3ball Charlie

3ball Charlie


Side 1: Early 80s punk energy and attack, furious rhythms Side 2: A blend of simple melodies and thoughtful lyrics. * Also good to dance to, children enjoy.


Our 3 composite parts were produced and assembled in Detroit. Like Krypton, our city is dying and we would like our music to escape before the imminent destruction. We are songwriters that perform (not performers that write songs) and we will live or die based on the quality of that work. If you can close your eyes and enjoy the music, than we will have been successful (and invisible). We strive to channel Frank Black, Fugazi, Camper Van Beethoven, the early Cure and our own personal perspectives and emotions into a product that can be packaged and sold for moderate sums of money, thereby ensuring the elevation in socioeconomic status of our progeny.


christopher atkins

Written By: Brandon Trombley

I want to be like Christopher Atkins
I want to be like Christopher Atkins
marooned on a deserted island
marooned in deserted desert
ran aground with his tuxedo
he wrapped that libido up in a loin cloth
he got first crack at Brooke Shields
he got first crack at Brooke Shields
he built a house out of leaves and driftwood
he could have used some contraception
'cause I want to be like Cristopher Atkins in paradise
he was just 13 and just discovering his puberty
I want to be like Christopher Atkins
(or Willie Ames)


Written By: Brandon Trombley

I prayed for them, they never came
just a little boy, was a perfect human specimen
they told me I'd be allowed to choose
I would pick you, pretend it wasn't me
wouldn't want to be the one to take you away from all your friends and family
then I had to decide what my 3 wishes would be
(1) was stop and start time
(2) win the lottery
(3) I'd wish for unlimited wishes
in another time, there was a world war
Detroit lay leveled, beneath the rubbel of the suburbs
just 2 kids against the World
I wanted to find you, be your savior
just wanted to be your hero


3ball Charlie (2006)

Set List

It's "Shock and Awe" with no Exit Strategy. 30-45 minutes, no breaks, all originals. We attack the audience rather than do sing-along bullshit. If we were to do covers, they would be Pixies or Frank Black songs. Every song is upbeat. We usually get the response, "That's it?" which I interpret as, "I enjoyed the music so much that I didn't notice that a half of an hour had already passed." I think that I am correct in my assumption because if they weren't pleased they would just walk away or throw beer bottles at us. Don't you think?