3D Mystery

3D Mystery


3D Mystery plays electro-latin-dance-prog-punk.


Spawned from the obsolete technology of analog 3d cinema, 3D Mystery delivers a multi-dimensional journey through the obscurities of electro-latin-dance-prog-punk. For reasons unknown, these masked avengers prefer to keep their identities secret, thus the mystery. Although reluctant to reveal it themselves, experts have speculated that 3D Mystery's sound is influenced by bands the likes of Mr. Bungle, Os Mutantes, The Talking Heads, David Bowie, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Cafe TaCuba, the Clash, John Frusciante, Iggy Pop, and the Pixies.


2007 - "Destroy" - tracks of which are streaming on rattlehead records "down-city signal"

Set List

1. Se ve reves
2. Mentiras
3. Photon
4. Dancing (I Don't Feel Like)
5. Keep Going
6. Sweetness
7. El Perverso
8. Seis
9. Spaceship
10. Cat-man Fedora

- Set is typically 45 minutes long