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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Pop EDM


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Bleu Talk with 3D The Boss"

In this fickle environment that we currently have in the music industry, we are always complaining about hearing ‘real’ music, looking for a different sound, getting back to ‘feeling’ music again. Yes, I hear and say the same things. Why do radio stations play the same artists year in and year out? Why is it that we always have to hear ignorance in music?
Listen…. If I had the answers, then I wouldn’t be able to bring focus to a 3 member group (Actually, 3 individual acts who have banded together to form a unit.), 3D The Boss. Is it true that they really love their art and want to bring awareness with their craft? Can they be compared to anyone currently in the game? And is it true, that, in the near future, that I, will be their biggest fan?
Well, let’s find out…….
Bleu: 3D The Boss sounds like a rapper from the hood, so, of course my first question is, how did you come up with the name, who is involved and what do you do?
David E Beats: Our visionary Day adeogba named us 3D for more the multiple dimensions we represent.
The-O: We wanted it to be around the idea of 3D because we play a three dimensional world class game in the world of health and fitness called the YourDay Balance Game as well as bring three dimensions to the music game with our deep insightful lyrics, catchy tunes,musicianship and performance. David E Beats mentioned 3D The Boss in our song Win and it stuck.
Chanda Leigh: I loved it immediately and was like — that’s it! That’s us! And it’s been us ever since.
Bleu: I walk into a record store (Wait, do they still have those?) or I open up my iTunes in search of something new, something different and I see 3D The Boss as an upcoming artist. Why should I spend my money on this group and how will I come away from hearing the product?
David E Beats: Its not about the money with us. Its about raising your consciousness and exhibiting a character that millions of people can emulate.
Chanda Leigh: Our look alone will get your attention. When was the last time you saw a group of three that looked like they were really having fun? You will be uplifted by the music which will grab you right away with great vocals, upbeats music and uplifting, thoughtful lyrics. You will walk away INSPIRED!
The-O: Every now and then the music game is shifted by a different paradigm and approach to the art form. 3D The Boss brings that refreshing element to the game and supporting this movement gives music lovers around the world an opportunity to experience the next level of music
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Bleu: Thinking on past influential acts, which acts/artists has been the MOST inspirational in your pursuit of this career?
David E Beats: Jay Z is the biggest influence on me because he comes from similar conditions as me and has made it very big in terms of personal and public success.
Chanda Leigh: Man, there are so many. But most influential are Michael Jackson. Janet Jackson.
The-O: Michael Jackson
Bleu: Let’s look in your crystal ball…. What is 3D The Boss doing 5 years from today? What achievements and accomplishments have been taken care of and what goals are in the near future (Of course, 5 years from now!)?
David E Beats: You will be our biggest fan!
The-O: We are on our second world tour. Three top ten billboard hits,world tour and 20 million singles sold.
Chanda Leigh: We have traveled the world and touched every country with our music. We have more number 1 hits than any other pop artist out. We have won several Grammys. Been on the cover of every major magazine. Visited all the major talk shows in the US and we are celebrated even more abroad! A near goal is to perform at LOLLAPALOOZA in 2014! By 2019, we will absolutely be the group with the theme song for the festival.
Bleu: What is the name of the project you may be working on and are there any plans to tour/do shows and how can we keep up with you?
The-O: We have finalized our first album titled Lollapalooza.The single with the same title is available on iTunes.
Chanda Leigh: I love listening to the album myself, almost like it’s not me on it. There is definitely a plan to introduce our music to the schools and the population at large. You can watch us on www.3Dtheboss.com, Facebook and YouTube. - Bleu Magazine

"Interview: 3D the Boss @ Smith’s Olde Bar 11/21"

What do you get when you mix the entertaining dynamics of the Black Eyed Peas, with a dash of the big-ballad voice of Seal and sprinkle it with the inspirational message of love, peace, and joy? 3D: The Boss! The Atlanta-based pop trio comprised of The-O, Chanda Lee and David E. Beats will be sharing the love tomorrow night at Smith’s Turkey Twerk Fest along with EDUBB, Trillville and others. Each a powerhouse in their own solo careers, the inspiring music they make as a group will enliven the soul and hopefully inspire some top-notch booty bouncing on the dance floor. Earlier this week, we talked to 3D the Boss about how they first got into music as well as their plans for the future.

You post musical influences on your Facebook. Which artists have influenced you the most?

David E Beats: Jay Z is my biggest influence. Mainly for the fact of his rise from his previous to his current circumstances.

Chanda Leigh: I’ve been highly influenced by Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Layla Hathaway as far as female artists go. The thing about Whitney is her ability to go between her chest and head voices so smoothly that you literally could not tell! I mean, that’s just another level. And she was equally powerful in both voices. Gosh! I still get goose pimples when I listen to her music. I really miss her too. Mariah, well her first album is still and will always be the bomb to me. Just great great great. I love her high register. She hits notes that I’m still locating on the piano! Layla… what she does is just the opposite. She stays comfortably in her range, not too high or too low… and she works the heck out of it! I’m a fan for life.

