"Music that grips you by the throat and doesn't want to let you shake loose." -Bam Magazine


The Band
Award winning alternative-rock artist 34Below will energize you with their new album. An irresistible mix of pop and rock, 34Below's music defies definition yet appeals to the mainstream. "We live for our music," says James who, along with Ybarra, co-writes the majority of the band's material. Whether they’re in front of 20,000 people or 2 people they pull you in with their intimate rock show.

Who they are is four high school friends from San Diego, that have made a substantial impact with their unique brand of carefully stylized, melodic music and thought provoking songs. 34Below has been able to capture that energy on Masses Collide, which rocks with fifteen live unplugged tracks. Compared to the likes of Matchbox Twenty for their catchy melodic songs, or Queen for the strong vocals and lead presence, their influences range from Led Zeppelin to The Beatles, and from U2 to Mott The Hoople.

The Album : "Masses Collide"
Masses Collide comes hot on the heels of their very successful live unplugged album. This is their first studio album since Is It You, which spawned four singles and gained them radio airplay across the country. 34Below wanted to throw down the tracks quickly so they recruited veteran producer Michael Blue to capture the essence of the songs. Finishing touches came from Mark Chalecki, at Capitol Records, where the album was mastered to its current energetic state.

34Below was formerly signed with NFE Records/EMI and has now since departed to Blue Crown Records. "We are finally able to make a living doing what we love," says Ybarra. They have successfully taken advantage of the Internet and electronic distribution channels to get their music out to the fans while using the profits to fund their career.

As their popularity continues to increase, so do their busy schedules. They are constantly writing new songs and in some cases teaming up with other collaborators. James and Ybarra have written songs with Chris Barron of the Spin Doctors, hit songwriter Jeff Cohen, and many others. Of late, the enterprising band has performed live with the likes of such established artists as Sugar Ray, Lit, Vertical Horizon, Dishwalla, The Calling, Gin Blossoms, Pete Best (former Beatles drummer), Switchfoot, The Pat McGee Band, Five For Fighting, A.J. Croce, and even the highly touted comedian Carrot Top. 34Below's music has been featured on MTV's Road Rules, ESPN's Surfer Magazine Live, and on the soundtracks of surf films such as, Beyond the Boundaries and Wanted.

The band has toured the US several times and is gearing up for another tour in support of their new album. "We have worked long and hard to get to this point," says Ybarra. "We plan to continue to move in the only direction that 34Below knows how to go — up!"


Masses Collide

Written By: Chris James & Steve Ybarra

I’ll never be your fool
I’ll never walk away

You know I’m fixed for time
This comes slowly to me
It’s getting harder to breathe
Though my will may survive
I’ll be taken alive

And I’ll never be your fool
I’ll never walk away

With nothing left to hide
I’ll sleep soundly tonight
While the masses collide
Though my fortunes untold
There’s a long way to go

Wipe your feelings away
There’s no reason to fight anymore

Now I say goodbye there’s nothing left to say and I’ll be on my way.

Umbrella Flame

Written By: Chris James & Steve Ybarra

Broke down with the engine on
Got my headlights screaming at the neighbors lawn
I feel my heart beat flowing backwards
Unbreak the umbrella flame
There’s a back seat driver callin’ me insane
I see this highway going no where
Does this circle ever end
Won’t you tell me why

Tell me why, tell me why I’m feeling somewhere far away

Somewhere there’s a better place
It’s a one way thinking of the human race
Always feeling so much closer,
Outside of the burning of the walls
There’s a carnivore walking at the break of dawn
Let this moment take us over
Does this circle ever end
Won’t you tell me why

Tell me why, tell me why I’m feeling somewhere far away

Tell me what we’re doing here
Have we found enough to be
Don’t know what we’re doing here
Tell me why

Does this circle ever end
Tell me why, tell me why I’m feeling somewhere far away

The Fall

Written By: Chris James & Steve Ybarra

Never thought it be so right
When everything could be so wrong
You’re holding on to things so tight
When everything you had was lost

Let it fall, let it break, let it find away
Let it fall, let it find another way

It doesn’t have to be so hard
It didn’t have to take so long
Laughing through the tears you’ve cried
Is all a part of who you are

Let it fall, let it break, let it find away
Let it fall, let it find another way

When all the colors, come rushing through your life
Don’t let them pass you by
Pass you by

And now you give it one more try
It’s time to walk across that line
So let it fall, let it fall, let it fall, let it fall


"Masses Collide" - 2005
"Live at Dublin Square" (Unplugged) - 2004
"Is It You" - 2001

Set List

Typical sets are 40-60 minutes but can play up to 4 hours. Occasionally, we do one extended set or two longer sets, depending on the venue. Sets can be done acoustic, electric, or both.