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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



What others are saying about 3JC:

“The second Friday started off SEMI-OK, those guys I think were drunk when they got to sound check and then played another gig an hour after this show. 3JC sang a song about lesbians and for some reason thats all that stayed in my head. LOST PARADE AND ULTRA BLUE went on back-to-back and played about as good of an hour of live music as I've heard in a while.” (Emergenza Website, article by Kip Winger, February 21, 2005)

“The band recently was honored by being selected as semifinalists in the Emergenza battle of the bands…In the meantime, the members of 3JC are having a great time playing music and meeting new people.” (The Washington Missourian, article by Sarah Wienke, March 16, 2005)

“Their latest gig was with Destruction 2004 for Halloween in Sullivan. Their next gig will be their crowning glory—The Emergenza Tour 2005.” (The Meramec Valley Current News Magazine, article by Debby Kwiecien, 2nd November, 2004) - Multiple media sources

"Emergenza semi-finals"

“Sunday night was a little softer on the music side of the things but still saw some very talented bands take the stage. The only band that got enough votes to make it to the final was 3JC who managed to get a big following out early. A solid four-piece rock band, these guys really look like they are having a good time when they are playing and any band that sings songs about how great lesbians are is alright with me.”
Emergenza staff writer………Danyl Zero May,9 2005

- emergenza.net


First album entitled "Freshman" -2002 - 12 songs
Second album entitled "Down" - 2005 - 9 songs

* Select tracks from our first and second albums can be downloaded in MP3 format at www.threejc.com


Feeling a bit camera shy


A book will be written about this one day, just wait...........here's a little story about two friends, Jimmy D., and C, who've known eachother since the 80's who used to rock out with their mullets slapping in the wind to songs like the Scorpions "Rock You Like a Hurricane" and other tunes from the "Big Hair" times. They were even in to playing some "Skynard" back in those days. In 1999, the two friends came out of a shell and realized that their mullets were more fun slapping in the wind to music that they wrote. After picking up frontman Scott Palmer with his 'sing till the vocal chords pop' style, Joe K. with his favorite guitar and mannequin, and Tim J. with his skins, things felt right as a five man band. STL, MO was the place where all this would begin to go down. After receiving airplay on St. Louis radio (FM of course) with their first album "Freshman", 3JC entered into the creation of their second album "Down" with some help from J. Christopher Hughes of Sonic Temple studios. With "Down" being released in February of 2005, the boyz felt a new energy not felt before.

Listed below are comments from a 3JC fan about a live performance:

"3JC is grabbing the St. Louis music scene by the balls and people are listening. Performing live at well known music venues like Mississippi Nights, Pop's, and many of the Soulard hot spots. The energy that comes from the stage presentation of this band is unbelievable. Each song leaves you wanting to hear more. Their unique sounds blend a little funk, a bit of soul, a touch of grunge and a whole lot of rock and roll! 3JC can't be caged by society's catagories, these guys put a spin on todays music that creates an original blend of all your favorite styles."