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Wasilla, Alaska, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2004 | SELF

Wasilla, Alaska, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2004
Band Rock Hard Rock




"Pheaturing Phile Alum Tish Meeks from 3 Kisses"

Me: TISH!!! Hello, welcome back to the Phile. How are you?

Tish: I’m staying very busy and doing great!

Me: I think this is the 5th time you've been a guest on the Phile. That's so cool you have been a pheatured guest more than anyone. I am guessing you do a lot of interviews though, right?

Tish: Very cool that this is my 5th interview with you. I do a few… never as many as I’d like. There’s no such thing as too much exposure. I’d love to be doing a lot more of them.

Me: You are one of the reasons I love doing the Phile, Tish. If it wasn't for this stupid little blog I would never have known about your music, and 3 Kisses is one of my favorite bands. I thought of stopping the Phile a few times in the last 7 years. Did you ever think of quitting being a musician? I doubt the answer would be yes.

Tish: Well, thank you, Jason. I appreciate that. Absolutely, I’ve thought of giving it up. Working as an indie musician can be very trying, at times. There’ve been multiple occasions I’ve considered throwing in the towel. The closest it has come to actually happening was when I moved from Texas to Alaska. I gave up everything to move up here to get my kids closer to family. It didn’t last, though. I almost went crazy not being able to play, so it was only about a month after I moved that I started playing with Nate Lankford and we began rebuilding 3 Kisses. Indie bands are so underestimated. If you are not a gigging original musician, there is no way you can even fathom the amount of time, money, dedication and commitment it takes just to play local gigs... not even taking into account recording albums, shooting videos and touring. Playing music is a driving passion and that keeps me doing it, no matter what adversity must be overcome. Q: How are your kids, Tish? I bet they are getting big. Any of them playing music? Benji and Hannah are both doing awesome and yes, they are growing like crazy. Benji is bigger than me… it’s weird. Time certainly flies. They are both in middle school, they’re good students and just good kids all around. Benji plays trumpet in band and he jams on guitar from time to time. Hannah is still heavily into art. That’s her creative outlet.

Me: And any new tattoo's? You know I have to ask you that every time you are here. I still think a flying filing cabinet tattoo would look good on you.

Tish: It’s been awhile since I got a tattoo. My last one was done by Jeff Staha at East End Tattoo in Anchorage. It’s a Taurus with wings on my right forearm. I’m due for another one, for sure. Don’t think it will be a flying filing cabinet, however. ;-)

Me: Okay, fine. LOL. Are you still living in Alaska?

Tish: I’ll be staying in Alaska until my kids finish school. So, I’m looking at another 6-7 years here, minimum. I may end up staying even after they graduate, but I really would like to move someplace warmer.

Me: How do you like living there? I bet it's cold most of the time, am I right?

Tish: It’s nice being close to my family and getting to spend time with them. I love the music scene in Alaska. There are some great people here and I love their organic appreciation for live music. Concert goers aren’t as jaded here as other places because the market isn’t over saturated here. People tend to take entertainment for granted more in heavily populated areas. We don’t get many shows up here and there aren’t even that many local bands. The winters are very long and the cold gets to you after awhile. I miss the Texas weather tremendously.

Me: You're originally from Texas, and have been living in Alaska for awhile. Have you been back to Texas since you moved?

Tish: I went back to Texas last year for SXSW and played with the guys who were in my band back there. I got to spend 10 days down there. Then, about a month later I went back again when one of my best friends was killed in an auto accident. That was right at a year ago. I was hoping to get to go back this year, but I just have too much going on to leave Alaska for any length of time at the moment.

Me: So you guys play there again? What was that like?

Tish: We played the Invasion of the GoGirls and MusicGorilla showcases during SXSW, then played two shows at Nightrocker and Zombies in San Antonio. It was great getting to jam with Jeff, Andy and Bryan, but it wasn’t the same. We are all still friends and keep up with each other, but life has moved on for all of us. Next time I play in Texas, it will be with Nate, Nate and Scott. They are my band now.

Me: Do you think you'll ever move back to Texas?

Tish: There’s a chance I might move back to Texas when Benji and Hannah are grown, but that won’t be for a few years. Then again, I might go somewhere completely new. One day at a time... and for now, my life is in Alaska.

Me: Let's talk about your new CD "All Or Nothing Hero". When I first heard of that title I thought you were referring to a sandwich or some sort and it made me hungry. What is the title really referring to?

