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Dangerous, Determined, Divine describe the group "3D". The group is a new school version of Run DMC and Temptations with their unique style.... They are known for Dancing while Rapping.


"Transitions" and that's exactly the make up, attitude and position of Body Head Entertainments teen hip hop trio. They have witnessed that in order for a team to win, each player has to know his role and execute it well. 3D, a remarkable teen-aged hip hop trio made up of DeAndre pka Dre, DeShawn pka DJ and Dyllon pka D.

Each of the members lends a special energy to the group, Dre is the laid-back rapper with stunning lyrics, DJ brings excitement and energy to the crew and D has an animated yet grounded approach that is somewhere in the middle and balances each of his partners-in-rhyme. Impressive lyricism, hyped stage show and looks that make their young female fans scream, is what keeps their fan base growing.

Truth be told, it is the bond 3D has that makes the groups music and shows so potent. Two of the members are twins, and they round off the trio with their cousin.

Its a family thing, says Dre, Weve been around each other all of our lives, so flowing comes natural. I know what DJ is thinking before he says anything, and he knows what D is going to do, it all works together.

The group is transitioning, and on their album they have songs like That's Right, a lively cut inspired by the groups love for having fun. Another stand out cut is Rockin Jordans, a classic dance song with a crunk twist. The trio says "its a song about some of the outfits we rock." Instead of making it lazy, were getting crunk and it makes people feel like theyre teenagers. Their music is a fresh change from what is being heard across the airwaves, because its uplifting and profanity free.

Indeed, one listen to 3D and it is obvious that this Pensacola, Florida-based group knows how to make music that fans of all ages will enjoy. We like to do whatever it takes to have fun, D explains. Our album is gonna be a lot of fun stuff because thats what were about. Were about enjoying, entertaining, and living in the moment.

As 3D works on completing its album, they already know the significance of their uplifting, profanity-free music. I think people will respond more to that type of thing than hearing depressing stuff, D says. Were trying to set an example for other kids, Dre adds. We like to rap about being respectful, having fun and playing sports, we want to make people feel welcome, DJ remarks.

And "3D" does just that.


"That's Right" is the first single. The single will be solicited to Stations all over the Southeast Region during 1st Quarter. We plan to promote and do shows all over the US. We are planning a middle/high school tour, performing the single "That's Right" and creating a buzz, which will lead up to a 3rd Quarter Release.

Set List

Intro: Dance Routine
Song Performance
Dance Routine
Song Performance
Outro: Dance Routine

Total Time: 10-15 minutes