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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Showing Some Local Love"


Three weeks ago, I received a MySpace message from a guy named Andrew DelSignore, who asked me, ever so nicely, to take a listen to his band. Traditionally, I am against online solicitation, or else I might own my weight in herbal male-enhancement tablets by now. But when this DelSignore person described his band as "a cross between Medeski, Martin, and Wood and Radiohead", I was intrigued to say the least.

Four songs later, I was hooked. "The Dakota Session" is like dub jazz, if there is such a thing. Think some walking jazz piano, an upright bass backbone, and airy drums peppered with audio clips and DJ scratch-ins.

DelSignore warned me that his band can get "jammy". Strangely, I'm not bothered. Three Dimensional Figures keep all their tracks mercifully shorter than 8 minutes long. I can live with that. Especially in lieu of their undeniable talent.

This band ha a slinky sound, perfect for a party backdrop or a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack.

TRACKS YOU'LL DIG: "Fuze", "Spanish Hips", "Curry".


CHECK FOR UPCOMING THREE DIMENSIONAL FIGURES GIGS AT: - The Post Star 10/5/2006 Glens Falls, NY "From the Hipster's Vault"


"The Dakota Sessions EP" - 2007

First track "Fuze" currently getting airplay on Skidmore College (NY) radio station (WSPN 91.1FM), Adirondack Community College radio station (WGFR 92.7FM), and "Bop and Beyond" jazz radio show out of NYC and Montreal, PQ (


Feeling a bit camera shy


Any band led by a physical therapist, a chemical engineer, a teacher, an insurance salesman, and a 17 year old saxophone player can't be considered normal under any circumstances.

Considered too "eclectic" for traditional jazz clubs, too "jazzy" for rock clubs, and too "intense" for any other venue, the band 3 Dimensional Figures isn't exactly "fitting in" to the traditional music approach of most club owners.

And that's just fine with them.

"It's always funny pushing the CD or trying to book shows," bassist for 3DF Andrew Del says. "Club bookers love the influences, love the sound, but just can't see it in their bar. Until we play there, that is."

Indeed. 3DF is now the five piece house band that performs twice a month at the well-established Jake's Round Up in Glens Falls, NY, playing the happy hour and then some. And the patrons aren't exactly there for the drinks.

"There are some nights you watch these just can't believe how tight and how different their sound is," says local music fan John Alessi.

That's the point, affirms Andrew del.

"People at shows I go to seem to have lost that live music feeling. The jam band scene, the rock scene, the traditional jazz's lost it's innovation...We're trying to get back to that 50's-early 60's jazz era where you can push the boundaries, fit a crowd into a small club, and really share an experience with your fans."

Whether it's breakbeat drumming and techno-style breaks in their song "Curry" to the bop-jazz-fusion sound of "Fuze", or even doing their own interpretation of "Footprints", 3DF continues to enjoy it's success in unnatural venues, including house parties, restaurants, and even performing at local larger music festivals, like Lake George's "Adirondack HomeGrown Music Festival" August 13,2006.

"It's getting hard to get in the door, let alone get a beer...(at Jake's Round Up)," says a patron of Jake's on at the group's 3/23/2007 performance. "But it's worth it."

The group's musical influences range from traditional jazz (Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Monk) to more modern groups (MMW, Charlie Hunter, Phish, the Duo), to eclectic tastes (the New Deal, Squarepusher, Tom Waits) that all combine to form one lively, intellectual, and stimulating performance.

"If nothing else, we make you listen to the music," says Del. "It might not be fit for rock clubs, arenas, or the Village Vanguard, but we're not in it for that."

And that's just fine with them.