35 Days in May

35 Days in May


"It's like meeting John Coltrane, Weather Report, and the Funk Brothers on another planet."


35 Days in May
"I highly recommend this CD, not only for the quality of music, but for its intent to foster communication between parent and children, on making wise and healthy choices." --Herbie Hancock

You're probably wondering, "what is the sound that attracted Herbie Hancock's attention, who are these guys, and why would this CD foster communication between parent and children�" To answer your first question, here is our favorite description from one of our fans,
"It's like meeting John Coltrane, Weather Report and the Funk Brothers on another planet."
Don't you just love that? Tales & Destinations is an electric and eclectic expression of music that draws influenced from James Brown and Jimi Hendrix to the Beatles, Miles, Weather Report, and everyone in between. Listening to Tales & Destinations is like going on an adventure to an unknown dimension.

Each song takes you through a new journey of sound. Experience music that will open up your own creativity� Jeff Kaye and the AEIC music staff comprise the members of 35 Days in May.

This takes us to answering the next question. AEIC is a non profit organization that works with our youth to stop drug abuse and violence. All of our programs are designed to bring sensitive issues, like drug abuse, to the fore front and have an honest open discussion. Tales & Destinations is AEIC's third CD. The music on the first two CDs were written and performed by high school students in our program. Visit our web at www.aeconcert.org for more information about AEIC.


Original Intent

Written By: 35 Days in May

Instrumental Song


'Tales and Destinations' (Full length available at www.newindieartists.com)

Set List

Kingpin, 40 Heroes, Festival of Theives, Circus Surreal, Corner Pocket, Ticket to Ride (Beatles cover), The Storm, Vintage Keys, Summertime (cover), Original Intent, Country Wizard, Out Of Blue
Set length: about 1 hour