3 in a Tree

3 in a Tree


3 in a Tree is a 3 piece rock and roll band that mixes blues, rock, reggae, twang and funk, inventing a sound that is uniquely their own. Having been performing together for over 10 years, 3 in a Tree is a veteran band that thrives on improvisation in a live setting.


What brought 3 in a Tree from a small college town in Southern Minnesota, to playing in front of 20,000 fans (see video) at a sold out Excel Center in St. Paul Minnesota? Persistence, friendship, and 9 years of gigging while pursuing a musical vision that has never wavered.

Originally “3 in a tree” made up 3/4 of the band “The Void”. They played around the Midwest for about 5 years, logging time at numerous festival gigs including Peoples Fair and Harvestfest. Eventually long rehearsals in the basement of an office building in Mankato led Scott, Casey and Pete to branch off into a band then known as Tapestry. The 3 piece thrived on constant gigging, forging a unique sound around the Minnesota scene before deciding a change of geography was necessary to get a fresh start.

The 3 friends soon reorganized as the band “Skydog” in Dallas. Moving into a house and converting their living room into a rehearsal space to crank out music whenever they felt like it. This period was extremely important for the band to grow as musicians, and the majority of music from their new album “Dang” came from these sessions.

Skydog soon became part of the Dallas label Big G records, then a division of Atlantic. The group logged many hours at Luminous Studios (http://www.luminoussound.com/) in Addison TX, releasing a couple of songs on a compilation CD for the record company, and later a 3 song demo recorded in the hill country of Austin, TX. Soon after its release, they were invited to play a showcase for Jason Flom (President of artist development for Atlantic), and the guys were just getting started.

The next 2 years were spent in Texas living as working musicians, only to find out the president of their record company was embezzling money from investors, and blowing it on his own “habits”. The label quickly crumbled, and within a month the band was exhausted and back to square one. Soon after in 2000, Skydog decided to move back to MN for a fresh start (again).

After a reenergizing hiatus, “3 In a Tree” immediately set out to finish the album they were never allowed to release. Although the studio time in TX was educational, it was cursed by big budgets and R&B producers, which led to overproduction and finally a product that the band didn’t like. Looking for a local studio that offered the freedom they required, the guys met up with Stardoc studios in Mankato and immediately began cranking out more music that could fit on one disc

Many of the tracks on the album run well over 10 minutes in length, and in a live setting improvisation dominates. After everything the band has been through, they are firmly set in the direction they would like to go musically. The 3 piece is fearless in taking chances live, and strives to make every show a unique experience. The album “Dang” was recorded in a traditional way, with a minimum on production, and every aspect of it was meant to be easily reproduced in a live setting. Lots of first takes were kept to preserve the energy of the band, and to keep the record feeling “live”.

In January of 2006 the band brought home the title in XM Radio's “Rock the X Contest”. Earning an opening slot for Bon Jovi at St. Paul’s sold out Xcel Energy Arena in front of a 20,000 strong hometown crowd. After an intense week of rehearsals leading up to the show, the band cruised through a 30 minute set, with the sold out crowd showing enthusiastic support. The performanace is available in the video section of the press kit..



Written By: Pete Wagner

You have got to believe my story
Because I am innocent
I've been living a life so pleasing
I've begun to get upset
So I came up with a solution
To amend this awful mess
To dispose of my pollution
And to get out all my stress

Those vibes are waiting to be played, I caught mine today
Well I've got something in store
And you, you've lost your way
And I find it hard to ignore
Your heart beating everyday
Someday, Someway

Now I've got a cure for your soul
So step up and buy it today
If music's a place to let go
Well let's groove there everyday
So just lock the door behind me
Because I'm leaving it behind
Cause I gotta get away from
The Wisconsin daily grind

This is not my peace of mind


Written By: Pete Wagner

Yellow moon
Said I ain't got no room
The day was full of promise
You could never leave too soon
Stare at the sky tonight
Wishing things my way
Everything to everybody
Sun on a cloudy day

When the night falls
Stargazer shines
When the curtain calls
Stargazer shines

So I resign to the night
Settled in my ways
Organizing my thoughts
Partaking in the haze
Situate myself
As blackness starts to fade
On the east horizon
The equator of the day

So goodbye my friends
But this won't be the end
I will watch the sky with wonder
Until we meet again
Moving on, moving on
To the point of all of this
If you don't like what you're seeing
You just might get your wish

Where Am I?

Written By: Casey McIntyre

These same streets, plotted on a grid. Where am I?
Fight to get away, I need a change. Where am I?
This same old house, just before the turn. Where Am I?
The grass is growing long and the night is old. Where am I?

Define a time when all is new. Getting lost is half the fun.
Excitement, mixed with nerves…
Excuse me, how do I get home?
Excuse me, how do I get home?
Excuse me, how do I get home?

Fly away, I’m riding on the wind.
Far away, this place is new to me.
Another day will rise with the sun.
Fly away, I dream of a better place.

I bought my walking shoes.
I thought of greener trees.
Covered by a sky more blue.
Bridges are built to be crossed.

Define a time when all is new. Getting lost is half the fun.
Excitement, mixed with nerves…
Excuse me, how do I get home?
Excuse me, how do I get home?
Excuse me, how do I get home?

Why stay? Why say someday?
Sunrise to sunset is blending into a blur?
No time to think. No room to breathe.
I dream of bigger things.

These same streets, plotted on a grid. Where am I?
Fight to get away, I need a change. Where am I?


2 songs on the Big G Records sampler "The Event" 2001 for Atlantic Records

Full length album "Dang" released in Sept 2005

The songs Vibes, Where am I and Stargazer are all in college radio rotation with Vibes also in roattion on radio markets locally.

Set List

Standard show is 3 1/2 hours - 3 sets with two 15 minute breaks.

Typical Setlist:

Set 1
Keepin On
Sing Me Back Home (Merle Haggart Cover)
Take Me Anywhere
End Of The Dock
Simple Man
Ahead By a Century (Tragically Hip Cover)
Full Speed
Only One
The Ocean song

Set 2
Gumbo (Phish Cover)
Listen To The Music
Where Am I
Crazy Dalmation
That 70's Song