3 Chords And The Truth

3 Chords And The Truth


Honest hard working rock and roll music for honest hardworking people.


3 Chords And The Truth

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3 Chords and the Truth was started August 2001 by singer/songwriter Frizzy Caldwell and singer/songwriter Gypsy Dave Barfield. Since then it has bloomed into a partnership ready to take on the world! Or at least the working class!

Separately, the two have shared the stage with artists such as 38 Special, Georgia Satelite’s, Bad Company, Steve Miller, Derek Trucks Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ace Frehley of Kiss, L.A. Guns, RATT, The Marshall Tucker Band, Little Feat just to name a few!

In collaboration this pair of musicians has shared the stage with a long line of country and rock artist including Marty Stuart, Pin Monkey, The Wet Willie Band, Cornbread, Ancient Harmony, Moonshine Still, Captain Soularcat and many others!

The sound is a blend of Southern Rock, Country, and R&B boogie that commands a sound all it’s own. From all original to all cover material and everywhere in between, this is one pair that is a force to be reckoned with! Joined now by former RCA Studios musician and long time family friend, Randy Barfield! And as we do down here, we have kept it in the family and added Dave’s cousin Brandon on drums!

Some local Atlanta venues the guys have enjoyed are Buckhead Roxy, The Cotton Club, The Tabernacle, Smith’s Ole Bar, Eddie’s Attic, 9 Lives Saloon, among others.

Some regional and national venues include Rhythm and Brews, Chattanooga, TN, The Ace of Clubs, Nashville, TN, Rockaway’s, Charleston, SC, The Basement, Dallas, TX, The Georgia Theatre, Athens, GA, Gilly’s Pub 44, Daytona Beach, FL, and every bonfire party from Hatchapee to Tannenbaum!


Wideswing Tremelo

Written By: Christopher Eric Caldwell

Wideswing tremolo

Written by Christopher Eric Caldwell 01/01/07

I’ve been feeling I’ve been faded
Feeling like I’ve been run right thru
I’ve been laid down as level as O’maha
Underneath a winter sky so blue

So I lay awake & count these highway signs
& slowly prepare for tomorrow’s rendezvous
these old antique day dreams made up of sweat & blood
seems there all I got left to hang onto these days

Nothing but a wideswing tremolo
Looking for a way to go down slow
Searching for a landscape you’ll never see again
& your trying to find a means to an ends

your tired of holding on just want to cross the line
but you find yourself counting them instead
& your wondering what tomorrow will bring
can you find another song to sing
well just put that pedal down lets watch that two lane roll

these miles bring a distance
that don’t close with time
that leaves you worn out & weary
from living between these lines


Drank Too Much

Written By: Christopher Eric Caldwell

Drank Too Much

Written by Christopher Eric Caldwell 01/06/07

She walked in like a trailer trash queen
I was sippin my coke & chuggin my beam
She was struttin around in them highheeled shoes
She had a short short skirt with nothing to lose
So I walked up to her & said hey baby
Can I buy you a drink … & that’s when it all started

Well it’s a half past four & closing time
Two more drinks your place or mine
Before I knew it she moved her shit in
I went from drinking beer to scotch whiskey and gin
Well she spends my money& wears my clothes
Puts my paycheck up her nose
I ‘ll never know how it got like this
All I know is I’m sick of your shit


I never really loved you I just drank too much
Drinking up all of my time trying to tolerate you
I never really loved you I just drank too much
Nobody knows what it is I’m going through

Well you’re the worst damn women I’ve ever seen
Honey you don’t cook & you don’t clean
Stay out late &party down
Everybody knows you been messing around
With your red lipstick & your press on nails
Won’t hold a job your lazy as hell
I’ll never know how it got like this
All I know is I’m sick of your shit


Ordinary Man

Written By: Christopher Eric Caldwell and Rob Sumowski

Ordinary Man

Written by: Christopher Eric Caldwell and Rob Sumowski 12/29/2006

Well I work as a musician.
My daddy builds transmissions
We both believe in Jesus
But ain’t been to church in years
Some folks say I’m chasing
The impossible dream
But when all you know is dreams
You’ve got to be sincere


Hey, this is me
Well I work hard every day
It’s what I’ll be
‘Til they carry me away
And If you love me
I’ll give you all I can
This is my way
Just an ordinary man

Well I don’t live in a big house
Drive a fast fancy car
Hell, I live in a trailer
Spend most my time in bars
I’ve been called complacent
But I’ll stay satisfied
As long as I got this guitar
You know I’ll be alright


I have yet to love a woman
Enough to call my wife
All I’ve known is whiskey
Guitars and these bright lights
Another show is over
You say it’s time to go
On and On and On and On
This road is all I know.



Polk Salad
Joy Ride
Mustang Sally and The Blame. The Blame
Mr Underhill Out of the wilderness
3 Chords and The Truth

Set List

Typical length is four 45 minute sets. Muscial styles ranging from rock, pop, country, and soul.

Originals include:

Ordinary man
Me and Elle
Drank Too Much
Farther Away
Alright with You
Time to Move On
Wideswing Tremelo

Too Name A few!

Covers Include:

Just My Imagination
Dead Flowers
Stay Here and Drink
Can't You See
Shooting Star!

And every other song you remember drinking a 6 pack too!