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The New Me Demo- Released on September 14th 2012

Set Sail-Releasing on New Years Eve 2012



Kennieth Gonzalez- Lead Vocals, Guitar
Eddie Jordan- Bass, Back-up Vocals
Dyame Melendez- Drums

3FT started in Whittier, California with Ken Gonzalez, and original guitarist Steve Lozano in early 2009 under the name Messed Up I Am. Ken was playing drums and bass until meeting drummer Dyame Melendez who was a co-worker at the bookstore where Ken was working seasonal. With similar interests in music and some sweet chops it didn’t take long for Dyame to join the band. Dyame was sadly diagnosed with a life threatening heart condition and had to leave just as quick as he joined.

Steve and Ken kept writing and jamming weekly in hopes of some day finding another drummer. The band had a few drummers who jumped in to play shows until finding someone willing to commit to the band. Ken found another job at a restaurant in Yorba Linda in August 2010, which is where he met Paul Reyes who was in to the Hardcore sound they where going for at the time. Paul played with the band on numerous shows for about 6 months, but parted ways due to unfortunate events. This helped clear their mind and make them really think of what they where doing and why they where playing music. Their past experiences had influenced them to change their band name to The Giving Tree(a book by Shel Silverstien) because they knew that music was about loving what you do.

After Ken had taken some recording classes at Fullerton Junior College in winter 2010. He brought up the idea of recording an album with Steve without a drummer, but instead with Ken on drums and bass. Steve loved the Idea and so the writing process began. Thanks to professor Marcus Burger they where able to record this album(Mr. Burger had an extra computer that he sold Ken at a very economical price, with which they where going to use to record there album). After about 3 month going strong Ken met current bass fiend Eddie Jordan at a party thrown by his good friend Julian Baltizar(Main Director at Motion In Stills) in 2011. They talked about there musical goals in life and kicked it off like best friends from the start. About 3 more months later Eddie joined the band as there bassist and Ken was able to concentrate on drums and vocals.

Soon after Eddies welcome Steve Lozano felt that his heart was no longer inside of the project. He was drifting away from the post-Hardcore/pop-punk scene and wanted to do something that helped complete his artistic void. Last time he talk with Ken he was doing stand up comedy in Downtown Fullerton and was very happy. Thankfully Steve played with Ken long enough for him to see Dyame again who by pure miracle through diet and exorcise had fought through his heart condition and was able to jump on his drum set and rock like he was born to do.

Ken had an old guitar that he picked up after Steve’s departure. The band somewhere in this time received a note from a lawyer stating that the band needed a new name due to copy write issues. Ken had the idea to name the band 3FT, an acronym for 3rd Friday Throng. This was a series of shows thrown every third friday at a church in Santa Fe Springs back when he was in middle school. It represents a thriving music scene in the most hidden of places. The band currently goes under the name 3FT and is playing shows in the Los Angeles area.

If you want to hear there music now you could visit facebook.com/3ftmusic