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I make more than music, I make history.


3Fifs (Three Fifs) is a St. Louis, MO born hip-hop artist who, as opposed to simply making music, aims to make history.   Since releasing his first full-length project “Birth of a Nation” in February of 2013, Fifs has gone on to earn several accolades: his debut single “Castro,” which featured west coast emcee Mistah F.A.B., went on to receive rotation on more than 40 radio stations worldwide; his follow-up single “Danny Bonaduce” was featured in over 100 blogs, the video was aired on MTV’s RapFix, and the former TV star himself featured the video on his website and radio show; and his single “Jim Crow” was was acknowledged by industry vet Tory “Flossy” Harrelson as being “extremely original.”  In addition, 3Fifs was nominated for “Freshman of the Year” at the 2014 SLUM Fest hip-hop awards, and in May of 2014, became one of only 14 US hip-hop artists chosen to showcase at the Canadian Music Week, performing live at the Hard Rock Café in Toronto.


            Following his international acclaim, 3Fifs relocated to Atlanta, GA to expand his reach.  After hearing his music and viewing his music videos, Mike Love (formerly the Senior VP Program Director for Cumulus Media, now CEO of Bluetag Media) decided he had to work with the rising star.


            “You have the potential to turn this game upside down.  Your style is unique, your music is high quality, and you have the sense to know how to make it all work.” – Mike Love


With the release of his latest project, “The Runaway LP,” Fifs found himself, again, on the international radar with the single “Blind the Sun” making airwaves in 11 different countries.  The single was also picked up by Tunecore as a part of the network’s “Summer Jams 2015” compilation and was featured on dozens of blogs and news outlets.  Fifs built upon this buzz by throwing an album release party at The Underground in Charlotte, NC to great acclaim.  With the releases of his latest single “What You Know Bout Dat” and the underground track “Black President,” it’s clear Fifs means business in 2016, too.


"Blind the Sun"

Written By: Kenneth Kelly

Life, Love,
Pursuit of my moment.
I'm hoping that I never fail
Praying only to prevail.
I rise above
and shine like I'm golden.
I'll climb 'til I'm the highest one;
Shine my light until I blind the sun.

[Verse 1]
Fresh from the blocks of the MODOT where the
foes plot, you can catch me on a soapbox by the
dope spot where they're out there slangin' coke rocks to the
hope nots. Shame niggas gotta tote glocks tryna fold
knots. Not thinking 'bout a loss:
When baby's gotta eat, you ain't thinkin' 'bout a cost,
but it's wolves in the street that'll try to take you off.
Price gets steep when you're tryna be the boss;
and you're up Shit's Creek when them people lay you off.
Can't have the streets out here thinking that you're soft,
so you call your connect tryna get a couple off.
Then them slugs hit your neck, and them people rush you off.
As the blood hits the deck, and you're looking like a loss,
Doc's telling Mama she should prolly cut you off,
but off top she ain't even tryna hear it,
so she drops to her knees praying to the Holy Spirit like,
"Dear Heavenly Father, I just pray that you've forgiven him.
He's just tryna make a play with cards that you've given him."
Synonym - understand his verbiage fore you sentence him:
You've got to wage war when your wage set is minimum.
Given 'em Hell 'til I prevail through the fire.
From a peasant to the present out here tryna be the sire.
Young Black messiah walking through the brimstone,
and I done found my jewel: lace these verses with these gemstones like,

[Hook 1]
"I know it's my time I you know I'm gon get it.
It's my time to shine and I cherish every minute.
No, this ain't about the clothes, this ain't about the cars.
I've earned my share of stripes, now I shooting for the stars,
bitch I'm finna blind the sun!"

[Hook 2]
Bitch, I'm finna blind the sun tonight. Bitch, I'm finna blind the sun tonight.
Bitch, I'm finna blind the sun tonight o-oh no.
Bitch, I'm finna blind the sun tonight. Bitch I'm finna blind the sun tonight.
O-oh no. O-oh no.

[Verse 2]
Eyes on the prize; I rise to the challenge:
tryna take my piece from the pries of the talons
of the symbol of the beast. Hope lies in the balance
of the war and the peace, so it's bullets in the ballots.
War in the streets, folks looking for a kernel.
Gold in these beats lace lines in my journal.
When the city never sleeps, you become nocturnal,
and praying for deceased nearly comes diurnal.
Young, fly colonel aiming for the general.
My principle: juicing these life-lemons for their minerals.
Subliminals shooting for high praise like the Seminoles.
It's criminal living so high-stakes, but it's pivotal.
Pitiful people in high places will spit at you.
Picture you having a bad day what that shit'll do:
Typical time to retaliate with a hit or two,
but people continue to hate - don't let it get at you.
Stick to what you're doing: never let them knock your hustle.
Life will always be a fight, so don't waste it on a tussle.
Out for rings like Russell, so I spread my wings.
Simba's flying like a Griffin; still can't wait to be the king.
Out the rafters like Sting - leave the crowd in a stupor.
Finna put the game in a fuckin' sharpshooter.
3Fifs, Sharp Shoota, O So, Khyre,
GP, Lyd Lyon all relying on me.

[Hook 1]
[Hook 2]
[Hook 1 w/added harmony and ad-libs]


"The Runaway EP" - January 12, 2012
1) The Runaway
2) Dive in Deep ft. Lydia Lyon
3) Whips & Chains ft. G-Rod
4) Dred Scott
5) The Root
6) Field of Dreams
7) The Declaration

Videos for Dred Scott, Dive in Deep, and Whips & Chains available on YouTube.

"Birth of a Nation" - February 12, 2013
1) The Preamble
2) The National Anthem
3) Castro ft. Mistah FAB, Streetza Ria, Sebastian Jones
4) Fantastic
5) It's On ft. Shooter
6) Mr. Unfamiliar ft. Khyre
7) Beautiful Mirage ft. Khyre, Streetza Ria
8) Steel Serpent ft. Lydia Lyon
9) Money on My Mind
10) Going Green ft. Streetza Ria
11) We Dat ft. Streetza Ria
12) Danny Bonaduce ft. O So Amazin', Streetza Ria
13) Jim Crow ft. Streetza Ria, O So Amazin'
14) Taking the Reigns ft. KingVegas
15) Paul Revere ft. Khyre
16) The Foundation
17) Nothing Left to Say

Videos for "Castro," "Jim Crow," and "Danny Bonaduce" available on YouTube now!

"The Runaway LP" - June 19, 2015
1) The Runaway
2) Dive in Deep (ft. Lydia Lyon)
3) Whips & Chains (ft. Riley B, GP)
4) The Nu Spiritual (ft. Hurbsoul)
5) Dred Scott
6) Graceland (ft. FAMU Gospel Choir)
7) I Need it Now
8) Due Time (ft. Khyre)
9) Black Moses
10) Blind the Sun (ft. Lydia Lyon, Garrett Julian)

Videos for "I Need it Now," "Black Moses," and "Blind the Sun" coming soon!

Set List

1) PA System