How did you all first get into music?

David E Beats: I first got into music when I listened to Jay Z’s The Blueprint. From that day on I decided to become a rapper and started writing songs every day since.

Chanda Leigh: I started playing piano at 7 years old. But what got me into professional level was performing with the Spelman College Jazz Ensemble. We toured all over the country every year. I got an opportunity to see what it’s like to be a touring musician. Wow! What an experience to travel around and delight audiences all over. I loved it. There was no turning back for me after that. I got lots of gigs after that. I had my own jazz trio for a while, toured with other bands for a while, recorded my own projects over the years. Also, I put out 4 records independently.

The-O: A neighbor of mine sang all the time and challenged me to learning a Boyz II Men song. Long story short it gave me so much joy that I’ve been singing ever since.

You have a song called Lollapalooza. Is there a crazy Lolla story behind it?

The-O: We were seated in the studio feeling inspired to this awesome beat our producer had sent us. Whilst looking up the meaning of a word on dictionary.com we happened to come across a trivia question of the day and it was, “What word can mean an extraordinary person, thing or event?” That definition inspired us to write about the extraordinary people in our lives and the word happened to be “lollapalooza.”

Your music is great for dancing. Are any of you professional dancers?

David E. Beats: No way!

Chanda Leigh: I am an aspiring dancer with very little professional skills! Give me a 5-6-7-8 and suddenly I have two left feet! I’m planning to change that this coming year though. It’s funny because people often ask me if I am. I’d like to be able to tell them yes!

The-O: We love to entertain on stage and most of our moves are more theatrical and less “dancy”.

Do you plan on dropping any new music soon?

Chanda Leigh: 3D is always in the process of creating new music. It’s what we do! I can’t wait to drop the next record.

The-O: The Lollapalooza album is dropping early 2014. - Atlanta Music Guide

"Q&A w/ 3D The Boss"

3D The Boss is a group formed by three individual artists. The name of the group has a deeper meaning in itself, which derives from the teachings at the Your Day Playground were they all met. The focus of 3D The Boss is not only based off music, but fitness and deep foundations. The group consists of Chanda Leigh, David E Beats, and The-O. I got to experience the Your Day Playground first hand, and got a preview of their forthcoming album, “Lollapalooza.” The guy responsible for bringing these people together is Day, who is a Owner and Lifestyle Coach. Learn about each persons journey, creative process as a group, and how they implement teachings from the Your Day Balance game in their music. Below is an excerpt from the Audio Interview Above

How did you individually come to gather as a collective?

Chanda Leigh: “The music industry was whooping my ass personally for years. When I met Day, I was in the midst of working on my on project, and he was like come train with me. I wasn’t even putting my music with my fitness and him being a trainer I did not realize how much he would impact my life. The fitness got me in the door but then working on my life is what kept me coming. When the concept came of putting our resources together came about, I wasn’t aware of what David was doing and I already knew Theo for 3 years and knew he was a great artist but I was very open to the concept of becoming a group. We all met here at the Your Day Play Ground”

David E Beats: “Well, I was apart of the white house band, we were touring and started making a name for ourself for about a year. Sold out a lot of show in New York and D.C. We did SXSW, that was the last show with that particular set of band and they essentially quit shortly after. I asked them for their reason and it was because they didn’t know the group would become so successful so quickly and even though we talked about it they didn’t think it would happen and it shocked them. That left me in a situation to either go on my own or figure something out. I just started hiring band members randomly at the time, and what made it so devastating to me is that I turned down a record deal from Universal to be with the group. I got signed for a single deal and they wanted me to do more tracks on my own but I turned it down because the hip hop rock direction is where I wanted to go, and this was years before it was Hot before Lil Wayne and B.O.B. and they were telling me it wasn’t hot and it would sell even though I had people jumping up at concerts going crazy over it. I essentially got dropped from that situation and gave that up to do the White House Band and that turned upside down so that led me to a lot of eating drinking, smoking ALOT of weed.. so much WEED. The point of that being said, what drove me here was Olivia. I came down for a client of hers who was performing at A3C. I loved Atlanta so much when I was done here, I thought to myself man this is the Black People [Mecca] I need to be down here, I’ve never seen some many well off black people in my life. I ended up doing a show with two short and..Action Bronson after the show I smashed my Guitar and told Oliva that night I wanted to pack up all of our stuff and move down to Atlanta and we did. About a week later a friend introduced me to Day, I told him I gain like 100 lb and I wanted to get fit, and my friend also informed Day that I was a rapper from New York. That all lead me to meeting Chanda and Theo who were working, and after hearing the track Lollapalooza I ended up scrapping my project and it was a rap from there.”