Tish: “All or Nothing Hero” is a song about people with constant drama in their lives. It has a little wordplay on TV soap operas, but the gist is that I’m not here to save you, you’ve got to choose to stop being a victim… and while you’re at it, leave me out of it completely.

Me: How long did it take you to write the songs for this album, Tish?

Tish: That’s a tricky question. We’ve been jamming little ideas here and there and recording them for months. The album has been in development, I guess, since the summer of 2012… maybe even earlier. When we started getting serious about flying Eric LaBrosse (Cherry Pit Studios) up here to record, that’s when we buckled down and started evolving all of the ideas we’d been collecting into actual songs. Some of the songs didn’t fully come together until we were in the studio in December 2012. But that is usually the way it goes for me. There were quite a few last minute pieces of the puzzle, but it came together neatly as it always does. We probably had the album just a little over halfway finished by the time Eric got here. I was sitting in the floor rehashing lyrics while listening to Eric track Nate’s guitar parts. Being in the studio can be very inspirational, though, so this isn’t necessarily a bad way to do things. I get last minute ideas which can “make” the song.

Me: Who is in the band with you now? Different members then before, am I right?

Tish: Nate Lankford is on lead guitar. We’ve been playing and writing together for just under 2 years. Nate Rouse came on board on drums in October 2011, then Scott Roseman was last to join in June 2012. So, I’ve been playing with these guys for awhile. They’re ‘new’ to the 3 Kisses international audience, but not new as far as the local scene goes… and not new to me, either. We’ve got a lot of history together, already. We lost one of our managers to lung cancer last fall, which was a huge blow to all of us. Nate Rouse just got married. When you go through things like weddings, funerals, buying houses, illness, etc., it bonds you to one another. We celebrate, we laugh, we cry, we fight, we hug and make up… it’s a family. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

Me: You guys look like you have fun though judging by the new band publicity photo.

Me: Where was the album recorded, Tish?

Tish: The album was recorded in Nate Lankford’s house. We flew my producer, Eric LaBrosse (Cherry Pit Studios), up from Milwaukee and he worked his magic. I’ve recorded 64 songs with Eric since 2008 and we have a remarkable working relationship. Not to mention, we’re really close friends, so it shows in the music… he “gets” me. He knows what 3 Kisses should sound like and he captures the pure essence of the songs and of the band’s signature sound. He’s almost like a silent member of the band. We bounce ideas off each other all the time, our bands have toured together in the past, he’s really like a brother to me and I feel 100% confident about placing my songs in his hands when it comes time to record.

Me: I love the album and I think it's 3 Kisses best one yet. Do you have a favorite?

Tish: Thank you! I’m extremely pleased with the way this album turned out. I agree that it is the best one to date and a lot of that is due to my own personal growth and to having a cowriter who matches me in ability. Everyone in the band contributes to writing, but Nate Lankford and I spend the most time giving life to new songs. He compliments my abilities so perfectly; it makes it easy for us to come up with new ideas. We just bounce ideas off each other until we are happy with the direction the song is going. I don’t have a favorite 3 Kisses album or song… each song and album represents something different to me and they are all equally important on a personal level. I am very proud of this album, though, and all of the individual effort from my band members who made it all happen. The quality of the songs on this album has a tremendous amount to do with the quality of players in the band and their creative abilities. “Terminal Adolescents” was the result of us shooting footage for the reality show, passing around a bottle of Jameson, killing it off, then just having a wild, crazy jam fest in Nate’s living room. We recorded it, listened later and we were like, “WOW, there’s a kick ass song in there!” I think just the way we work together as a group provides the perfect environment for great songs to come together.

Me: I watched the video for the song "We're Through" and was shocked that you threw a guitar out a window. I have a screen shot of it here...

Me: I had a guitar expert look at the footage and he said that guitar that was thrown and broken is a 1968 Fender that is worth over ten thousand dollars. What do you think of that?

Tish: Ha! That was Nate Lankford’s first guitar he ever owned. It was pretty much junk, so he offered it up to take the dive in the video. I’ve actually smashed two of his guitars for videos. I think we’ve exhausted our supply of junk guitars.

Me: I am just kidding about that. I didn't ask anybody. Anyway, who is that poor guy who had to pick up the broken guitar in the snow?

Tish: Lucas Jolivette was my co-star in the video. He’s a good friend of ours, a killer guitarist and just a great guy. He also sang on the gang vocals on “Raise Your Hands.” He’s always around to lend a hand when we need it.

Me: Last time you were here we talked about a reality show you were doing. It's called "Kiss Off", right? How is that going? Do you still have camera crews following you around?

