard bottles. The 4 musicians that founded 340ML in Johannesburg a little over ten years ago, are originally from neighboring Mozambique, and they embody the complexities that make up the melting pot culture of Southern Africa. Everything seems familiar yet exotic. Is this what we call « African POP » in the other hemisphere?



The last album "Sorry For The Delay" is releasing in Europe this year.


Last LP: Sorry For The Delay
First LP: Midnight

Moving, Fairy Tales, The Other Side are some of singles that are playing on radios:
-Radio Nova
-France Inter
-Réseau Iastar
-Radio Néo

Set List

We can play set of 90min as 60min or 45min or really short show cases.