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39 Stripes

Tampa, Florida, United States | INDIE

Tampa, Florida, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Alternative




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2010 Beyond Broken (Hollar Records)
Produced by Steve Henderlong

2005 Burn EP (independent release)
Produced by Steve Henderlong

2002 Saving Me A Place EP (independent release) Produced by Steve Henderlong



“How else but through a broken heart may Lord Christ enter in?”—Oscar Wilde

Truth be told, there’s probably no cooler job on the planet than being a rock star.

In addition to the screaming fans, there’s the mandatory travel that ensures you won’t be stuck in your hometown for too long, and long nights spent holed up in a studio, plotting your next round of creative lyrics and chord changes.

After all, deep down within the soul of everyone is a desire for acceptance by the masses, and playing songs that people love virtually guarantees it.

But what happens when the music is forced to take a backseat, and despair and disillusionment are frequently the order of the day? Well, that’s something Florida-based band 39 Stripes understands all too well.

While trying to survive as an independent band amidst an economic recession, 39 Stripes faced a slew of even more significant hardships including loved ones lost, betrayal by business associates, and the lingering question of where God was in the midst of it all.

While some groups would understandably cave in and call it quits during such a dark season, the guys in 39 Stripes never questioned their purpose. If anything, the doom and gloom only reinforced their mission and jumpstarted the songwriting process. It wasn’t about being rock stars (it never was), but rather simply about being faithful in what God had called them to do.

“I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t always easy, and we weren’t exempt from those feelings of utter discouragement,” says Steve Henderlong, the band’s lead guitarist, “but I know that God gave our band a job to do a long time ago. And that’s what it’s always come down to. Sure, I absolutely love what I do. But no matter what was happening, we could always go to bed knowing we were doing what we were supposed to. It’s about putting our faith and trust in God, not ourselves, and stepping out of the way.”

For Steve and his band-mates Mike Wilson (lead vocals), Josh Daugherty (drums, vocals), and Ray Schurr (bass guitar), the two years of blood, sweat and tears leading up to the release of Beyond Broken only serves as a testament to what really matters—and what doesn’t.

“Really, when you think about it, faith doesn’t really matter if you don’t trust God when the hard times come,” Mike shares. “And everything we went through, every heartache, disappointment and loss couldn’t help but bring us closer to Him. Ultimately, we didn’t really have a choice but to trust, and that’s a message that everybody needs to cling to.”

And not surprisingly, that theme of relying on God in life’s joys and heartaches pervades Beyond Broken. “Saving Me A Place” pays tribute to a family member who has passed away, while “Mustard Seed” reminds listeners what a kernel of faith is truly worth, and “My Desire” serves as an anthem of praise. Even the project’s standout title track, already a favorite on YouTube thanks to its memorable accompanying video, is an always-relevant treatise on God’s presence—and inevitable intervention—when life is handing out those proverbial lemons.

Anchored by hope and fueled with inventive guitar licks, catchy choruses, and dynamic production, Beyond Broken is an authentic snapshot of faith in the trenches—one 39 Stripes hopes will stick with fans when they endure their own challenges.

“Part of the human condition is, unfortunately, struggling with something,” Steve shares. “And the last thing we’d want is to squander an opportunity to share how God helped us through things. So I hope everyone that listens will get to experience that Hope because ultimately it’s all we have. When the going gets tough: He’s faithful.”

For more information on 39 Stripes, please visit http://www.39stripes.com.