Tish: Yes, “Kiss Off” is the tentative name for the reality show. We’ve gotten close to the end of filming for the reality TV show pilot. It’s in editing, as we speak. I hope that we have gotten all the footage we need to tie the story together. It’s been a long process... over a year of shooting for one pilot, but we are doing it all on our own with a small team of volunteers, so it’s not like working with a big pro crew. We’re hoping to take it to that level. With the pilot, we are attempting to communicate to a national network that our content is compelling enough to create a full series. The dream is to sell the show and be able to tour and have a crew following us around capturing all of the action. As it is, currently, all of the band members are so busy with day jobs, college, kids... we only have two days a week, max, to work on all things band related. So, we’ve managed to write and record an album, rehearse, play shows, shoot a music video, shoot all the video footage for the reality show, promote the band, do a record label pre-release on Rat Pak Records and manage all other band business on a very limited schedule. If shooting the reality show became our full-time job, I can only imagine how much we could accomplish for 3 Kisses.

Me: Of course you were already on one reality show a few years ago... "Wife Swap". Do people ever recognize you from that show?

Tish: They used to a lot. When the episode first aired, there was a 15 minutes of fame period. Not so much anymore.

Me: I would think that show gonna haunt you forever. I am betting you get introduced as Tish Meeks from the reality show "Wife Swap" a lot, right?

Tish: It doesn’t really haunt me too much. I guess it is pretty cool that people still remember the episode. We did it, it was fun, it was almost 7 years ago… I’m over it. I’m divorced, I’ve moved on, I prefer to just close that chapter and focus on the present. It’s a fact that is used in marketing because it is a big deal having done national reality TV, already, but aside from that, it doesn’t come up all that often. And I never get introduced as Tish Meeks from “Wife Swap,” thank God! Shudder.

Me: Tish, do you think you'll ever release a live album? That would be great if you did.

Tish: I’m not a fan of live albums, personally, so I don’t know that I will ever release one. I know that some people are big fans of capturing the live sound, but I like studio production. I’m not saying it will never happen, but as of now, there are no plans in the works.

Me: What would be better if you played in Orlando and took your kids to Disney World. Any plans on going on a big tour?

Tish: That would be pretty sweet, I must admit. It would also be awesome to do a European tour and take the kids along. They’re getting big enough that it would be enjoyable for all of us. I think that would be an excellent way to start out the “Kiss Off” series.

Me: So, what's next for you, Tish? Any plans for another album? More videos?

Tish: We’re doing a string of CD release shows in Alaska, at the moment. We’ve already started writing songs for the next album. Of course, it’s in the very early stages and we’re still putting the majority of our focus into promoting “All or Nothing Hero.” The airplay is picking up and I’m always trying to get DJs to add us to their playlists and get as much buzz going out there as possible. We’d like to do a couple more videos and we’re discussing flying in a videographer who works with our producer to shoot a video for “Save Me.” That tune’s getting the most airplay, so it makes sense that we should have a video for it.

Me: When your TV show gets sold, and is ready to be on TV I'd love to have you back. Do you have a time frame when that'll be?

Tish: I have to wait until the pilot is finished before I can start shopping the show, then who knows how long the time frame will be before anyone pays attention to us. I expect it to be a bit of a process. I’m going to have to get a solid marketing campaign going to get the show to the right people. I’d love to come back when we have news to report, though!

Me: Thanks again for being here, Tish. Please mention your websites and I said it before, as long as you are making music, I'll always have you on the Phile.

Tish: Thanks for having me again, Jason. I really appreciate all your support over the years. Here are some links for ya: 3 Kisses Official: 3kisses.com, 3 Kisses on Rat Pak Records: ratpakrecords.com/3kisses, iTunes: itunes.apple.com/album/all-or-nothing-hero/id618304885?v0=9988&ign-mpt=uo%3D, YouTube “We’re Through” video: youtube.com/watch?v=xAb-D0vvGOg&list=UUUPtvV65HMegsuBFTnpQzYA.

Me: Oh, I almost forgot... this year on the Phile I am asking random questions from the game Tabletopics. This is a dumb one, but here goes. What was your most memorable meal ever?

Tish: When I lived in California, there was this incredible Italian restaurant that had a ravioli and sun dried tomatoes in cream sauce that was to die for. I can’t even remember the name of the place, but that dish was amazing delicious.

Me: Tish, thanks again, and take care. Keep rocking.