The-O: “What brought me to this point? …What is the Meaning of life? The answer I got was to be joyous and happy…the next question was how? The answer I got was follow your heart and that is how I got into music, I’m originally from Zambia. I played everywhere for a longtime people knew me as the guy who walks around with the guitar on his back. I got an opportunity to take part in a competition which was modeled after american Idol and I won and that led to another opportunity to move to the US and record and album. After that I moved back to Zambia and did a tour and I had a level of success in Zombia and still that first question that I had ask to be joyous and happy hadn’t been answered. I though all i have to do is what I love and I had got to a place doing what I love but I still wasn’t joyous so that really messed me up and I went on a path similar to David where I was drinking, having relationships that were unhealthy to mask that feeling of emptiness in side. So when I moved to Atlanta I connected with my friend Henry and when around doing open mic circuits and meet with a guy named JR who connected me with Day. Who invited me to a session, with a song writer, and that is how I connected with Day. One of the things that caught Days presence was, really just his conversation how he was relating to life and it was different and I hadn’t heard before, so that is what initially caught my interest. When I met him his initial idea was to have team of producers and a songwriting team. Day said if I were to work with him I would play the Your Day Balance Game and songwriting and I connected with Chanda who is a great pianist and came to our writing session to working on a solo project to eventually all of us linking up and the vision of three artist coming together who are amazing by themselves form 3D the Boss.” - Wheat City Mag

"Interview with 3D The Boss; chat about their influences, goals and fun"

The inspiring dance-pop trio, comprised of The-O, Chanda Leigh and David E. Beats, 3D The Boss's goal is to spread love, encouragement and peace through their unique message of music. They each have solo careers and enjoy using their music to uplift school and youth groups. The group will be performing in a showcase, Jimi Cravity's Volt, performing at Vinyl in Atlanta on October 24, 2013. The show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets are $5 in advance and $10 at the door. Be sure to wear a costume as this is a masquerade. Grab your tickets HERE. Find out more about this new group, their passion for it, and why they love it:

Who influenced each of you the most to pursue music?

Chanda Leigh: My parents financed my musical career by taking me to piano lessons for 12 years. But it was my college professor at Spelman that got me on my first stage. I haven't looked back since.

The-O: I was challenged by a friend of mine to sing a Boyz II Men song. He thought I couldn't do it and that it would be hard. But I had no understanding that it should be hard. So I went home and practiced. When I came back to sing it for him he was surprised about how well I sang the song. It was at that moment that I chose to pursue music.

David E. Beats: Uh! Jay-Z inspired me to become a rapper. The first rap album I listened to was The Blueprint. When I heard it, I walked into the room and told my mom that I was going to quit art school and become a rapper.

What are your overall goals with music?

Chanda Leigh: To inspire millions of people to live their best life using the power of health & fitness and beautiful music while expressing joy, peace, and abundance.

The-O: The use my voice as a vehicle to move billions of people from tear of sadness to tears of joy and inspire our fans to live a complete and whole life.

David E. Beats: To show and Inspire young black men who have had humble beginnings to raise their consciousness. And I would like to be an example for them to look up to. The same way that Jay-Z inspired me.

Who was your first concert and do you have a favorite one?

Chanda Leigh: The Five Blind Boys of Mississippi was my first concert at my church. I never knew gospel could be so popular. My favorite one was Prince and The Revolution at the Hollywood Bowl.

The-O: My first concert was by an artist called Oliver Mutukudzi. My favorite concert was Bell Biv Devoe and Keith Sweat in 2008.

David E. Beats: I went to see RATATTAT at the 9:30 club in D.C. It was an amazing experience that lead to me ignoring the girl at the concert to watch the group. My favorite of all time was Trey Songz at Madison Square Garden.

Listen to their single, "Lollapalooza" HERE.

What are you top five albums or artists you wouldn't want to live without?

Chanda Leigh:

#5 - Kenny Barron
#4 - Mariah Carey - Vision of Love
#3 - Michael Jackson - Off The Wall
#2 - Jill Scott - Who is Jill Scott
#1 - 3D The Boss


#5 - Jodeci
#4 - Luther Vandross
#3 - Boyz II Men
#2 - Stevie Wonder
#1 - Michael Jackson

David E. Beats

#5 - Jay-Z
#4 - 30 Seconds to Mars
#3 - Mastadon
#2 - Mansun
#1 - 3D The Boss

Do you have a guilty music or entertainment pleasure?

Chanda Leigh: I love Country Music

The-O: I listen to Greek music.

David E. Beats: I like to listen to Gucci Mane and I like to listen to really ghetto rap and heavy metal.

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3D The Boss is an empowering, dynamic and refreshing, pop trio based in Atlanta. They infuse rhythmic sounds of EDM with irresistibly poetic rap, and the soothing big-ballad voice of Seal, resulting in a high-energy, entertaining performance. 3D The Boss is sure to captivate audiences with their inspirational message of character fitness, love and joy. Empowered by the YourDay Balance Game, this pop music phenomenon is comprised of The-O, Chanda Leigh, and David E. Beats; each a powerhouse in their own solo careers. With their rare, international and upbeat sounds they are sure to enrich your school or youth group to the possibilities of greatness.

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