Mad Marino

Mad Marino

 Bogota, New Jersey, USA

Highly creative and original new rock band. Featuring very keen musicianship while not abandoning melody and song structure. Very interesting Ideas with a unique sound that should be heard by many. The Diverse music ranges from mellow and melodic to absolute chaos


A Return to musicianship and originality.

After vigorous amounts of practice we are ready to share our unique sound with the music loving community. And so we find outselves on Sonic Bids.

Individual members of the band have opened for legendary acts such as Peter Frampton, Steve Morse, the Blues Traveler, Kool and the Gang, Mountain,Ours, John McCafferty, Yes;
Performed at a variety of gigs such as Bamboozle, BB Kings, Blender Theater, Bergen PAC,Quick Check Festival of Ballooning, Six Flags and a surplus of bars and clubs.
Members of the band have shared the stage with Leslie West(Mountain), John Wetton (King Crimson), Napoleon Murphy Brock (Frank Zappa), Joe Lynn Turner (Deep Purple, Ywngie Malmsteen), Adam Holzman (Miles Davis)


its coming...