Tish: Thanks for having me again, Jason. You know I will!
- The Peverett Phile

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Lip service

Local pop-punk band 3 Kisses will celebrate the release of its new CD, "All or Nothing Hero," with a free show Saturday, 9 p.m. at Koot's. The group is also working on a reality TV pilot that focuses on how the members balance jobs and parenting with playing music. Front woman Tish Meeks is no stranger to reality TV: She was featured on an episode of "Wife Swap" in 2007.

- Anchorage Daily News

"3 Kisses "All or Nothing Hero" Available NOW!"

2013 release, the seventh studio set from the Tish Meeks fronted Party Punk band. Best known for her stints on ABC's Wife Swap and other U.S based reality TV shows, Tish Meeks brings her 'Joan Jett ' style approach to each song on this riff packed "party punk-rock" style offering. Following the successful 2010 Lethal Love Addiction tour, Tish moved to Alaska and began writing new material for All Or Nothing Hero and started filming for a new network reality show tentatively titled Kiss This. Tish, along with lead guitarist Nate Lankford, bassist Scott Roseman and drummer Nate Rouse, deliver yet another high energy dose of their alternative power punk pop sound in this all new 13 track offering! - Discussions Magazine

"KZND 94.7 and R&E Auto Homegrown Artist of the Month - March 2013"

**See Link - KZND 94.7

"Local Band 3 Kisses to Play CD Release Show at Koots"

by Matt Sullivan on March 29, 2013

ANCHORAGE, AK — The pop-punk band 3 Kisses has been kicking around for several years, but the group is a relative newcomer to the Anchorage scene. The band was formerly based in Texas before front woman Tish Meeks moved to Wasilla in 2011 and eventually reconfigured a new lineup featuring guitarist Nate Lankford, bassist Scott Roseman and drummer Nate Rouse. That lineup is KZND's Homegrown Artist of the Month and has a new album slated for release on Rat Pak Records. You can snag a copy of "All or Nothing Hero" at the 3 Kisses CD release party at Koot's on April 6.

The band is also working on a pilot for a reality TV series that will focus on the group's history, including Meeks' time in playing and touring out of Texas and how the band member's balance jobs and parenting with playing music. And Meeks is no stranger to reality TV: She appeared in an episode of "Wife Swap" in 2007 with then-husband and former band mate Tony Meeks. The episode summary on TV.com: "A religious, conservative mother swaps families with a punk-rock mom who believes partying is important in life."
- Anchorage Daily News

"REVIEW: 3 Kisses - All or Nothing Hero"

“The production might be neat and tidy, but the sentiments are not. It’s a gift to be able to marry those things together musically. 3 Kisses is one of those bands that gets better with age.”
Artist: 3 Kisses

Album: All or Nothing Hero (Rat Pak Records)
Genre: Power Punk/Alternative Pop
RIYL: Joan Jett, Letters to Cleo, Veruca Salt/Nina Gordon, The Buzzcocks, Pat Benatar

3 Kisses - All or Nothing Hero

It sees like an age ago that Indie-Music first covered a release by 3 Kisses. In fact, it was 2005, with the release of Wings. Back then, we described the music of Tish Meeks and co. as having a simple sound with an “effect big enough to fill a room.” While some things may have changed, that effect has remained the same.

Over the years, singer Tish Meeks has capitalized on an innate knack to create songs that are catchy but lyrically clever, and honed in on the sound that defines this band. With the release of All or Nothing Hero, the band delivers energetic, smart power-punk in impressive style. This band is tight, and the production value and super clean sound they achieved during recording is worth noting. Punk isn’t always about sloppy guitars, power drumming and the rebel yell; it’s about delivering thought-provoking and emotionally-charged messages. If it happens to be alarmingly catchy while still smacking you in the face with sarcasm, all the better.

Tish Meeks has a vocal range and attitude that rivals Pat Benatar; it’s at once extremely gorgeous and full of grit. She’s in control. And that’s the key to fronting a band that is more than capable of matching her. Lead guitarist Nate Lankford, bass player Scott Roseman and drummer Nate Rouse are all working in pitch-perfect step with Meeks.

The title track opens this album, moving swiftly and assuredly to break the listener in before track after track seems to uptick the intensity level to a fever pitch by the end. How this band makes it out alive after one of their buzzed-about live shows is beyond my scope of comprehension. “Pick Me Up” and “Raise Your Hands” are sure to become live favorites and definitely stood out upon the first spin of the album. “Terminal Adolescents” teems with a metal sensibility and a sly nod to those of us who feel like there’s “no such thing as growing old gracefully.” “Tragedy” is a radio-ready anthem, a simple melody performed with great complexity and shows off the strengths of the entire band. “We’re Through,” however, is simply one of those songs that every girl can relate to, and one that is sure to have females of all ages singing into their hairbrushes and turning up the volume knob.

