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In the words of Gilbert “Dice” Godfreid, “Holy Mackuhl!”

Friend and former band-mate Ick Fleetwood (aka Matt Brennan) has a new band, 392 Firepower. Typically, I will always listen to any musical project with which he is involved with interest for two reasons: he has solid musical tastes (Ronnie James Dio aside) and he is a GREAT drummer.

If 392 Firepower is as good live as these recordings, they are a sight to behold. Road-ripping post-metal that is part glam trash and stoner grind. Black-light Boris posters meets model-glue-huffing teenage glory. Don’t go mining for subtle - it ain’t there, dood. What is there is rock- no hidden in-joke, no slice of hipster irony, none of that crap. Rock and roll - guitars that sound like fantastic grit, vocals that stomp without being cookie monster (great vocalist), and solid beats - a perfect example of restrained power - that is what 392 Firepower is about. - www.justinmartin.com


2007 Demo. See www.myspace.com/392firepower for all streaming content. Especially Check out "Explosion" and "Ether Binge" which have both won awards onine.



In prison-booze fashion, 392 FirePower is brewed from the dregs of Birmingham’s SoulShaper, as well as Jackson, MS’ Fling Hammer and Hattiesburg, MS’ Schizophonic. The resulting microgroup (everybody knows that Journey was the last real Supergroup) is somewhere in between rat rods and Mad Max, between Flash Gordon and the The Thing, between Suicide Girls and Barbara Bach; what we've cobbled together from melted Legos, M-80'd models and old Kiss records.

Songwriting is led by Jason Lee, who seems hell-bent on outdoing Malcolm Young on perfecting the amped-up rock anthem. Also responsible for rhythm guitar and lead vocals, Jason’s tunes remind you of Lance Armstrong: fast and no fat. Jason was a part of SoulShaper and records 392FP as well as other acts in his studio.

Greg Stephens, also from SoulShaper, a couldn’t find anyone serious enough about a Van Halen tribute band, so dedicated his lead guitar skills to 392FP’s barnburners. Don’t worry, he won’t wear overalls (well, there was that one time…)

Bassist Scott Goodwin was the rhythm driver for Schizophonic, the heavy prog-rock kings of MS a few years back. Always knowing when to root down and when to punch, Scott nails the bowel-shaking duties.

Matt Brennan is in charge of overplaying cymbals. On sabbatical from Fling Hammer and the market being scarce for Keith Moon impersonators, the timing was right to abuse 392FP’s catalog. Depending on the night, you may see an overblown acrylic bastion or a minimalist 2-piece sub-kit. Please do not dare him to any other extremes, we have a band to run. And despite what he thinks, it’s about the music, not him.