It might feel fun and full of energy, but Tish Meeks packs a wallop of punch in all her lyrics. This is certainly “party punk,” but it’s also a near-perfect representation of powerful songwriting that feels timeless and celebratory of life. The production might be neat and tidy, but the sentiments are not. It’s a gift to be able to marry those things together musically. 3 Kisses is one of those bands that gets better with age. It’s good to catch up with old friends.
- Indie-music.com

"Rock Mom Rocks On"

Pg. 14 - Make A Scene Alaska

"Party Punk Rockers Have Grand Ambitions"

By ANDREW WELLNER Frontiersman.com | Posted: Thursday, March 8, 2012 10:09 pm
Tish Meeks has a lot of irons in the fire.
The party punk rocker, a San Antonio transplant to Big Lake, is playing just about everywhere she can with her band 3 Kisses. She’s all over the Internet, is filming a music video and has her eyes on a public-access cable reality show.
“It’s difficult to be a full-time musician anywhere,” Meeks said in an email interview. “If this were easy, everyone would do it. There is no truer statement that if you have a true passion, you should love it enough to do it for free. I’ve done that, and now the money is slowly starting to roll in.”
Music, she said, isn’t quite a full-time gig yet. She and her bandmates all have day jobs and she does music consulting work for a company out of Sugar Land, Texas.
“Persistence is key and music is in my blood. I can’t just decide to stop playing. May as well put me in a padded room if that happens,” Meeks said.
Her publicist, Patricia Reis, said the reality show is a work in progress. They’re still trying to sell the pilot. The show would center around Meeks, her family and bandmates.
“She moved to a cabin in the middle of Big Lake with no heat,” Reis said. It was a tough transition for Meeks and her kids, Benji, 12, and Hannah, 10.
“This is, and has been since June, an extreme character-building time for them in all ways as an individual family unit and them growing up individually and finding themselves,” Reis said.
Meeks said she’s enjoyed Alaska thus far. Visitors from Texas have allowed her to do the tourist thing, like flightseeing around Denali and hiking the Matanuska Glacier.
“I’m loving the organic appreciation Alaskans have for live music. I moved from a city of 1-and-a-half million people and hundreds of bands,” Meeks wrote. “The crowds in the Lower 48 are wonderful, too, and I have fans all over the country, but I have really enjoyed getting to know the people up here who value live music a little differently. The venues have been fantastic, too. Really, everyone has been so nice to us and I feel very blessed to be so new up here, yet have so much support.”
She said her band has its sights set high. She’d love to see the act go national. She says people should expect a live 3 Kisses show to be fun and to melt away some of the stress of daily life. The music draws influences from across genres.
“We write some funny, silly songs and I kind of write all over the map. You’ll even hear some pretty, melodic stuff with keyboards from time to time on our recordings,” she said.
Unlike a lot of punk, though, it’s rarely, if ever, political.
“I just do the best I can at being me and if you like it, great, if not, then move along,” Meeks wrote. “Being a follower is not punk. Punk is an attitude and a way of life. I am a free thinker defined by no one.”

Contact reporter Andrew Wellner at andrew.wellner@frontiersman.com or 352-2270.

- Frontiersman


There’s something about a band of musicians with longevity. A couple of years ago, we caught up with 3 Kisses and their spectacularly fun and thought-provoking brand of power punk with their last release, All of Nothing Hero. Once again, frontwoman Tish Meeks delivers a super fresh and clean vocal performance that has become one of the defining strengths of this band’s arsenal of sound.
As mentioned, the obvious “X” factor is front and center with every track on this new release, Cardboard Cutouts. As a vocalist, Tish Meeks possesses a crisp, clear and unfettered tone that’s tailor made for rock; she has strength, grit, range and a wonderful ability to emote even through some incredibly quick and tongue-tying lyrics. This in itself would be enough to set this record up for success. But Meeks also boasts an incredibly savvy songwriting style that is energetic, interesting and lyrically-engaging. It’s no surprise that 3 Kisses tunes experience licensing success.
“Master of No One” comes leaping out of the speakers and sets the tone early, jumping right into power punk pop fans have come to expect from the band. “They Sell Them Cheap,” however, is an earworm that just grabs you right in the gut and never lets go. It’s a no-brainer as a potential single, displaying great energy wrapped up in a catchy package. “Love is a Grave” is a heavy-hitting, dark thrill ride of a tune that actually reminded me more of Bad Religion than anything else. It’s all in the amped-up harmonies, the movement of the melody and the delivery.
“End of Time” and “Better Luck Next Time” find Tish at the top of her game vocally; these are just commanding vocal performances operating on another level. Her top range combined with driving guitar riffs and drums is pretty powerful stuff. “Over and Out” continues to capitalize on the high-energy style, but it’s the aptly titled album closer “Slow Down” that might provide the biggest surprise on the record. The vulnerability of Meeks’ vocals and use of her lower register is a great choice; and it’s something I’d love to hear more of as it provides a different glimpse at a sometimes seemingly indestructible frontwoman. The vibe builds more on quiet strength and that’s highly relatable and satisfying as a listener.
With the release of Cardboard Cutouts, Tish Meeks and 3 Kisses have taken all the parts of what’s been successful on previous efforts and managed to amp them up another notch. This is a cohesive, balanced and incredibly entertaining album full of dynamic songs. In many ways, this band is a throwback to 90s power punk bands that put a premium on clever lyrics hidden behind a kickass melody. It’s powerful, fun and plays to the crowd of music fans that want a little more bite with their bark. A great start to a new year in an already prolific music career. - Indie-music.com

"State of the Art: 3 Kisses"

3 Kisses. Where the hell do you start describing a band that has been around since January 2004, performed thousands of shows, has nine albums under their belts, been in endless music magazines, on countless radio stations, been on ABC’s “Wife Swap”, had their own reality show, been featured in numerous commercials, video games, movies and TV shows (including the 2014 Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards; Restaurant Impossible; Diners, Drive Ins & Dives; Dallas Card Sharks; Disaster Decks; Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare; Sonic Boom; Lifetime movies, and Hot Wheels spots), had songs in the Top 15 by Rock Solid Preasure, is currently rated #1 for Alaskan Alternative Music on ReverbNation, heavily supports breast cancer research through the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and the American Cancer Society and been inducted into the Independent Artist Registry? I honestly don’t know, but let’s give it a shot. Here we go…


Fronted by wild woman, Tish Meeks, 3 Kisses is a Punk/Rock/Hard Rock/Alternative/Pop (in that order, in my humble opinion) band that calls Wasilla, Alaska home after moving the outfit from Austin, TX. Often being called “A Ball of Fire”, I guess TX just couldn’t take the heat from the sun and Tish Meeks at the same time. But I digress. This band is a serious player in Alaska’s musical landscape. Hard hitting and fast, like a Punk band should be; catchy, shred guitar riffs like any good, 80’s style Rock band; complex, well developed song writing of modern Alternative Rock bands; impassioned and thoughtful lyrics with just enough sarcastic angst to keep things interesting without ruining 3 Kisses, over-the-top “fun factor” are but a few of the trademarks that make 3 Kisses so special. The party definitely starts at their front door, wherever that front door may be when they are performing. That does not mean to say that they are some shallow, bubble-gum BS band though. 3 Kisses hits as hard as Joan Jett, Green Day or The Ramones with the sarcastic playfulness of say, Pink or Avril Lavigne.


Musically, 3 Kisses has a plethora of talent to pull from. Current members include: the charismatic Tish Meeks (of course) on vocals/guitar, Andrew Owens shredding up the guitars, bassist currently TBD (formerly CJ Elliot) and drummer Dale Payne. Vocally, Tish has a voice similar to that of Joan Jett with less rasp and the power, range and clarity of Pat Benatar. On stage, she is said to be an explosive, high energy force that grabs the audience from song one and does not let go until the last note has been played. Definitely not surprising by listening the music alone. On guitar is Andrew Owens who is a freakin’ bad-ass PLAYER. His styles seem to be endless. Punk, Metal, Rock, Blues and shred. It is all there, and all done to absolute perfection! While bass players and drummers have drifted in and out over the years, all have been really good and fit well with 3 Kisses various lineups. Bass parts on the new album are spectacular; playing long, shred-like runs while maintaining perfect tempo and rhythm line. Recently married drummer Dale Payne, has also added a heaviness that has been less prevalent in previous releases. All in all, a musical tour de force with influences ranging from Frank Zappa and Led Zepplin to Joan Jett and the Go–Gos, to The Cranberries and Blondie all the way to Korn, Tool and Marilyn Manson assuring that their fan base is diverse and spread across just about every genre of music fan out there.

Having earned sponsors/endorsements from Jagermeister, Paul Reed Smith Guitars, Dirtbag Clothing, Daisy Rock Guitars, Miller Lite, Dunlop, Coffin Case, GoGirls Music, Texas Independent Musicians, Music Gorilla, Old Dog Products and Powered by Sam Ash, you can expect to love much, if not all of 3 Kisses music. With recently released “Angels Bleed Black” darker and heavier leaning towards Hard Rock or traditional Metal, 3 Kisses continues to evolve and morph into a do it all monster of a band! - Metal Nexus


Full-length CD: ALL OR NOTHING HER - released March 12, 2013 Rat Pak Records

1. All or Nothing Hero
2. Save Me
3. We’re Through
4. Terminal Adolescents
5. Move On
6. Tragedy
7. Can’t Stop Loving You
8. Shut You Out
9. Raise Your Hands
10. Only One Who Gets Me
11. Pick Me Up
12. Don’t Underestimate Me
13. Does it Matter

Full-length CD: COME ALONG WITH ME! – released December 15, 2011

1. Worker Bee
2. Come Along
3. Between Us
4. Let's Dance
5. The Next Revolution
6. Flash Out
7. Hit or Miss
8. Nobody's Buying
9. The Pot Song
10. Secrets
11. The Piper
12. It's Easier
13. Which Way To Run
14. Prolonging the Melodrama
15. Too Late
16. Why You Lied
17. Deliverance
18. Wish I Knew

Full-length CD: LETHAL LOVE ADDICTION (BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED) Street release July 13, 2010 Rat Pak Records

1. All That Matters is Love
2. Lethal Love Addiction
3. Fly Away
4. Done With You
5. Lost It All
6. Feel The Hammer
7. Yellow
8. Psycho Stalker
9. Never Satisfied
10. Girls Night
11. Immaterial
12. Wings
13. Miss Out
14. The Last Time
15. After You
16. Work of Art

Full-length CD: AMERICAN BREAKDOWN - Released February 2009 Rat Pak Records

1. American Breakdown
2. Ordinary
3. It's Not About You
4. Wrong Head
5. Bricks
6. I Hate Myself for Loving You
7. Nut Job
8. PMS
9. Summer Love Song
10. Without You
11. Denial
12. Out of Control
13. Shake it Up
14. Hope is Contagious

Full-length CD: NUT JOB – released May 2007

Track Listing:
1. Let's Dance
2. Pass Me By
3. Wake Up
4. Nut Job
5. It's Not About You
6. Truth
7. Girls' Night
8. Undone
9. Casting Stones
10. Change It All
11. Out of Control
12. Wings
13. Ordinary
14. Yellow
** Bonus Tracks
15. Swapping Wives
16. Swapping Wives (acoustic)

Full-length CD: IT ALL COMES DOWN TO ME – released June 9, 2006

Track Listing:
1. Out of Control
2. I'll Be There
3. Linda's Song
4. It All Comes Down To Me
5. I Don't Know
6. Misery Loves Company
7. Love's Games
8. Girl's Night
9. Once in Awhile
10. Fly Away
11. Turn Around
12. Ordinary
13. Summer Love Song
**Bonus Tracks
14. Yellow 2006
15. Come Along 2006

Full-length CD: WINGS – released November 2004

Track Listing
01. Yellow
02. Wings
03. Wastin’ Time
04. Come Along
05. Seek Your Own Way
06. The Last Time
07. Too Late
08. Wandering
09. Complete
10. Undone
11. Don’t Pretend

MUSIC VIDEO - WE'RE THROUGH, Produced and Directed by Circry Productions - Palmer, AK

DVD – YELLOW, Produced and Directed by Mercenary Mediums - Austin, TX

Compilation CDs:
"Yellow" - Austin Indie Alliance SXSW 2004
"Wings" - Austin Indie Alliance SXSW 2005
"Come Along" - MusicGorilla.com SXSW 2005
"Yellow" - Put Some Pussy In Your Punk Vol. 2 (On the Rag Records)
"Yellow" - One Way Magazine, Issue 13 (with artists such as Pat Metheny, Aqualung, Michael Buble and The Ditty Bops)
"Wings" - Rockin Moms Compilation CD 1 (2005)
"Come Along" Austin Indie Alliance Volume 3
"Girl's Night" - Netshows Program 8 (2006)
"Girl's Night" - So Many Bands SXSW 2006
"Love's Games" - Austin Indie Alliance SXSW 2006
"Girls Night" - Oasis Alternative Sampler for Radio Programmers
"Turn Around" - Texas Independent Musicians Compilation 1 2007
"Denial" - GoGirls Music Fest '08
"American Breakdown" - Rat Pak Records Unleashed 4
"American Breakdown" - Mohawk Bomb Records No Lip Vol. 2
"Let's Dance" - Rat Pak Records 09V1
"Worker Bee" - Rat Pak Records Unleashed 5
"All That Matters is Love" - GoGirls Music Fest 2010
"Pick Me Up" - Cold & Loud Compilation of Alaska bands 2012
"Pick Me UP" - GoGirls Music Fest '12



           Alaskan grown, energetic front woman Tish Meeks and her hard-hitting band 3 Kisses have performed in front of more than a thousand live audiences with crowds of up to 35,000 people, wrenching out their crisp, thought provoking, and well-written pop-punk/hard rock style of music.  Strong, gritty, with a tone that is tailor-made for the rock industry, 3 Kisses is the next big thing.

            3 Kisses is coming up on their 5th studio album release in Alaska, “Read ‘Em & Weep” – a visionary, savage, voyage that delivers 11 of the hardest rocking tunes from the band to date.  Drew Owens shreds with impeccable guitar and bass skills, both of which he wrote and tracked for the album.  Dale Payne’s hard hitting drum lines deliver a smack to the face as he provides the album’s precision point rhythm.  Powerful front woman, Tish Meeks, delivers the bands intelligent lyrics and tantalizing melodies that have become her signature trademark.

            Coming off the successful 2016 release of “Angels Bleed Black” the party punk anthem, “Lovesick Ending” is a standard for any 3 Kisses show and possesses the hooky, sing-a-long qualities that the band is known for.  Chart topper? Probably, evidenced by the energy of the crowd in the video for this track, “Lovesick Ending” is sure to be worthy of any musical charts.  Reminding you that 3 Kisses band members have hard rock roots, “Shot Down 1000 Chances” is a pure hard rock explosion that will certainly get your blood pumping, fists pumping, and legs jumping.  Speaking of backgrounds, Owens’ metal background shines in many of these tunes and the collaboration with Meeks magically ignites the diversity of the two writers, creating a perfect union.  There is nothing better than a band that surprises you at every turn with a new batch of tunes, shocking your ear holes with how much better they are than the last.

            And shock you, they will, with the release of “Read ‘Em & Weep” which has been named by Metal Nexus as one of the most anticipated releases of 2017.  Metal Nexus was given the exclusive rights to drop the album’s single “Dead Man’s Hand” which is a heavy, driving, tune with a level of intensity featuring surprise vocal’s from lead guitarist, Owens. 

            This band is setting out on an ambitious journey this year that begins with opening for Billboard chart topper, Beasto Blanco, in Anchorage, AK, followed by a slew of Texas performances in March including multiple showcases during SXSW and shows in surrounding cities, including Houston and San Antonio.  Finally, 3 Kisses heads to the East Coast in May 2017 for a 36 date tour of the East Coast, South, and Midwest in support of “Read ‘Em & Weep.”  3 Kisses is one act you simply don’t want to miss.


What people are saying about 3 Kisses:

“Tish is a great performer! The band laid it down and the crowd loved it – fun, nasty and driving! Tish has it down – and the crowd response proves it…only band to get the crowd moshing! –Jeff Castelaz, Dangerbird Records

"This band is a serious player in Alaska’s musical landscape. Hard hitting and fast, like a Punk band should be; catchy, shred guitar riffs like any good, 80’s style Rock band; complex, well developed song writing of modern Alternative Rock bands; impassioned and thoughtful lyrics with just enough sarcastic angst to keep things interesting without ruining 3 Kisses, over-the-top 'fun factor'." - Metal Nexus

“Great hooks constitutes, great songs coupled with such charismatic energy,3 Kisses got it going on big time!!!! It's just a matter of time and we all will be singing your songs around the world.” Thomas “Mr. Brickhouse” McClary

“3 Kisses is fronted by the kinetic Tish Meeks who no guitar, mic stand or stage can contain. [The band] wasted no time winning the crowd over to their infectious songs and spontaneous performance.” - Martin Folkman, INDEPENDENT MUSIC AWARDS

“3 Kisses completely own the audience with their punkish 'cuddle-angst'. Their songs are based on fun and intelligent mock anger--pierced tongue in cheek anthems to annoyance that everyone in the audience can relate to and smile about." - Dan Workman, SUGARHILL STUDIOS

"An exhilarating mix of  tunes that keep you wanting more. Front woman Tish Meeks has a way of grabbing your attention and not letting it go." - Madalyn Sklar, founder of GOGIRLSMUSIC.com

Band Members